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Today's Headline: THT, officially realeased!

As of today, The Hazard Times will be available for public consumption. THT is the one and only weekly newspapaer of the Hazard Blue. It aims to give the readers an inside scoop on what's happening behind the scenes in HB and also for the members to have a recap on what they have done the past week. It will showcase a vast array of info, including a list of the activities of the HB members and the Hall of Fame where we will give you info on anything that HB members have won on the previous week.Hope you enjoy our teaser edition, Happy readin'

PMP officially opened
HB's pet project, Pimp My Phone or PMP has officially opened this week with the permission of the m9 admins. Winds-a-blowin and crickets-a-chirpin, the massive influx of customers that was expected didn't exactly come (yet). so the entire HB team decided to put up a free demo for advertisement. The fortunate test subject turned out to be ssivic of MOS. He answered the questions made by aapaii with a little help from pyro_flare and after a short analyzation of data, the team started to work on the project. after 8 painstaking days, the theme is now complete and awaiting further orders from Anthrax and Azure. Maybe they'll throw in a ringtone or some wallpapers. who knows?

Members sigging
laugh.gif aapaii and tyronne seems to be quite fond of their new sigs. Aapaii has left the haruhi scene and has moved on with a new character. I'm still tryin to find out who this character is (and why aapaii keeps using girls).I will give you an update on that as soon as possible... Tyronne, HB's newest member equipped his official HB sig not so long ago. his chosen character seems to come from an RPG game (still trying to find out) and the 3d render of the character blends well with the 2d parallelograms and creats a unique design. Hope to see more from these guys and the other HB members

Hall of Fame:
As of press relese, the latest winner of the wallpaper competetion is our very own second-in-command, Azuresephiroth with his work on city lights. And also, Tyronne won 3rd place in TMC with his exceptional work, the Battle Tank

That's it for the sneek preview of THT, the official edition will come out in a few days time..'till then, see 'ya!
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This week's headline: HB may need some rest

"The chief is going to highly classified location filled with chicks and babes. It is also said that mermaids dwell there as well." Those are the exact words of AzureSephiroth after he assigned pyro_flare to be HB's new temperory chief-in-command. It looks like Az's going to paradise (can I come with you?). Well, nothing much happened this week after ssivic's theme was completed. The HB team is resting up a bit before continuing ssivic's PMP and refurbishing his phone with new walls, ringtones and screensavers. HB is taking it's well earned rest after a long week. Good luck with PMP guys!

Hide and Seek
Many HB members (sometimes including me) suddenly disappear for a couple of days in the subforum without us knowing. Is this the work of Aliens or top-secret organizations trying to stop HB's work? Maybe not, but it sure slows us down a bit. Every bit of help is important for the group and sometimes those bits of help can turn the tide towards something better. These are the people I rarely see in the subforum: zeefix (after that shocking news of leeching a few weeks ago, he might never show up), the "sig master" Shubham_Rana, and senior member, NahSoR (who, I think, is active in other threads though). Aside from the senior member, will the guys end up like the long forgotten leader's drone, zero_prototype? only time can tell.

THT a success
The opening of The Hazard Times last april 24 was a big success. Many comments were given and they were all possitive.

"Wow, this is very entertaining. Good work. Members and Non-members will be updated on what's new about Hazard Blue." -Tyronne

"...this is extremely funny and informative!" -AzureSephiroth

"I'm really looking forward for your next THT!" -aapaii

Hope this goes on laugh.gif I'll do my best to keep THT running

Hall of Fame
This week on WC: Azure won 1st place in this week's Wallpaper Competetion with a whopping 17 pts.! He reached this honor with his latest masterpiece, Floral Tranquility. HB's leader, anthraxomega, would have been tied with crystaleye, both with 9 points, if he was just able to vote. Congratulations to both of you..
On the TMC corner: The competetion was fierce and the HB team consisting of Tyronne (23 pts.), manitaaan (1pt.) and aapaii (19 pts.) did their best. But their scores wasn't able to beat jasnasto (60 pts.), davis-art (54 pts.) and rjdsouza (42 pts.)... Better luck next time! I know you can do it.. Gambatte!!

This has been your weekly news report, hope you liked it.. see 'ya!

Classified Ads: Assistant journalist wanted. Must meet the following classifications:
-HB member
-Can trace the activities of the group for an entire week and write down the gathered information in an organized manner and send it to me through PM

applications must be posted at the Member's Lounge... look for pyro..
QUOTE(Tyronne @ Apr 29 2007, 08:19 PM)
Pyro - you sound like Selphie in Final fantasy 8. keeping those Garden magazine that i forget the name. hehe. reminds me of my final fantasy adict era. hehe

These were the days man. I miss final fantasy VIII.

@pyro, gr8 job man and I have free tickets to 'paradise' hurry up and claim yours today! laugh.gif

EDIT: The image below was my idea of THT, but due to technical bandwith problems, it was dropped down:
user posted image
[center]user posted image[/center]

A merger happening?

After a recent attempt to merge HB with GE, negotiations crumbled down as GE's representatives BJ and thomas did not reply back to Pyro_Flare's offer of a merger. A significant survey into the activity of GE has shown zero activity in GE's core subforum. Another issue was that Anthraxomega, the leader of HB, is still enjoying his vacation at his mansion back in Egypt. When we questioned AzureSephiroth, the man left behind in charge of HB, he said, "The members of HB will decide upon whether we go through the process of merging with GE only when anthraxomega is around." We will keep you updated on this matter as soon as new materials comes in.

PMP recieves 2nd Request

A day after the new PMP thread opened at the Themeing request subforum, a request came in by ACIDRAINZ requesting the first 'official' request. Sources indicate that famed assistant themer aapaii is working on the theme and is expected to release it within the week. He was had this to say, "i'm halfway done.. sorry for delay coz i'm trying a few diff designs for the barworks.." Best of luck to him and his designs.

New Hazard Blue website in the works

After some debate NG_LC opened last week, we're now happy to announce that a new website for Hazard blue is indeed in the works and is headed by none other than Totogasm with her exceptional artistic taste and color blending magic wand. She has stated to the reporters that she has finished the infrastructure of the links system and is currently assessing the GUI of the site to see what goes with what. She has denied us an interview and is currently missing in action, presumably at work.

Shadowy figure Night-Rider

Night was kind enough to drop by our subforums and state that he has posted some walls at AzureSephiroth's workshop. The walls are extremely well done and exemplify his artistic talents.

Editor-in-chief got 'contaminated'

After raising the motto "Dominate, Eliminate, Contaminate" Pyro_Flare has indeed dominated, eliminated but got contaminated himself in the end along his tedious work at THT. Please acknowledge his work and send him a donation on his PayPal account. He also accepts donations through western union but he'll send a strange weird looking asian guy to pick up the cash on behalf of him so don't get alarmed if you see the weird dude pick Pyro's cash. Anyways, we all hope he returns back to his post since this edition tastes nothing like the ordinary spiced up, beefy, extra cheesed editions he usually cooks up.

The TMC standings:
Week 164 - Bumble Bees - 9 Entries,

1. Oopsession (67 pts.)
2. Tyronne(47 pts.)
3.maampia (46 pts.)

The WPC standings:
week 16 - Football - 3 Entries

1. rjdsouza, 14 points
2. Paracite_DK, 10 points

3. N/A*

* - DeZal failed to vote.
user posted image

Anthraxomega's triumphant return

Courageous, Bold, daring and charming are some of anthraxomega's traits. His skillful manipulation of the brush enables him to 'virtually' capture any girl's heart by surprise. He recently showed up at the subforum with the surprise interest in one of the requests in the recent project PMP. It was rumored not long ago that he had received therapeutical analysis by mermaids in his hidden mansion located deep within the crest of nowhere. Anthraxomega in the end is one of the invaluable assets HB has ever had since its establishment.

Trivia: Anthraxomega is both the longest active member and founder of Hazard Blue. AzureSephiroth and NahSoR share 2nd place.

THT Growing, PMP Enlarging

After the amazing success of the PMP project, THT was long forgotten by the Hazardians as its founder, Pyro_Flare rested after enduring yet another hemophilic attack. PMP requests are now pouring in endlessly in both the Nokia and Sony Ericcson sectors respectively to the point where the members on board the theming staff are vastly outnumbered by the requests bombardment last week.

New member Happylass

The Hazardians welcomed new member, Happylass to the family two days ago when she valiantly accepted our invitation to join the cause. Shes as enigmatic as Tyronne which seems questionnable given that they both have a lot in common. AzureSephiroth had this to say, "We welcome change, If it is for the improvement of the group and so far Happylass will surely help us achieve that act of change". Ladies and Gentlmen a round of applause please.

Linkin park releases Midnight to Minutes

user posted image
Album cover

Nearly 4 years after their last original album debut, Meteora, Linkin park has finally released their latest attempt at breaking the records around the world. The new album was heavily criticized by the hardcore LP fans for losing the trademark LP sound. The band replied that they were 'looking for themselves'. Many have expressed their disappointment in the latest album citing that the band has lost its uniqueness to the mainstream albums in the past years. All is not lost with the single, All I've done which resembles the past 2 albums style and sound. For those who want to make up for LP's change, you can simply listen to Red's album, end of silence which sounds like an exact replica of Hybrid Theory / Meteora. Heres the album cover.

user posted image
word of caution: Lyrics are derived from christian beliefs.

AzureSephiroth's Wallpaper Rampage

Az continues to dominate the wallpaper competition with yet another win at the previous week. He has grown weak of the surprises the votes give out. Lets see how long he can hold this up.

Hall of Fame

The Thememaking Challenge
Week 165 - Digital Painting

1. Patrick_Lippe (68 pts.)

2. happylass (50 pts.) clapping.gif

3. Tyronne (45 pts.) clapping.gif

The Wallpaper Competition
Week 17 - Anime

1. AzureSephiroth (23 pts.) clapping.gif

2. Shubham_Rana (16 pts.) clapping.gif

3. bj1605 (15 pts.)

This week's Headline: PMP Overload

This has been a very busy week for HB. The PMP thread is overflowing with requests and The team is trying it's best to finish the requests but HB's lack of nokia themers is taking quite a toll on the pace of the team. Anthrax and the team's other nokia themers are all doing a great job though and the problem doesn't seem to bother them at all.. Here's this week's progress table for PMP (according to aapaii):
QUOTE(aapaii @ May 21 2007, 11:30 PM)
Latest ohmy.gif

Sony Ericsson
Azure : bakudoq PMP
Tyronne : empty (on leave)
aapaii : empty
Ng LC : empty

Anthrax : aarnisa & sjaspinall wow.gif
Happylass : empty

QUOTE(aapaii @ May 18 2007, 06:19 PM)
Updated Request List

bakudoq - captain cavemen (handle by Azure)

Nokia PMP

1. togotasm - pending.
2. spook boi - vida guerra (azure is currently searching for images)
3. aarnisa - in prog by anthrax 
4. mrshakeyhandman - Linfield FC
4. kurtis - Ragnarok Online (novice/super novice)
5. sjaspinall - handle by anthrax


MOS: "We don't see the point"

There was a little fuss this week about MOS's participation in PMP. "Well, do guys from Hazard use our ringtones or what... blink.gif .... not that I want to undermine the project, but I don't see the point in our joint work, when members that request the themes don't ask frot the ringtone...if they really don't want it, they should say so... And if members are only for the theme, what's the point of this... unsure.gif ..." Those are the exact words of Vanja, MOS's leader. This is due to the fact that the people who request in PMP doesn't seem to notice that the ringtone from MOS is a part of the package that HB is giving away. All they do is answer the THEME REQUEST FORM and not the RINGTONE REQUEST which makes it a little hard for MOS to figure out what the people would actually need. This seems to be both irritating and heartbreaking for ou beloved Masters of Sound

crickets: "chirp chirp"

I don't know if it's just me or is HB inactive yesterday? After that talk about FF:Advent Children, no one seems to have opened any other topic... or post anything at all. All i saw was 4 post by boxie, antrax, az and shubham. and on the PMP thread. only 1 post from anthrax was there.. What's up? blink.gif ..

Advent Children!! wow.gif

Here's a review of the movie from animax:

With over 10 million copies sold worldwide since it's release in 1997, Final Fantasy VII remains one of the best role-playing games ever made. And now, Animax is proud to bring you Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, the sequel to this cult hit. It is a visual and aural feast featuring some of the most spectacularly lavish computer graphics ever to grace a fully CG-animated film !

Two years have passed since Meteor's devastating attack on the planet, and the once-proud industrial city of Midgar now lies in ruin. Meanwhile, the survivors are slowly picking up their lives again in a new city, Edge, built on the outskirts of Midgar. But even then, a mysterious disease known as Geostigma is killing the remaining inhabitants on the planet. Inflicted with the lethal disease, Cloud Strife - the hero from the last war - has retired into seclusion. However, when three villainous brothers threaten to bring back the One Winged Angel, Cloud is forced out of his isolation to stop them before they doom the planet.

btw, here's a picture of our very own, az, standing side by side with the movie's main character.. (az, i hope you asked for an autograph!!)

user posted image

Hall of Fame

Our very own Shubham_Rana won this week's WC!!! his work on a collage using a chinese fellow with an urban background earned him 8 points and the gold! he is followed by DeZal who's design composed of two different perspectives on an F1 race car. bj from our sister team of GE supposed to have won first place but failed to vote so he ws immediately disqualified. Better luck next time, bj! and Congratulations to Shubham and DeZal!!

On the TMC corner, no HB member reached the top 3 but still, we are proud of you guys.

happylass.................28 pts
Tyronne...................50 pts
Shubham_Rana........2 pts
aapaii......................11 pts

better luck next time guys!! keep up the good work!!

*note: i'll put in the header when I get my connection fixed laugh.gif
This Week's Headline: Pimp my Nokia Phone?
HB has nearly taken all the requests that they can handle. Everyone is scrambling to finish requests in time and put the regular HB mark on every single project: "Beauty and Quality".
Although this is the case, it seems like there are only requests for nokia themes. for this week, (refer to the latest update below) there is only one SE request and this is not doing any good for our nokia themers because the moment they take in a horde of nokia requests, they are obliged by their dedication to their work, to take in another legion of new requests. This event was already forseen by the old memebers of the group and has taken immediate action. Aapaii and pyro (me) invited a couple of nokia themers to aid us in the expected influx and Anthrax and Azure did their best to study and master to be full-fledged Nokia themers. These efforts seemed to pay off in the begginning and up till now. But I see a problem in the future if this number of Nokia v.s. SE theme requests doesn't change. Anyway, Nokia themers, best of luck to you guys! laugh.gif

Ringtones Request Round-up
Since last week's problem with the lack of participation from the PMP customers, the request of ringtones to be included in the PMP package steadily increased. This is because aapaii, who seemed to be in charge of the acceptance of requests, made it a point to accept requests ONLY if the customer filled up the corresponding Ringtone Request Form. Thanks to that, a lot of ringtones have been made, approved, and downloaded, for the happyness of both the PMP patrons and the entire MOS team.

cool.. my first banner
I don't want to bother anyone but what do you guys think of my banner?:

user posted image

I asked Ng_Lc to put it in his site but it got resized and the text became unreadable.. I would like to ask totogasm, through this newspaper, if maybe, you could post this on sites you made and link it to the HB site you are currently working on? or temporarily to the m9 homepage until you finish the site.. pretty please user posted image

Hey, is he officially our mascot?
I noticed that Jef is the one updating the member's list in the group's forum.. did you guys suggest rockman? and he doesn't seem to be updated about kicked out members since the leader's drone is still listed.. and yeah, does he still lurk in m9's shadows? Here's jef's list:

user posted image

* AnthraxOmega
* AzureSephiroth
* Nahsor
* Zeroproto_type
* Pyro_flare
* Ng Lc
* Night-Rider
* Zeefix
* Totogasm
* Animo
* Shubham Rana
* BoxieBlue
* aapaii

PMP latest update for this week:
According to aapaii's latest post:

QUOTE(aapaii @ Jun 3 2007, 11:52 AM)
Latest ohmy.gif

Sony Ericsson
Azure : empty
Tyronne : empty
aapaii : empty
manitaan : empty

Anthrax : aarnisa, sjaspinall & mrshakeyhandman wow.gif
Happylass : empty

Updated Request List

kelly tibo - freemason theme

Nokia PMP

1. togotasm - pending.
2. spook boi - vida guerra (azure is currently searching for images)
3. aarnisa - in prog by anthrax 
4. mrshakeyhandman - Linfield FC (anthrax)
4. kurtis - Ragnarok Online (novice/super novice)
5. sjaspinall - handle by anthrax
6. ilovethenokia - ???
7. CarrieAnnex - England Football Team Crest
8. Cwluc - Avatar theme


The Sad story of the Forgotten Request
Once upon a time, an MMORPG player named kurtis went into the PMP request thread in the hopes of getting his phone pimped with a personalized theme using a Ragnarok novice. He filled up the form and posted it in the thread..... never to be heard from again......
what's up guys?! this guy has been waiting for his theme... I know it's hard to make themes and all but, as az said, were getting a little delayed with some requests. but this guy's case seems to be different. I don't think anyone is working on his...Is there?

and by the way, aapaii, my friend, can you also include the phone's resolution on your updates of new requests? please. Nite is not around and I have nobody to ask about the resolutions laugh.gif

Hall of Fame
WPC- Adonisedemon came in first place with 10 pts. He is followed by DeZal who accumulated 5 pts. HB's Shubham_Rana should have come in first with his 13 pts. only if he was able to vote. Better luck next week!!
TMC- No winners announced thread..... just PM me if you see one laugh.gif

*note, reformatted my PC and lost the Header...and still working on that stupid internet connection... user posted image
This week's Headline: The Good, The Bad and The Missing
This week was somewhat uneventful for the HB team though there were some touches of exciting news here and there. This week, I was asked by az to invite the Rank 7: Headmaster, DeZal, to join us in our cause to beautify every single throbbing, battery-operated, colored mobile phone on this planet. Just after two days after joining the Hazard Blue, DeZal is now one of the most active member of Hazard Blue. He has already started by helping out the nokia themers by providing images for them. DeZal isn't our only new member though, Darkie, az's friend from Saudi (who incidentally moved here in the Philippines not so long ago..) also joined us. Though his fresh start at an excellent m9 life as an HB Recruiter didn't turn out as fresh as I thought. He opened up a new thread called Spam and started spamming his way to being banned...We won't be seeing him for quite some time tongue.gif . And with these new members, our senior members started popping out. Night and Nahsor showed up this week and checked out what's up in out subforum. They also stated the reasons why they aren't here. That takes a load of our chest laugh.gif we're glad to know that you guys are doing ok...

Temporary Closure of New Nokia PMP Request
After last week's influx of Nokia requests, the HB team had lots problems with the sheer number of these requests. As a solution, the team decided to temporary put the Nokia requests on hold and accept the waiting list once the number of the pending requests deminishes. Here's apai's statement:

QUOTE(aapaii @ Jun 3 2007, 07:21 PM)
Re: Temporarily Closure of Nokia PMP requests.

Dear all valued M9ers,

Pls be informed that we at Hazard Blue have decided to close the Nokia PMP request TEMPORARILY . This will be effective immedietly until we can finish the current requests. This is due to the lack of manpower to take up the ever-increasing requests lately. We will now make a waiting list for new Nokia PMP requests. This will only effect Nokia PMP requests. Sony Ericsson PMP request will run as usual. laugh.gif
I thank you all for you understanding in this matter. notworthy.gif

Thank you for your patronage! laugh.gif

Best regards,
PMP assistant supervisor
3rd June 2007

I then followed the statement of the supervisors with a letter form the Wallpapers Division

QUOTE(pyro_flare @ Jun 4 2007, 12:55 AM)
Re: Temporarily Closure of Nokia PMP requests.

To all M9ers,

Like said above,Nokia requests will be temporarily put on hold. Nokia PMP theme requests will automatically go to the waiting list once they have been approved. I would like to inform you that we follow "first come, first serve" so I expect no fighting over who gets their request done first. Although new Nokia PMP themes will temporarily be unattended, the complimentary wallpapers that will come with some of the themes will still be uploaded and posted here for your convenience, though it may take some time because my division is also lacking manpower. The Ringtone Requests might still be also active. This depends on the other members of the PMP project as I am not, in any way, involved in the ringtones.

Sorry for the inconvenience laugh.gif

PMP Wallpapers Division

well..Good luck to our Nokia themers and I hope this helps you....

I started to notice that the Comics thread in the "Jokes and Games" forum isn't getting much feedback.. I don't think that anybody's even reading them.. So I've decided to have a weekly comics section here so you can enjoy the comic strips that I've liked. For this week, I'll post two of them as an opening special:

user posted image
*note: don't listen to anyone claiming that they are spreading az's words tongue.gif

user posted image

Hope you liked them!!

Hall of Fame
In the WPC, no topic yet. WPC team will take a break in the hopes that more people will join next week. The topic will be announced on June 10. Meanwhile, on the TMC corner, Patrick_Lippe(68 pts.), davis-art (41 pts.) and maampia (40 pts.) won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. This week's TMC-HB team composed only of Happylass (3 pts.) who unfortunately wasn't able to reach the top 3. Better luck next time Happylass! I know you can do it.

That's it for this week's THT. Hope you keep reading and support HB. I would also like to apologize for the missing header, still working on it (I always forget to work on it that's why I doesn't get done... I will finish it <someday> though user posted image ) see ya next week!!
This Week's Headline: "Looks Like PMP Worked"
For the last few issues of THT, there wasn't much going on. Nearly no activity for Hazard Blue. But This week proved to be different,with the new SE requests and the addition of a few members on HB's ranks. The rising numbers of HB members may have come from all the adverstisment we got from PMP. Here's a short profile of this week's newest members

Platinum-Skillz (hb1516763):
Quote:"Touch my food and die. Have a nice day."
Uploads: None as of the moment
Posts: 53

Tails_Prower (hb1416850):
Quote: "I love poeple how are honest and GENUINE!!! And if your wondering why my name is Tails its my nickname because Tails off Sonic the Hedgehog loves aircraft and so do i and Tails is smart and short and so am i! Hehe, Lol!!"
Uploads: 40 PSP wallpapers
Posts: 270

Karlsen1992 (hb632888):
Quote: "Yeah, that's me. Do you like it or what?!"
Uploads:1 PSP wallpaper, 5 mp3 Ringtones, 2 SE themes (W600/W600i, K750/K750i)

These people are great additions to the HB family. I just hope that our leader and assistant leader start to think about the difficulty to manage a number more than this one.. I really don't wanna split us into versions like the wild cats. Unity is the best way to go...

HB Thread Flood
An increase in HB's members forsaw an increase in HB's number of threads. Platinum-Creationz is one of them. I see this thread unnecessary because az already posted the tutorial cafe were anyone can post their "photo manipulation guides". HB Thread Directory is something that might prove useful. It might provide more posts on our own threads and not just threads like PMP. And The HB network will help anyone to contact us in case of an emergency or a query. Well, best of luck to those threads, I hope all of those will prove to be useful and not dead threads like our friends from GE have.. (no offense GE)

Platinum-Skillz just punched out one of sven's eyes!
This just in, a few hours ago, HB member misunderstood an order and accidentally punched out one of sven's hidden 100,000,000 eyes! Now, sven only has 99,999,999 eyes to watch over HB's every move all over the globe. Just an advice to ssvic, Don't pick your nose any time soon! (oops, too late, he already did!! photo.gif good, I caught a picture)

user posted image

Ever played Team Fortress?

user posted image

Classified Ads
user posted image

Assistant journalist wanted. Must meet the following criteria:
-You must be an HB member
-You must be Active
-You must be Human
-You must NOT eat other Humans
-Can trace the activities of the group for an entire week and write down the gathered information in an organized manner and send it to me through PM
-Will make the THT when I'm not around
-Will religiously remind me every week to make the THT tongue.gif

applications must be posted at the Member's Lounge... look for pyro..

Hall of Fame
Our Assistant team leader, Az (12 pts), won this week's WPC with the humorous twist on human evolution. Our wallpaper division assistant head,DeZal won 2nd place with an amazing GIF image time line.Our newest member, plat, should have come in 1st but he got disqualified because of failure to vote... (There's something about this week's WPC that's making me smile... I just can't put my finger on it...)

On the TMC, happylass (35 pts.) won 2nd place with a watery XP theme. Unfortunately, aapaii (12 pts.), manitaan (15 pts.) and tyronne (28 pts.) weren't able to join the top 3.

Congratulations to ALL the winners! and better luck next time to those who didn't...

That's it for this week's THT. Kindly remind me whenever I forget to do it laugh.gif. That's it, see ya
This Week's Headline: Love at first Sight?

"Yeah! Someone is the same age as me! Now I am not only the one who is 14 years old!
Well may I ask u something,do u like sonic games? well I like sonic but I don't like the games much,I like the best is Kingdom Hearts 2 and 1 of cause". These were the first few words spoken by Ng to our new member, Tails, when she described herself in one of HB's threads. These few words might sound simple to the normal ear, but they actually have a deeper meaning (As noticed by a well-trained Hazard, Tyronne). A simple smile and an innocent wave of the tail might have caught the heart of the unsuspecting Ng_LC who might have been struck by cupid's arrow directly on the chest. He might deny it but by the looks of things, the two might actually have some sort of connection with each other. A mutual feeling where in words might not be enough to describe. Why deny something that is already speaking for itself? don't lock away things in your heart, tell everybody how you really feel.. True feelings are ment to be set free, not kept hidden. What will be the result of this? What will the girl say? Who knows... Only time will tell...
user posted image

(note from the Editor-in-Chief: Ng, Don't be mad ok?)

The Dark Side
In a related story, one of HB's members has been, reportedly, invited to join the dark side. The media refused to cover the story because of what they call "Technical Difficulties". We in HB believe that this is an inside job. A reporter and his crew seems to be working under the influence of a virus. The said reporter is called Mr. Rick (Who changed his name to Mr. D*ck for a reason not yet known). Hazard Blue's intelligence department gathered samples of the virus and sent them to HB Laboratories whose location is kept hidden due to fear of sabotage. The head scientist, Professor Dan D. Lyons, and his assinstant, Dr. Willie Stroker named the virus and stated it's effects. The virus, Code Name: S.S.V.I.C. (Super Scary and Vicious Incredibly evil Character), seems to have the power to instantaneously delete stuff (or hide them as the propagator, sven, insists) and control people's mind so they move over to the dark side and grow many eyes just like it does. The infected people can also serve as watchers in areas unaccsessible to sven's eyes. And now that I have told you this, my safety, and the safety of the whole HB is uncertain.

PMP Nokia Theme Request Re-openning?
Our beloved leader is back (and so are most of the MIA members). His first agenda was to re-open the NT requests in PMP, but HB's lack of nokia themers prevented him from doing so. Instead, He ordered the team to sweep across m9 and abduct (I mean ask politely) all nokia themers who have the potential to be an HB candidate and have the chance to join HB in it's noble cause of beautifying every single mobile phone in existance. The team made the sweep but the candidates are yet to be judged. What will be Anthrax's judgement? stay tuned to find out!

PMP update
Here's the latest PMP update as posted by apai:

user posted image

Sony Ericsson Theme Request Shortage
SET requests in PMP are really low. HB's SE themers are really in need of something to work on. The lack of SET requests might have been triggered by the sheer number of available SE themes in m9's gallery wherein almost everything that a phone-holder might want is already supplied to him, ready for download, and is no need of requesting for it. The law of supply and demand seems to apply also in PMP. There are a lot of supply, then there is low demand... I wish luck to all SE themers.

PSP v.s. Nintendo DS

user posted image

Hall of Fame
wpc: waiting for results
tmc: Tyrrone (39 pts) won his very first gold this week with his masterpiece, "Pisa Burden". He is followed by hungnc (29 pts.) and Lionet (29 pts.) who are tied in second. The 3rd place was taken by davis-art(28 pts.). congratulations to all the winners! Why don't we make an HB trophy case where we compile all the trophies the members have won (and lock it so no one can post, bwahahaha...)

that's it for this week's THT. I hope you enjoyed it. See ya next week!!
user posted image

Today's Headline: Power
THT is back and with it, comes new features like the weekday "tabloid version".. But too much freedom of the press and power of speech can certainly do some damage. Reports have been made that the intelligence department has some crew members that may have trouble being tactful and helpful.. Like that alien we hired to pilot the Hazardspy.. He turned out to be a double agent and destroyed one of HB's major bases. Anyway, security has been hightened in the intelligence building and everything that comes out will be screened thoroughly

Sorry, Honorary Member
The first news of aliens watching our every move was attribtted to the thousand-eye monster and our honorary member, ssivic.. But that has been proven wrong with this week's attacks which also destroyed ssivic's house near HB's base and destroyed a few eyes of the monster... This is not yet known to ssivic but THT's Headmaster wrote him this notification:

To our Honorary Member, SSIVIC:

We are sorry to say but HB's forcefield did not reach your house in the alien's recent attack. The house, wroth over a trillion and was worked by you, ssivic, for a couple of hard, tear-jerking years, has been smashed to smitherins by a laser beam from the THT building but was deflected by the UFO.. Please do not blame me for what heppened, I didn't know that they would deflect the laser in the exact trajectory of your humble home.. we are so sorry

THT head

Tails Join the Fight
Famous alien rights activist, Tails_Prower joins the fight against the aliens when they attacked this week.. Her last line before the attack:
QUOTE(Tails_Prower @ Sep 20 2007, 10:44 AM)
How did the poor aliens get involved anyway?

Her next line? :
QUOTE(Tails_Prower @ Sep 20 2007, 10:47 AM)
Ahhhh.... my house was there too......  ohmy.gif  sad.gif  crybaby.gif
damn..... im joining the fight too torch.gif
stupid aliens don't know how to aim straight 


user posted image

Hall of Fame
Az once again won bags this week's WPC gold with 17pts.. Muerte comes in second with 16pts... rjdsouza is third place with 10pts

Here's WPC stats:
user posted image

That's it for this week's THT.. I'm getting used to it again so maybe it's not so funny but informative as before.. Anyways, see ya!!
not too many news this week, but news nonwtheless. here we go!

Pyro decided he had had enough of journalism, and gave up his job as the editor of THT. THT has nw been "taken over", if i can put it that way, by BoxieBlue and TailsPrower. but don't worry, you won't miss your weekly dose of news (and gossip) tongue.gif

one of the members of HB was banned following a huge controversy regarding a leeching issue. the moderators and members of HB decided it was best for everyone if the member in question left HB, at least until he proved he deserved to be a member.

MOM, or member of the month, goes dead after only 15 days.some of the reasons are the resignation of the Head of Forums Division,unpopularity, and not receiving the expected response from the members. the possible causes for the last two reasons might have been lack a reward for the winner(none was announced by the mods) and insufficient assistants who were ready to take up the job of watching the forums and alloting the points.

after BoxieBlue resigned, the position of the Head of Forums division is open. those intersted can PM Anthrax or Azure
qualifications required-
1.must be an active member of HB
2.must be very active in the forums
3.must be ready to handle the pressures of the job.
GET READY! here is the latest issue!

AZURE decided that the Forums Division was no longer required. The decision was based on the opinion on former Head of the Forums Division(HFD)- BoxieBlue (yeah that’s me tongue.gif )
CONCLUSION- at the moment, we don't really need the "forums division". first, we need to think out the function of that division very properly. only then should we appoint members for that post.i don't know if it is possible, but the Head could be allowed to look after the threads, and he should decide which threads should be pinned/unpinned/archieved etc

Azure also said
We should start to segment HB members to better classifications.

ANTHRAX said that he felt HB need to be more organized. He said that the members seem to have forgotten the purpose of the group, and have taken to spamming in the members lounge. He also voiced his dissent over some of the members being inactive, while others not doing their job properly
More can be found at- link

green elf by muerte for SE k800i

1.zjurina (70 pts.)
2.Lionet (55 pts.)
3.unamariposa (43 pts.)

1. muerte84 & DeZal: 22 points
2. unamariposa & shoutout: 11 Points
3. devilmaycry_ub: 7 Points

Congratulations to all winners smile.gif

You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV.
(I couldn’t believe this myself laugh.gif )

When the moon is directly overhead, you weigh slightly less.
(science students will have no problem understanding this one smile.gif )


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


A lot went on regarding server issues this week. people had problem with PMs(though admins claim it is fixed) as also with "flood control" (that is really fixed now tongue.gif )

no wonder, then, that the ottest topic was bug central laugh.gif

the other hot topic, of particular interest to members of HB, was the return of the scoob!
blast from the past

this week i decided to make THT Blue and Green. the colours of BoxieBlue and Tails_Prower

Denied a membership at HB, Darkness_Fallen_angel (who prefers to be called Dark) got third place in his first WPC entry. gathering 11 points, he got honoured with a place on the WPC scoreboard
find proof here

after a heated conversation(ok, so maybe i am just spicing it up a bit tongue.gif ) between one of the leaders of HB, BoxieBlue, and one of the members of HB, the plan for a Lo-Fi version of THT was rejected. the idea was to create two threads for THT, a simple one like this, with no graphics(for those with slow net connection) and a spiced up one, with lots of graphics, to make it look like a cool magazine, to satisfy those with a faster connection.
the plan was halted after it was pointed out that THT has a small audience (oh tell me, tell me this is not true!), and two thread wouldn't be worth it.

yes guys, your favourite member/THT editor, got appointed as the asst. leader of HB. so you better start showing me some respect now laugh.gif

the wallapaper project, where active members are signing an initially-blank backgorund is in full swing.this is a project undertaken by HB members, to give it as a reward to the first person to post on the 300th page in "member's lounge"
don't know how that will happen though, the HB-mods have kept the thread closed tongue.gif (hmmmm...maybe anthrax will open it late one night and keep posting till he drops!)
sign your name in this thread
NOTE-open to only HB members

shoutout: 19 Points
zjurina: 18 Points
Darkness_Fallen_Angel: 11 points


muerte84 (61 pts.)
Lionet (51 pts.)
zjurina (45 pts.)

unlocked-by DRAGON

a honour to HB-
hazard-PSP wallpaper-by TAILS_PROWER


The first owner of the Marlboro cigarette Company died of lung cancer. i don't know his name yet, but i am sure you can google the guy yourself
brr.....thats scary!

A psychology student in New York rented out her spare room to a Carpenter in order to nag him constantly and study his reactions. After Weeks of needling, he snapped and beat her repeatedly with an axe Leaving her mentally retarded
now that i find funny(maybe i am "sick"??)

The following warning labels will be placed immediately on all varieties of alcohol containers:

WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what the hell happened to your bra and panties
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not.
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like a retard.
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to tell your friends over and over again that you love them

WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can sing
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may lead you to believe that ex-lovers are really dying for you to telephone them at four in the morning

WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause pregnancy
WARNING: The consumption of alcahol may Mack you tink you can tipe real gode

born loser-
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

M9 activities- not much went on this not much to report....

M9 hot topic-
the wallpaper project of HB

i love M9 because.....(in lounge)

Anthrax announced that he will be away for another week because of studies. here's what he had to say-
i will miss forthcoming ones as well.

i have to be away for studies(not forever).so here's what i want from all of u:

1-i did not open the hb bazaars for nothing.please do fill them.because we clearly didn't agree to open them then leave them.

2-if anyone has a question whatsoever ,ask it to the assistant leaders.
(asst. leaders= AzureSephironth and BoxieBlue)
3-be good to each other,ok smile.gif ?and try not to let ssivic get u tongue.gif

see u all later

best of luck anthrax! we will all miss you smile.gif

Tails, the other Editor of THT also said that she will be away for a few days
I will be away for long time im afraid...... i will still be able to visit about once a week though i will be away from the 10th of december till January 27th...... Sorry if i inconvienced anyone.... i will miss you guys heaps!

we will miss you too tails smile.gif


Pyro expressed his desire to return to THT, and has taken up the status of a THT journalist. it seems the members are more than pleased with this!

DRAGON has won the special wallpaper signed by all active HB members, by becoming the first person to post on the 300th page of member's lounge
and while it is true that anyone can download the wallpaper for himself/herself (yes...girls can be naughty too devil2.gif ), only one person will have the wallpaper credited to his name in the HB Hall of Fame-DRAGON2590!
congrats dragon!!!


more importantly, we should all congragulate each other and ourselves for HB's success. every one of us has had a role to play in making HB what it is today. so keep it up members!

jasnasto (54 pts.)
Lionet (40 pts.)
zjurina (34 pts.)

Voting in progress

cartoon christmas by Ng_LC for SE Z610

Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
so...planning to chuck that i-pod already???

A woman went to the doctor's office and was seen by one of the new young doctors. After about four minutes in the examination room, she started screaming and ran down the hall. An older doctor stopped her and asked what the problem was, and she told him her story. After listening, he told her to sit down and relax in another room. The older doctor marched down the hallway to the back where the first doctor was and demanded, "What's the matter with you? Mrs. Terry is 63 years old, she has four grown children and seven grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?" The new doctor continued to write on his clipboard and, without looking up, said, "Does she still have the hiccups?"

user posted image

baby blues
user posted image

user posted image

this time, with tails not there to help me, i have done everything on my i decided to use my own colours laugh.gif


yes, ladies and gentlement, your favourite THT editor has just become the assistant leader of your favourite group!!
]BoxieBlue promoted

Congratulations to BoxieBlue for his promotion to assistant leader. He has gained the ability to moderate the subforum and will be working on updating important threads.

Anyone who has questions, suggestions or anything else related to the subforum can contact BoxieBlue if I'm away.


ears still ringing from the previous headline? head still spinning in disbelief and bliss?? i will repeat it smile.gif
HB is accepting members again
this is due to the recent inactivity of many current members. the leaders decided they they could do with some new,active members after all. members are now going through prospects,trying to decide which ones to invite


Azure feels the need for a common sig. he plans to introduce a sig set for HB members, which everyone will use, distinguishing them from other "commoners" tongue.gif

Sevipol (53 pts.)
devilmaycry_ub (41 pts.)
dragon2590 (38 pts.)

The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
now you know why little children fear them so much laugh.gif

In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.
hmmmm....interesting huh? so just how old is your dog?


Weird and Wonderful Site Names
All of these are legitimate companies dealing in regular products and services, but they didn't think their domain names through!
Take note of their 'Domain Names'! Some of them are prime candidates for the "What was
I thinking?" Award!
ALL of these websites actually exist, selling something totally benign, (and work - safe, in case
you're wondering).

1). A site called 'Who represents' where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name is:

2). 'Experts Exchange', a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at:

3). Looking for a pen? Look no further than 'Pen Island' at:

4). Need a 'therapist'? Try 'Therapist Finder' at:

5). Then of course, there's the 'Italian Power Generator Company' -

6). And now, we have the Mole Station Native Nursery,
based in New South Wales:

7). If you're looking for computer software, there's always

8). Welcome to the First Cumming Methodist Church. Their website is

9). Then, of course, there's these brainless art designers, and their wacky website: www.speedofartcom

10). Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure website at:


user posted image
Dennis the Menace
user posted image
Better half
user posted image

Karl, Anthrax, Tails and a few more....all chosing to mysteriously drop in and out of HB. Karl says he is back, and apologises for being away
I'm finally back smile.gif

Sorry guys. I have been away for so long, and I am very sorry sad.gif
I didn't even tell you, so I hope you can forgive me:)

Tails dropped by to wish us all a merry X'mas and a happy new year
@all: I probably won't be here for xmas and new years so i'll say it now


Anthrax said he was just dropping by to say hi
hello everyone!!

i happen to have a three day holiday,so i wanted to tell u all hi!

Azure, NG, Muerte are all working on it, but leading the pack is Dragon. with his innovative cool designs, he has proved to everyone just why he deserves to be a member of HB
you can see his work here

mystic butterfly by muerte

happylass (58 pts.)
zjurina (47 pts.)
unamariposa (36 pts.)

The name of all the continents ends with the same letter that they start with.

More than 40,000 parasites and 250 types of bacteria are exchanged during a French kiss.

(this is a long one, but one of the best i have ever come across)
After every flight, pilots fill out a form, called a gripe sheet which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humor. Here are some maintenance complaints submitted by pilots and the solutions recorded by maintenance engineers. By the way, the airline these came from is the only major airline that has never, ever, had an accident.

Pilot: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement.
Engineers: Almost replaced left inside main tire.

Pilot: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough.
Engineers: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft.

Pilot: Something loose in cockpit.
Engineers: Something tightened in cockpit.

Pilot: Dead bugs on windshield.
Engineers: Live bugs on back-order.

Pilot: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent.
Engineers: Cannot reproduce problem on ground.

Pilot: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear.
Engineers: Evidence removed.

Pilot: DME volume unbelievably loud.
Engineers: DME volume set to more believable level.

Pilot: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick.
Engineers: That's what friction locks are for.

Pilot: IFF inoperative in OFF mode.
Engineers: IFF always inoperative in OFF mode.

Pilot: Suspected crack in windshield.
Engineers: Suspect you're right.

Pilot: Number 3 engine missing.
Engineers: Engine found on right wing after brief search.

Pilot: Aircraft handles funny.
Engineers: Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right, and be serious.

Pilot: Target radar hums.
Engineers: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics.

Pilot: Mouse in cockpit.
Engineers: Cat installed.

Pilot: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer.
Engineers: Took hammer away from midget

Marriages are made in heaven

I have been in love with the same woman for 19 years. If my wife finds out, she will kill me.


user posted image
For heaven's sake
user posted image

M9 activities
M9 activities: the posts made in the “beyond mobile” section, except in the “groups” sub-forums are no longer counted towards the total number of posts made by a member.
Admins decided this was the best way to curb spamming, and for newbies to judge better basd on the post-count
The main purpose is to emphasise the help in mobile related posts.

Beyond mobile and all other forums are" extra" forums for the enjoyment of members. Now you can post in those forums without being told it is SPAM.

Without the mobile related content there would be no forums Full stop. the forum's main purpose is to help newbies with queries related to mobiles. That is the main factor in the forum.

Having a large number of post count and not having helped any member in the mobile related stuff inflates your reputation. New members would expect you to have knowledge in mobile related queries with large post counts. So we are encouraging you to take part in mobile related forums to help mobile9 help new members and build up a forum with informative information in regards to mobile related issues. this is the main aim of the forum, everything else is an additional bonus to members. This is the main reason behind the post count.


wanna guess?
the selection of the official HB sig is underway. members can vote in this poll, if they haven't already.( even non-HB members can vote. ) members may choose from any of the 10 designs that are put up. if the designs, SIX are from dragon! three are from azure, and one entry is unamariopsa's.
current;y, DESIGN8 is leading.


Potential members are being reviewed, and may be soon invited to HB. among the members who are being watched are DFA, midos, ghassemoo and a few others.


the leaders of HB have a nice surprise in store for all its members. i would have told you what it is, but then it wouldn't remain a surprise anymore. but here's a small hint- it is a topic related to the above headline smile.gif


now for some bad news. your favourite paper has become a fortnightly instead of a weekly. now it will be published only twice a month, instead of four times. this is due to the increasing work-load of the editor, not only in M9 but also in his personal life laugh.gif


ok, so next up is an advertisement! the editor of THT iis looking for a capable graphics designer to design the headers for THT. to apply, or for more information, the member can PM BoxieBlue


one of our most respected(and sometimes feared)member is working on a new project. if succesful, he may change the way M9 looks, and may make it one of the most user-friendly web-site for mobile phones!!


and finally, for those who have not read the updated rules. Inactivity has been re-defined as failure to participate in the HB forums for more than 15 days, without prior warning. being inacte may result in a temporary ban from HB. the member may be reincluded in the group if he/she provides a valid reason(NOT an excuse, a reason!).

1.hungnc (45 pts.)
2.Azumoru (39 pts.)
3.shoutout (35 pts.)

this week, instead of fun, we shall all seriously concentrate on old chinese proverbs, and promise to spread their wisdom angel_not.gif so here we go- (btw, forget what i just said and enjoy!)

Virginity like bubble, one prick, all gone.

Man who run in front of car get tired.

Man who run behind car get exhausted.

Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.

Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ.

Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok.

Man with one chopstick go hungry.

Man who scratch a** should not bite fingernails.

Man who eat many prunes get good run for money.

Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk.

Panties not best thing on earth, but next to best thing on earth

War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left.

Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house.

Man who fight with wife all day get no piece at night.

It take many nails to build crib, but one screw to fill it.

Man who drive like hell, bound to get there.

Man who stand on toilet is high on pot.

Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement.

Man who fish in other mans well often catch crabs.

Man who fart in church sit in own pew.

Crowded elevator smell different to midget.


Colgate(a popular toothpaste brand) faced a big obstacle marketing toothpaste in Spanish speaking Countries because Colgate translates into the command "go hang Yourself."

The longest place name still in use is: Taumatawhakatangihangaoauauotameteaturi- Pukakpikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu - a New Zealand hill. must a quite a tall hill huh??


histories make man wise;poets- witty;mathematics- subtle;natural philosophy- deep;moral-grave;logic and rhetoric-able to contend

on second thoughts......
there was never yet philosopher that could endure the toothache patiently
-WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE(who else? tongue.gif )


this week, i have a huge dose of comics for you all!

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

@all- some bad news. THT has been indefinitely shut down for certain unavoidable reasons. with this post, i am closing the thread. keep checking this thread for future announcements.
and before i leave, i would like to "publish" a few headlines smile.gif

members have voted , and not the official HB sig has been selected! DESIGN8 by dragon is the new HB sig!!!
go here to see the votes

below is an image of the new sig
user posted image

we have now started an open thread. you will find all information regarding this at the thread smile.gif

those are the two important news i had to give you smile.gif please also check out the announcements section
The Hazard Times

HB-WPC Integrated
Following a positive response from WPC participants, the Wallpaper Competition forums were integrated with Hazard Blue! This move seems to have successfully resurrected HB from the near-death stage it had reached, at the same time giving WPC participants better freedom of spamming.

It all started with a small idea by one of the two current WPC managers. The idea was to enable the members to discuss things more freely, and showcase their talent beyond the WPC forums. The idea was also to rebuild HB and reconvert it into the lively sub-forum that it once was. Participants took to this idea pretty well, and the Integration of HB and WPC happened!

All WPC participants are now free to use the HB forums to discuss whatever they want to. While constructive spamming (whatever that means!) is allowed, members are encourage to exchange and put forward ideas that will help other members, as well as contribute to the growth of HB. HB also features a showcase for members to post their wallpapers and themes in.

SDC Planned. Krakit the manager.
Let’s all give a round of applause to krakit, who will be managing the first Sig Designing Competition. The HB mods bowed to the huge public pressure ( tongue.gif ) and decided to go ahead with the competition. It will be held in the Hazard Blue forum itself. However, everyone will be invited to participate.

The competition will officially start on 15th November. It will last for a fortnight and voting will begin when November ends. Winners will be awarded SDC trophies.

Members are requested to start publicising the event and pull in as many competitors as they can. Remember, the more the merrier! Participants can be roped in from WPC, TMC and STC...this means a participant base of potentially more than 50! ( who’s gonna count the votes? laugh.gif ). Members are also welcome to put up banners in their homesites and sigs in order to publicise it.

Krakit will be the honorary manager for the event. It should be noted that competitors will also have to design an accompanying 100x100 avatar to go with the sig.

Bigger surprises planned!
Alryt, HB homies! Your WPC manager and favourite guy has bigger surprises in store for you wow.gif What they are, I cannot reveal yet, else they wouldn’t really remain surprises anymore. But one thing’s for sure, if my...ahem...plans are successful, you guys will have a lot to talk about!

The HB mods hereby welcome applicants for the following:
1. Official HB sig designer
2. Official SDC banner designer
Alright, you don’t really have to send in your resumes for the post. All you have to do is post your designs. The members will vote for the best design and select the one they feel is the best. There will be a separate thread for this soon....very soon.

For the newcomers, this was just an introductory THT. Keep watching this space for the latest gossip and news related to M9 wink.gif Feel free to browse through some of the earlier editions of THT if you wish.
That’s it for this edition. See ya’ll later byebye.gif
wow.. i love reading this..heheheh.. THT successful.hehehehe.

can i nominate someone to be our Official HB sig designer & Official SDC banner designer???

i love to have mom and eric as our official hb sig designer and sdc banner designer. wahahahahha..

nov. 15???? SDC opening.. be ready krakit.wahahahahahah
QUOTE (sp0rtskiller03 @ Nov 5 2009, 08:00 PM) *
wow.. i love reading this..heheheh.. THT successful.hehehehe.

can i nominate someone to be our Official HB sig designer & Official SDC banner designer???

i love to have mom and eric as our official hb sig designer and sdc banner designer. wahahahahha..

nov. 15???? SDC opening.. be ready krakit.wahahahahahah

there don't need to be nominations smile.gif every member is welcome to showcase his/her designs.
Ah nice thumbsup.gif

As for the SDC ... I hope the 1st topic will be Christmas sigs since I will have to make one soon anyway laugh.gif laugh.gif
QUOTE (CrazEric @ Nov 5 2009, 08:15 PM) *
Ah nice thumbsup.gif

As for the SDC ... I hope the 1st topic will be Christmas sigs since I will have to make one soon anyway laugh.gif laugh.gif

nope....the first topic seems to be pretty obvious to me laugh.gif we will have christmas sigs in December wink.gif
i won't tell you the topic right now, of course, but keep guessing.
guessing game, i like it.

hmmmm.. since its the coming of the movie new moon, i think this is the 1st topic.wahahahah..
I think it'll be anime
obvious reason being that it's more popular
or sth related to HB Or Designing

Great Edition Though
love To Read It Again And Again

Loved The J/k tongue.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif maybe the 1st one will be to remake THIS? laugh.gif laugh.gif

QUOTE (CrazEric @ Nov 5 2009, 08:34 PM) *
laugh.gif laugh.gif maybe the 1st one will be to remake THIS? laugh.gif laugh.gif

you are getting close laugh.gif
wahahahahha.. a sign for boxie. that will be great.
QUOTE (boxieblue @ Nov 5 2009, 08:16 PM) *
Bigger surprises planned!
Alryt, HB homies! Your WPC manager and favourite guy has bigger surprises in store for you wow.gif What they are, I cannot reveal yet, else they wouldn’t really remain surprises anymore. But one thing’s for sure, if my...ahem...plans are successful, you guys will have a lot to talk about!

I hope your plan works out fine.. ..eagerly waiting for the surprise laugh.gif.. ..
rhtz: you know the plan laugh.gif tongue.gif
QUOTE (sp0rtskiller03 @ Nov 5 2009, 03:30 PM) *
can i nominate someone to be our Official HB sig designer & Official SDC banner designer???
i love to have mom and eric as our official hb sig designer and sdc banner designer. wahahahahha..

Yeah, ahm... I wouldn't wanna work together with that psycho! laugh.gif Just joking... You know I love you, Eric!
I'll sure give it a try. I don't quiet understand yet, what's the difference between a sig and a banner and if there has to be a certain size, and well, anything, but I'm sure it's gonna be explained in the thread...

Looking forward to the surprise and the SDC!
yea...stay tuned for the surprise 10.gif it's gonna be great!!!!
QUOTE (boxieblue @ Nov 5 2009, 07:16 AM) *
SDC Planned. Krakit the manager.
Let’s all give a round of applause to krakit, who will be managing the first Sig Designing Competition. The HB mods bowed to the huge public pressure ( tongue.gif ) and decided to go ahead with the competition. It will be held in the Hazard Blue forum itself. However, everyone will be invited to participate.

The competition will officially start on 15th November. It will last for a fortnight and voting will begin when November ends. Winners will be awarded SDC trophies.

Members are requested to start publicising the event and pull in as many competitors as they can. Remember, the more the merrier! Participants can be roped in from WPC, TMC and STC...this means a participant base of potentially more than 50! ( who’s gonna count the votes? laugh.gif ). Members are also welcome to put up banners in their homesites and sigs in order to publicise it.

Krakit will be the honorary manager for the event. It should be noted that competitors will also have to design an accompanying 100x100 avatar to go with the sig.

WOW! Sounds good! This will be a great competition ... and...Im proud of you Kraky tongue.gif smile.gifsmile.gif really... There is just one simple thing - I dont know how to make a sig... so... maybe I'll be just a viewer smile.gif

About all those other stafs ..I'll read the information once again... Because I dont understand smth or everything.. laugh.gif laugh.gif as blondes always do tongue.gif
Stop It Synthia! Never say that Again!
Why are You so Against Blonds.......I told You Your Awesome! Infact It isn't like Blonds are Like that. SOme People say and You Believ it....Don't do that!
Think of the Other Blonds, How would they feel when they hear You say that?
You know, its Individuals Nature if Person Understand s or is Stupid.......Okay! And There is No One Stupidier than ME! Okay? ( oh Please say No Your Not to console Me now, okay) ahahahahha...
And don't Worry about Sigz Synth......I will Teach You.......Its the Simmplest thing.....Its Like You have to make a Wallpaper, but the Wallpaper has to have Buttons ( thats an Option though ) I mean, in a Sig, You have a Home and a Gallery Link. Like that You Create A Sig and PLace two Button Designs To Mention which Links can Be Applied from Your Sig!
Hey Relax. I will give a Detail on the Sig in the Thread itself.....I think its Needed.

Boxie - I Hope You agree with Me. We need to give a Post in the Thread about the Details of a Sig Making......It would make it Easier for Everyone to Join....Dont Worry, I will Write the Post! ahahahahha
Okey okey Krakit! happy.gif wub.gif
I will not say smth like that , while are you watchin' and reading tongue.gif tongue.gif

But thats the truth... I dont understand almost all... for example ..ok I understand that now people /WPC participants can discuss everything more freely and prove their talent somewhere else this right...?? But... .can someone tell me the meaning of Hazard Blue? Is that the same WPC or what... there is said that a new members just need to fallow all changes etc.. But I want to understand that all.. not only read and do what I need to do smile.gif smile.gif
QUOTE (krakit @ Nov 6 2009, 12:15 PM) *
Boxie - I Hope You agree with Me. We need to give a Post in the Thread about the Details of a Sig Making......It would make it Easier for Everyone to Join....Dont Worry, I will Write the Post! ahahahahha

sure...go ahead...make a post thumbsup.gif i am opening a new thread soon...take a look in there, all participants!
QUOTE (your_mother @ Nov 5 2009, 07:50 PM) *
QUOTE (sp0rtskiller03 @ Nov 5 2009, 03:30 PM) *
can i nominate someone to be our Official HB sig designer & Official SDC banner designer???
i love to have mom and eric as our official hb sig designer and sdc banner designer. wahahahahha..

Yeah, ahm... I wouldn't wanna work together with that psycho! laugh.gif Just joking... You know I love you, Eric!
I'll sure give it a try. I don't quiet understand yet, what's the difference between a sig and a banner and if there has to be a certain size, and well, anything, but I'm sure it's gonna be explained in the thread...

Looking forward to the surprise and the SDC!

Hey hey hey .... psycho??!! blink.gif Thats harsh!!! crybaby.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
No Surprises

Remember you were promised a surprise in the previous THT edition? Well, it's not gonna happen anytime soon, guys. Here's the inside dough on everything:

The surprise was going to be an integration of TMC and STC with HB as well, just like the current WPC integration. The purpose of the move? To bring all graphic designers under one roof for exchange of ideas and enhanced learning. Since many ideas/tutorials are common to theme designers and wallpaper designers, it seemed natural to integrate the other two competitions with HB as well. let's also not forget that some of the best theme designers in the past were also members of HB.

However, after prolonged discussions with ArthurWill and the managers of both competitions- rhtz and angelnaina, we have decided not to take any action, at least until the end of SDC.

So there you go...the surprise I had planned for you guys smile.gif

oh no.. no more. i thought it will be successful but let's just wait for the SDC to end.
Hello old buddies how r u smile.gif notworthy.gif
i am fine
Hmm.. So the Hazard Blue times is dead?
Excellent - looking forward to seeing what you get up to thumbsup.gif
@eric - will you help reviving HB?
QUOTE (sp0rtskiller03 @ Nov 29 2010, 05:41 PM) *
@eric - will you help reviving HB?

That depends. Does it involve any free beer? whistle.gif

No seriously ... I don't know. We'll be launching the DC very, very soon.
Let me just see how that goes first wink.gif
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