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Full Version: Bluetooth Headset For N73
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which stereo bluetooth headset shud i buy for my n73me to listen to music

is bh500 compatible?
depends, who is your service provider. some providers like verizon, dont allow you to use bluetooth with items like that.

look it on the internet or ask the people your buying it from. they should know
hmmmm......point but operators in india do not object

so nybody kno wt headphon can gimme a good support
u have such a cute siggy 10.gif
ahodarkar is right.
Good dear. Told truth.
visit the mobile accessories shop.
You use Plantronics Voyager Pro UC for your Nokia N73 .it combines a perennial favorite design with cutting-edge technology that results in a modern yet reliable have lot of feature like Monaural, Headset, Over-the-ear, 0.6 oz, Mono, AudioIQ, WindSmart, Mute button, Built-in DSP, i think its the best choice for nokia N73 users.
try to find one just like the one that came with the phone.. that came with multimedia controls
i also using n73... And i use bluetoOth headset. BuT i cAn use it oNly in cALling nOt for playing musics
For compatible Head sets Click - HEREsmile.gif
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