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What do you think about my "under sea" theme for K700 (today mobile9 posted themes in gallery)?
I have another great theme to upload but I don't know if I keep it for a challenge wink.gif
QUOTE (vegetaleb @ Aug 28 2004, 08:21 AM)
What do you think about my "under sea" theme for K700 (today mobile9 posted themes in gallery)?
I have another great theme to upload but I don't know if I keep it for a challenge wink.gif

last i checked, it was popular by way of download count. wink.gif
Yes the download count is 500 now !!!!!!
I never got such popularity on a theme haha.gif and this one is not as perfect as the one I want to upload nearly (it depends on the claims of the population)
if only the next theme challenge is on top-models or even sea or summer,yes it's about a superbe top-model with the sea(over the sea this time wink.gif )
Hi guys ,I didn't post a theme for a long time,but I took some training weightlift.gif
please check my new one called Francesca now showing in 1st page k700i themes in mobile9
You should know that unlike the preview the operator name will not cover the face of this italian beauty.I tried to make shadows for the menu items but it's very hard because the shadow frame I took from the net is not really accurate + people with branded phones will get upside down shadows
Anyway tell me if it's a nice theme notworthy.gif
It is just next to my theme in the gallery. It is good photo, nice model and you made quite good work on titles. But I think you have to work more on highlights, at least on the colours. byebye.gif

no bad.
keep on........
Ok guys I uploaded a new theme
it's about Fatal frame 2 game or zero project 2 for pal version
it's a freaky animated ghost
it's about 500kb so you can imagine the number of details!
the theme has been totally made by me even the gif animation,I like so much this game so I made it as a precious(my) one
Be patient 24/48 h so it will be available in mob9 gallery!
hey it's my very first animated theme for k700
And the pic quality may seem a little poor in this preview but it's very compressed,the quality of the theme is better
that is much bether 10.gif
Ok guys it's available now on first page of k700 themes
So guys what do you think about it?
I am very disapointed about the poor download score I have till now,are you so afraid of having a hunted phone?
its a bit chillin vegetab............... dont get me wrong though.. a wonderful theme. creepy but good...... clapping.gif
Hi everyone
A new theme is released: morning snow
hope you like it

If yes I have uploaded the same theme but animated with fog effect it should appear in the mob9 gallery very soon ,but first try this one gathering.gif
hey clap.gif
did you like it or not?
I listen to you
The animated version is now available

Please give me some comments
morning snow its exellent theme,I like the softkeys.I can't say anything about animation because I can see it.

Sorry I can't post the animation because it's 220k alone! surrender.gif
Hello everybody
I made a new theme for k700 ,it's Anakin Skywalker from episode 3,look at his eyes from the dark side ,are you tempted?

I think it will be my last k700 theme because very soon I will go to the k750
Hello guys I am proud to present my very first K750 theme,this time it's on the italian top model Federica clap.gif
this is the link:

I am waiting for your comments notworthy.gif
This is the new link for the Federica theme
What's your negative and positive point about my Federica theme? notworthy.gif
Check my new theme on summer:
I will release another sexy girl theme very soon for those who liked the Francesca one
Great news!
My new girl theme is available in the gallery

I made it to be my best theme since Federica,it has even more details and I am sure you will love it(her byebye.gif )
I like the calm beach, and that bubbles in the softkeys, in Frederica i like... the girl :D
My Fantasy Theme is now at
HIIIIIIII guys and girls I have made a super great theme for Christmas with the most adorable teddy,go and take it there:
the christmas teddy one is nice~ thumbsup.gif 10.gif
Thank you notworthy.gif
If only I used it to win a weekly theme challenge!
This is a preview pic:
Hi vegetaleb, why don't you upload your full previews of your themes and any Standby Animations that you have here, then everyone can get a better idea of what your themes look like, try this link you can upload your images there up to "1 mb" in size, and then copy and paste the direct links to the IMG's in the IMG Tags, hope this helps smile.gif byebye.gif
I agree with Oops!
Hello guys and girls clap.gif
I am proud to show you my second theme for W900!!!!
user posted image
when mobile9 will make it public I will add the link as usual
Ok my first theme for W900 is now available for download on mobile9 sexy w900 theme
I will not put here a preview because it contains MATURE pics...18+
ok this theme is not perfect because it's the first I made but the second one on winter beach that I uploaded yesterday is very very nice(read my previous post with the preview) weightlift.gif
Nice work here mate, the text colours on your 2nd w900 theme (not sure what its called), Well they could do with some attention , it doesn't quite "flow" like it could, other then that great work, look forward to seein some more.. notworthy.gif just a shame i can't use em..
thumbsup.gif THEMES
And another theme uploaded another!!
This one is called Femme Fatale,I really enjoy theming on the large w900 screen...I can't stop!!
user posted image
Looking good... thumbsup.gif
Wonder about red desktop title text... white text better maybe...
Agree about the red text.

That desktop Picture is awesome! Could you send me a high-res version??
about the color,I tried many colors like white and brown black etc...and the best one was red because it's readable in both the black(hair) and white background
Tan Nobuoka
Dear Vegetaleb,

Thanks for good themes you've made.

BTW, could you make animated themes for W900 ?
Thanks a lot for your help and your kind attention,

Best regards,
Good news! my themes are now all available for download in mobile9 clap.gif
Beach of winter and Femme Fatale
@ vegetelab, i see some creative ideas in your themes mate.. notworthy.gif
Dear vegetelab, would you please read this topic?
this one
After some themes released in the challenges,I come back to my favorite theme for you: GIRLS!!

Uploaded yesterday for W900
You will notice the black bar of the Pictures gallery,this is a visual bug of theme creator,on the w900 you will see black on yellow colors
Vegetaleb, can you please make an 18 plus link. I know that you are happy with the result of the theme, but there are here also minors visiting these threads.

Please put this link instead of the prev


Sorry surrender.gif
Voila the preview
but there are here also minors visiting these threads.

Exactly, like me... but the "18+" won´t stop me from clicking the link... devil2.gif tongue.gif
Direct link to the SEXY SKIN theme!!
Hope my girls are at your taste clap.gif
Hi guys this is a theme I entered for TMC on dream place subject.
user posted image
Download HERE
Nice themes ... try adding more bars not only plain BG thumbsup.gif
Hello Everybody clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
I am back and for a K800 theme this time,Silent Hill the movie the most creepy movie ever fryguy.gif
Here's the preview:
user posted image

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