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Full Version: Memory Card Woes
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can anyone tell me why my JAR files wont show in my motorola phone? i tried everythng the FAQs said like renaming .zip to .jar and putting the files in the root folder nd etc. i have a memory card micro sd to b exact. nd using a card reader/writer coz i dont have a p2k cable..when i use my bothers V3X fon and put in memory card mode it works fine..i can see it in my "install new" folder under the Games&Apps.but if i use the card reader/writer it wont show. is the problem my Card Reader??? take note i could transfer mp3s,videos and pics using the card reader and works perfectly.its only the JAR files that i cant seem to figure out. and yes the Jar files are compatible with my C975 handset. thanx to anyone hu replies to this topic.
ok since nobody probably knows i just borrowed my brothers v3x. i intsalled the games now n its ok. thnx for taking the time to read this. im probably going to test another card reader. probably the card reader is the problem.thnx
It sounds a little bit strange. I don’t think the card reader has any problem
because is somehow a way of communication between the pc and the card.
It doesn’t maters what kind of file you are trying to transfer.
You have to copy the file in the specify directory that your mob tries to open it.
If this doesn’t work try to copy the file as .zip and rename it there as .jar
but only when you are using the card reader not on the mob byebye.gif
i finally formated my mc bcoz jar file din del .....
and what is memory card HC
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