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Full Version: Show Who You Are!
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Ok these are the significant questions:

Your Name and age?
Where do you come from?
How did you come to mobile9?
What are you doing here?
What would you like to tell the world?

It would be very nice if all of you would post a Photo of yourself. thumbsup.gif
You have no Photo? dry.gif Ok you may post too!
If you want to tell some more about you - just do it! clap.gif
Your Name and age?
Tiziana, 23 yo

Where do you come from?
South Germany

How did you come to mobile9?
A long time ago I started to download and contribute Themes on an other site. One day I got an email from chihiro85.

Unfortunately the User doesn't exsist anymore. I'd like to thank him for showing me M9.

What are you doing here?
I mainly contribute Themes and Wallpapers. I always try to improve myself.

What would you like to tell the world?
What comes around, goes around.

And here is a pic:
LOL, this is really a rip off.

At any rate, gr8 job!
- Peter, 17 years

- Cairo, Egypt

- Came to to know M9 through a random web surf session. I just got my nokia 6600, now stolen, and wanted to pimp it up.

- Trying to improve and put to use my graphical skills here on M9. Also trying to make other members' lives easier.

- Civilization had a brand, it was made in Egypt.
(I don't have nothing to say on a worldwide scale.)

Well i think everyone knows most of that, e.g. my name, location, picture and age can be found on my homesite and even with a quick google search (which is pretty scary).

How did i come to m9- i was introduced by expert back in my theming days. Why i'm here? Good question i should be doing my business coursework!
really vin, how old are you now? blink.gif it says 1989 in your profile.. lol sorry i'm just confused..
vince - i didn't know you were in the general elite group?
The Thread is called "Show Who You Are!, Elitans and other M9ers".
Wouldn't it be better if it was opened in the Lounge then, also I do think we already have a few threads like this. Too many similar threads will lead to confusion and repetition.
Ok than rename it in "Show Who You Are! Elitans only!"

From Wales (It has an amazing countrside happy.gif)

I came to mobile9 looking for themes

What am I doing here? Don't know! Nothing better to do

I would like to tell the world that everyone has photograpic memory...

.....just some don't have film happy.gif tongue.gif

i'm carol.. (sounds like kerohl blink.gif )

from philippines clap.gif

i was looking for funky themes for my nokia phone back then, then found myself stepping on m9 land..

i'm contributing themes, some wallpapers and logos..

i don't have anything to say to the world i guess.. blink.gif coz i don't think it would listen to me.. ohmy.gif
does that make me an elitian?
no, not automatic, but if you want... devil2.gif rolleyes.gif
Go on azure betray them!
Name:-Mohammed Intekhab khan
Location :-india>MP>UJJAIN


hobby:-Graphic desighn

member of elte group

email mohammed_intekhab<email snipped>
mohammed_intekhab<email snipped>.com


Tool use :-Adobe photoshop CS3
Paintshop pro

mobile <telephone number snipped>
WOW wow.gif I didn't expect that much information! clap.gif
But your email got snipped.
Do remeber the forum rules!
oh.. we got a programmer here..happy.gif and he's using cs3! wow.gif
QUOTE(adonisdemon @ Feb 9 2007, 06:32 PM)
Do remeber the forum rules!

please accept my appology notworthy.gif
Hi byebye.gif

Sanela, 27

Croatia, Zagreb

friend beg me to find him some themes for his SE, google...and here I'm

themes for SE

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles.
Charlie Chaplin
name: Bny Castro
age: 27
location: San Juan, MM, Philippines
came to m9 when I started theming [2004] found it via google. I used to upload to m9, opera, symb themes and z3dg3. Now I upload only to m9.
I'm GE's active outsider and am a member of Masters of Sound [MoS].
I like Star Wars, Trance, Cigarettes and Windows Mobile Devices.
Why noone is posting a picture?
Ok for bnycastro it's unnessacery. rolleyes.gif
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