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Full Version: Plz Help With My Memory Stick Pro Duo (sony W800i)
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maybe my memory stick did get virus trojan: flashy.exe and here the problems i get with it:

when i connect my cellphone with my PC, i can't now directly access the driver "Removable disk" in My Computer, there's always an error msg appearing everytime i click on it
user posted image

i just can access it when using Explore tool by right click then choose Explore. But i totally don't see the default folders for my cellphone including: DCIM (folder containing picture camera), MP3 (folder containing all file mp3 music) and one more folder containing :theme, video... It's just a white space like this
user posted image

then i find out that i can access those folder by typing exactly each folder name on the address bar. Ex: D:\MP3

so, can anyone here help me this ?. How can i make those folder appearing on the screen as usual?

buddy which co. stick u r using ??? if incase u cant explore the stick better u go to the memory option chhose memoryt stick and use FORMAT .

if its not available then better go to the retailer or service centre for repairing or replacing of stick.

use this stick from a memory card reader and then do it dont try with ur phone. sometimes phone and pc cable connection gives some probs.

thnx ...

incase ur query is not solved feel free to write here again, our team of experts will definitely help u out.
did you try to connect other phones to your computer and the same thing happen with them?????

any way your computer might be the problem..
Windows XP does this thing frequently, it's either the driver of your phone (your computer might not recognize your phone unless you have the right driver for the phone installed on your computer, sometimes it helps if you have your mobile phones utility CD in your CD drive.).

or it might be a permanent problem with your Windows copy, you might fix this if you have the Windows CD available with you. you insert the CD and try upgrading your copy of Windows, If you don't have the Windows CD you might wanna save your self the trouble and take it to a technician and he will for sure fix this in no more that one hour, (speaking from my experience "I'm A computer technician and this wont take a lot of time to fix, if the computer was infront of me!"),

anyway try connecting your phone to other computers and if the problem still show up, then you will know for sure if the problem is in your phone Or in your computer.
please keep us posted, did that work...

I wanna know what happened with you...
coolguy is right..

i have tried the same way..
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