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Full Version: [n73] My Tattoo
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It would be great if someone can make a theme with a picture of my own tattoo I have on my back/shoulders.

I like it to be a theme in grey colors with black letters, which are very good to be read.

hope someone can make this for me.

Thanks a lot so far.

here are some pictures from it.
i'll try,but since that i might be busy,so it could be probable that i might start working on it after a week.
do u see that acceptable?
I have all the patience in the world.
thanks for your interest

sorry that I reply-ed so late, was very busy myself.

glad to see u again danny smile.gif ,i'll be making your theme as soon as i could,maybe in a near time thumbsup.gif
thanks, I´ll be waiting till you have had the time, and take the time you need.
i will ask u for an embarassing favor(for the theme) .
could u give me the pic of the tattoo when on your shoulder(a snapshot to add it to the goto/pinboard area)
no problem, think you mean the original pic of my tattoo, well this is it
kept u waiting for quiet some time now didn't i?
in that case...
Your theme is ready click here to download.
as it's the new HAZARD BLUE theme request policy i made,here's a gift sig from me smile.gif
user posted image

if want changes in either the theme or the sig,notify me
thanks a lot mate,
I just downloaded it and put it on my N73.

It looks really great.

but for now 2 things,
it´s DANNYPSV3821 in stead of DANNYPVS3821, if you can change that you can leave the 3821 away.

I noticed though that when i'm in the menu the top bar where the Menu name is shown and the battery bar....its blue. Shouldn't be grey or a color to match the rest of the theme?
There r some blue stuff too that really to match the rest of theme. E.g Bluetooth menu.( haven't checked the others), This is the same as with the Tiger theme, remember.

but I´m really proud of what you managed in such a short time
oh no,i swear to god i adjusted the battery and signal indicators,what's wrong with this editor?anyways i'll fix the problem right away smile.gif
I mean, when I´m in the menu, the top bars are blue, the batterij indicator is black.

that is what I ment, The colors are blue when in menu.

I added some screenshots to make you see what I mean
and this
and this
this also
I also nothest that the color of the text in the agenda is white, when you want to put something in it, you can´t see what you are typing. only when you say ready en view it then
here's the link,try it now:
can´t download it, it says error.
thanks for telling me,try it now:
hey danny,it's here.i did post u a shout @ your homesite telling u this.
tatto theme wow. but where is the link?
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