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Full Version: Why Did You Buy Your First Mobile?
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well heres why i bought my first mob smile.gif
i was breeding african cichlids,the most beautiful aquarium fishes(freshwater) in the whole world wow.gif ( some pics ).in that time i had more then 600 youngsters smile.gif .was working in the night club,and before i went to the job,ive feed them well,really well,like all babies should be smile.gif unfortunatelly during the night,one of the pumps(that was giving them fresh air)stoped parents couldnt get hold of me(we had no phone at that night club),so all of my babies died sad.gif
when i came home in the morning,it was the sadest thing ive ever seen in my life..little bodies covering the surface of the water
crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif crybaby.gif
then i decided"Im going to buy me a mobile,no metter how much does it cost!!!" laugh.gif
thats my story.yours? smile.gif
Man that su.ks, it realy does!!!

Well I bought my first mobile when I was like 13 years old it was Ericsson T10....
Myparents bought me a mobile because they worked all days long, so I can keep in touch... Youst in case of emergency that I can call them or when I was going on some thrip... No special reason for buying my first mobile.

My realy first mobile is SE w800, I have bought it by money that I have earned over summer! Now I am thinking of buying a SE W950 !
at first,my dad bought me surprisingly nokia 3310,then i got nokia 3200 cuz i wanted it.when i got bored of it i made a deal with my dad,get good grades and get any mobile u want,i was willing to get nokia 6260 cuz it wasn't as expensive as nokia 6630 at that time.
but dad didn't mind so i got my nokia 6630.
cos all ma mates ad phones n i wanted one 2!!!!
mario prst
my parents bought me sony ericsson t.10 6 years ago,i don't remember why
My dad bought me an Motorola T191 at my birthday , and i lost it one month later sad.gif
My first phone was a pay as you go because it was cheaper than a landline, also so I could keep in touch where ever I went.

Now on contract and would be lost without it.
my brother gifted me my first phone, SE k608i, on my b'day and i jus' loooovvvveee that phone.
Than your brother must love you very much...
When I was a little kid, many, many, many years ago wink.gif , I dreamed to have (something like) a mobile phone. Later, when they appeared and become affordable, I bought a Ericsson 1018. Why? Because I always wish me one.
Um.. -recalls- oh, well when I was in secondary school, everyone seems to have one and I kinda borrowed everyone's phones to play games and whatnot xD And always yap endlessly to my parent about how awesome cellphones are laugh.gif Shortly after, I got one for myself xD
gr8. though i don't know wat xD is
My little brother wanted one and couldn't buy one because he was too young. So I ended up buying one for myself and for him.
laugh.gif real familly shoppin' ain't it?
I'm a scout leader, though I'm not as active as before. But when I used to be (a few years ago) all of my scouts used to call me day and night. And it made my parents mad because the phone wouldn't stop ringing. So, I decided to get a mobile phone so my scouts would reach me whenever they wanted and wherever I was. ^__^ And then I started working and I had patients who needed to contact me, so a mobile was definitely a plus.
I got my first cell phone when I was 17, it was SAGEM, cheap one, but dont remember which model...well I guess I bought to be available 24/7
I bought mine second hand, it was a really old Sagem and it need the battery taped to it so it didn't fall off...

As for why I bought it, I think I bought just because, at the time no-one I knew had one so I wanted one to look "cool", I think that was the same reason I bought a pager. I think someone stole it from me when I left it lying on my chest whilst I slept on a bus....
i bought my first one when i was 17 , when i started college it was a nokia 3210, and y i bought it, becuase where else would i play snake notworthy.gif
I got mine for Christmas. xD
My first is a NOKIA...old time...and atual is a NOKIA too...for me and in Brasil NOKIA is the best tecnoly...Nokia 6265!!
I got my first mobile when I was still at high school. It was a Ericsson, and the purpose is so that my parents can contact me easily. smile.gif
My first one was Siemens C55. I went to France on my own for the first time. I was 15. So my parents made me a present. However it was done just to control me and to make them feel they know where was I and what was I doing at any time..huh =)
my first phone had been a nokia 6610i ...

the second is a samsung sgh z510 ...

the third is a nokia n72 ...

still im using the last two phones i brought ... but not the first lol cuz the first one is a whole load of crap , i got it free from a friend of mine , i was never a mobile phone lunatic but after i used it i totally changed into a mobile phone lunatic and i brought my second one and put away the first carp phone ... i can still find it under my bed lol ...

lucky guy...three gr8 phones.....i'm still using my first- SE k608i
QUOTE(boxieblue @ Apr 18 2007, 04:33 AM)
lucky guy...three gr8 phones.....i'm still using my first- SE k608i

hey that aint such a bad phone my father used to have one of those 10.gif
2 look cool, and it was a NOKIA 5110

user posted image
how old is that model???
QUOTE(boxieblue @ Apr 21 2007, 09:08 PM)
how old is that model???

When i entered into the college , my parents got me the mobile, to have the contact with them, As my college was far from my home.....
Thus my relationship started with Mobiles
I get mine when my dad gave me his old car which was always brooked down stretcher.gif laugh.gif
and because of that I had to call my assistance all the time.
I get rid of them both in three months chair.gif
The phone was Alcatel One Touch Easy and I replace it with Ericsson GH388
The best phone I ever had 10.gif
My first phone was Siemens c25 and I bought it 'cos I wanted to be available all the time.
Well, My first mobile I got was for Job purposes, I had a job at the local cell phone company, "now you think they gave me my first mobile phone", But wrong..

I was a temp, so no actual privileges for me!!..
So I got me a contract line, and got a cheap phone, so I can communicate with my work colleges and friends, then I found a super deal for a Sonny Ericsson phone, that was T310i, I got it for almost 200$, with the company guarantee, so I jumped right at it..

then After five years, I changed my phone as it got a little crazy, pressing buttons I didn't press, So I got the SE W810i, and after some time ...... Here we are.!!!
It was given to me by my Dad so he can communicate with me. SMS at that time are widespread and there are a lot to choose from. Among those many brands and models, I chose Nokia 3350. Although it may be considered cheap and very typical, at least I was not left behind. LOL!
I got given my first phone at Easter (instead of chocolates I might add), it was a Ericsson A1228DI:-
user posted image
I bought a supercheapy clamshell phone from U.S. Cellular, some LG thing. Hated it. Crappy reception, no features, etc.

I got it to talk to my girlfriend in Canada when she was living in Ontario.
My first phone was a Nokia 2100... as I need to make phone calls at that time, so just a simple mobile phone would do...
As my every friend got one,so I got my Nokia 1112 on my birthday.
A practical & dependable basic phone! Covers all my basic communication needs, & the talking alarm clock is a neat feature too! Not recommended for techno freaks or design-conscious types though.
Though looks little ugly. weightlift.gif
Well bcoz i wanted one! I was in ma 8th class when i got it tongue.gif a bit early i kno! It was a awful Ericsson handset don no d model no jus no it was manufctrd in 1998!!!! haha.gif gr8 experience it was!!!
grouphug.gif I got my first phone becasue I was grounded from using it. So to make sure that I could still talk on the phone. I went and got a prepaid Nokia. Everything was well until i got caught with it.

I bought my first phone so I can stay in touch with home when I was not at home
I bought my first mobile because a video included as a gift laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
My first phone was the coke phone that u got if you sent in those coke was a motorola.
i got a ericsson, very old phone

user posted image
the 1st phone i buy is e398.. i like music n no other cell phone that got such a quality sound that time even its not famous as nokia..

but my 1st phone is motorola i dunno wut model it is.. its big,can scare dog even a thief.. around 1999.. my uncle give it to me.. when i took it to jungle for camp,the nokia 3310 got no signal n i jz laughing talking to my fren through it
was forced down my throat by my parents....fell in love with it tho
coze i need a mobile phone
Because there was a VCR as a gift!
cuz i needed a mobilefone to keep in touch wid evry1 smile.gif
at first, i bought my officemate's nokia 3210, coz all of my officemates in our dept. have cellphones, and she bought a new 3310 ... then shifted to 3315 it has a customizable message alert tone, then to 3510 it's polyphonic tones got me to buying this one. then to sony ericsson w550i coz i thought of buying a camera, a radio, and a walkman all in one at an affordable prize lols, then finally i got SE w850i
I bought W850i as the my first mobile. 10.gif
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