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Ringtone Challenge is open to all mobile9 members

Here are the rules to the Ringtone Challenge:

...take time to read them carefully...


1. The ringtone can't be the original song - it has to be mixed, remixed, altered somehow. You can't just crop the song to 30 secs, and post it here for the challenge.
2. Allowed lenght: maximum 30 seconds
3. Ringtone title must follow the line below:
"Your choozen title" - RC Week "XX"
4. One ringtone per member is allowed.
5. Your entry must be new. It shouldn't be released in any other site or at m9 gallery before.


All participants must post parts of the original songs they used for mixing and write full name of the artist and title of the songs. The songs can be in any language, but title have to be translated in english and it has to contain the weekly theme. In case you don't know who is the artist or the name of the song you are suggested to not use it.

You can upload parts of songs you used for your mix on any free file host site, for example:
You can also ATTACH parts of songs in your post (example HERE ) . In that case you dont have to upload them on any other site.
-->Posting parts of the songs you used for mixing should be done before Voting starts.Failure to do so a penalty of 2 points deducted from the total points achieved in voting. Uploading of Sound Effects used in mix is not necessary.
If this requirement is not met, the ringtone is out of the Challenge.

Example how to post your mix (image is not necessary)

Participants should keep saved the data of their mix at your PC of the current RC until the closing of the voting. In case of any serious doubts of the RC managers or of any other participant/member you will be asked to provide the file data. If you don't share the file data, ringtone may be disqualified. Only RC managers have the right to ask to see the file data.


Participants can edit their entries as many times they like during the x week. Entries shouldn't be edited during the voting for any reason.
Ringtones can only be edited only if
- RC managers have told you so (fix the title, add the banner). You can't alter your entry - in this case ringtone will be disqualified.
- If you have asked for permission. Permission should be asked at the thread of the week x (in public) and put a reason. After the (positive) response of the RC managers you will have the right to edit your entry, in any other case ringtone will be disqualified.


- all participants have to add this banner at their entries

just copy this code and paste it to the description

- from RC Week 193 onwards there no restriction on the number of images you are allowed to use BUT the banner should be placed first at the description.
That means no smilies, no text and no other images allowed before the RC banner.


Members that entered a ringtone in the Challenge must write down their pick for the weekly theme.


- when you vote in the Voting booths, your vote won't be visible ... so there is no way for the members to know the current number of votes for each ringtone and who voted for who (this is to prevent cheating).

- Important: please vote for the song on their quality, not because of the author (his rank, reputation, number of forum posts...etc.)... Also, don't be friendly when voting, you can make friends outside the Challenge... If I find out that votes are suspicious (friendly voting), that ringtone will get disqualified... I highly recommend - don't be friends when voting - take time to listen to all the entries, and vote strictly on your own impression (quality, originality, effects...whatever gets to you)... And, you CAN'T vote for yourself.


Upload part of songs u used for mixing on some of free file hosting site.
I'm not advertising any of them below, but host the ringtone to any of them (which will work):

Instead of posting parts on any of this site - you can simply ATTACH them to your post like THIS

If you have participated several weeks at the challenge you can zip all files in a single folder.


- during the "Week N" opening time for the ringtones to enter the Challenge, comments are allowed (but they won't have any effect on the outcome of the voting - also, while voting, disregard the comments, vote only on your perception of the song.


- winners will be announced with the grapical view of all your votes. Voting is secret and all votes are counted by BOTH RC Managers.
- every Gold winning mix is going to be featured


In cases of cheating or rude behaviour of a participant, RC Managers have the right to ban participants from entering the competition for a current number of weeks or won't be allowed to enter the competition again.

Ringtone Challenge schedule:

1. The challenge starts every week at Monday when the theme will be announced.

2. Participants upload their ringtones and post the download link in the "Week N" topics until Sunday 23:00 (GMT).

3. Voting starts at Sunday 23:00 (CET) onward and ends up on Tuesday 23:00 ( CET ).

NOTE: All the participants MUST vote (the votes explained below).
If someone of participants failed to vote - mix wil be disqualified. RC manager needs to remind participants few hours b4 end of the voting if they didnt vote.

Only the participants of the challenge in the "Week N" ,admins and all Certified DJ Badge winners (no matter of participation) are allowed to vote.

*. If a participant knows he won't be able to vote in the specified time, he can send me his votes by the PM function (for those who have more than 200 posts) or send me the votes by e-mail.

4. Tuesday 23:00 (CET) the voting topic is closed, the winners are announced, and the winners trophys are displayed in the "Trophy Room"

- kristina_1986_ @

* Idy E-MAIL
- optumus @

Considering on lots of entries lately RC Management Team have decided to change a bit Rules for voting:

  1. Starting from Week 120: all the mixes in current Week will be split in 2 Groups: Group A and Group B
  2. In Group A will be participants awarded with one the badges (Legendary, Cetified, Gifted)
  3. People from Group A have to vote for the mixes in Group A, and the other way around: People from Group B have to vote for the mixes in Group B.
  4. All Certified and Legendary DJ's who entered HAVE to vote for both Groups.
  5. For how many mixes from the Group participants have to vote will be announced in Voting Booth.
  6. Only participants, Legendary, Certified DJs and admins are allowed to vote. Votes by any other members won't be counted. This is to prevent cheating.

Both Group winners will be awarded with trophies and honors. Trophies will be like this:

All the participants of the weekly challenge MUST vote, failing that, their ringtone will be disqualified.
All the participants of the weekly challenge MUST vote, failing that, their ringtone will be disqualified. All other members can also vote for the ringtones.

Each group need to have at least 8 participants. Otherwise all participants will compete in one group only.

Participants from Group A vote for mixes in Group A.
Participants from Group B vote for mixes in Group B.

Certified/Legendary DJ's and admins vote for both groups.

Every member can only vote once

The voting by "regular participant" counts as below

-1st place = 7 points
-2nd place = 6 points
-3rd place = 5 points
-4th place = 4 points
-5th place = 3 point
-6th place = 2 points

all other mixes gets 1 point each thumbsup.gif

The voting by Certified DJ's and admins counts as below

-1st place = 10 points
-2nd place = 9 points
-3rd place = 8 points
-4th place = 7 points
-5th place = 6 point
-6th place = 5 points

all other mixes gets 1 point each thumbsup.gif

Example of a valid vote:

1: Jim
2: Susan
3: Bill
4: Alex
5: Carrol
6: Mark

Theme - "your chosen theme"

IMPORTANT: The members that enetered their ringtone in the Challenge should specify the theme for the week. Next week's theme will be be picked randomly from all participants.

The votes wont be visible. All counting are supervised by admins, to prevent mistake.
How to vote

The weekly voting is taking place here.
Each week you will get a link at your profile page where to vote.

At the voting thread always check, in which group you are and for how many entries you will have to vote.
Listen to all the entries and then decide which of them you liked the most.

Click on "add reply", type the entries you decided to vote for and add a theme of your choice.

Press on "add reply" to submit your post. You won't be able to see your or anyone else's post. Instead of that you will see this message

That means your post was successful.

If you any doubts whether your votes where posted successfully or not, please ask at the weekly thread or via my profile page.
Updated Voting Points.

Due to the recent fewer participants in RC, the awarded voting points value has changed. From RC Week 385, there will only be 1 group.

All participants will have the same voting point value. The awarded voting points are as follows :

1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 9 points
3rd place = 8 points
4th place = 7 points
5th place = 6 points
. = .
. = .
. = .
9th place = 2 points

Any other mixes get 1 point.

All participants of the weekly challenge MUST vote else their ringtone will be disqualified.

All other voting rules remains the same.

Promotion requirements in Ringtone Challenge.

Three badges namely Gifted, Certified and Legendary are awarded to Worthy participants who meets criterias.

Gifted Badge

25 points are needed to earn Gifted badge OR at least 3 Gold trophies + other trophies.

Certified Badge

50 points are needed to earn Certified badge OR at least 7 Gold trophies + other trophies.

Legendary Badge

100 points are needed to earn Legendary badge OR at least 15 Gold trophies + other trophies.

Points award

Gold trophy earns 5 points, Silver trophy earns 3 points and Bronze trophy earns 1 point. Participation earns 0.2 point.

Having earn the requirement does NOT mean the promotion will be awarded automatically. Rather you will be considered worthy of it.

Other aspects of participant behaviour, mixing skills,..(etc) will be look into. Regular participation is also necessary for promotion.

Finally the management decision is Final and you have to respect it.

With Effect From RC Week 471
All Participants Entering The Competition Will Be Receiving

1 Mobile9 Credit

This Credit Can Be Used To Buy Various Features From The Site


Terms & Conditions

1. Each Participant Is Entitled To Get One Credit For Participating In The Contest.

2. Participants Will Receive Credit Regardless Of Their Victory / Loss.

3. To Receive Credit Participants Must Submit Their Entry & Vote Correctly.

4. If The Participant Is Disqualified For Some Reason / Fails To Vote, Then The Participant Will Not Receive Credit For The Contest.

5. Credit Will Be Given At The Same Time As Contest Achievement.

6. Mobile9 Reserved The Ultimate Decision In The Operation Of Credit Reward.



The Rising DJ's Badge

With Effect From RC Week 501 (31st October 2016)

All New Comers / Participants Entering The Competition Will Be Receiving This Badge


Eligibility & Criteria

1. Participants Must Enter RC On A Regular Basis

2. Participants Must Have At least 25 RC Participations Regardless Of Victory / Loss

3. Participants Holding The Gifted / Certified / Legendary Badges Are Not Eligible To Receive This Badge
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