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So i was wondering, everyone in my country (Croatia) is telling me that our network providers are ripping us off. That they are too expencive. What I wanted to know is your opinion or are the prices in your country also too expencive????
Price list in Croatia: (price in Euro)

Establishing call 3 cent

Minute of call 14 cent ( when calling on same network, otherwise 20 cent)

SMS 5 cent

MMS 67 cent to 94 cent depends on size

And tons of other expenses, called "hidden".

Roaming is another story the cheapest is round 1,35 euro/min to 3,37 euro/min( this is something like US, but china and asian countries are even more expencive).

Well, i remember in Portugal i used to pay for 2 sms 1 euro cent... Yeah, but that was a Vodafone promotion, if people would buy a Sim Card in that certain day, you would have that promotion as long as you use that card...
About calls im not sure but i know that out of Optimus, TMN and Vodafone, Vodafone is the best and their stuff is really cool.

Now that i came to Australia i had to forget about the card... now probably the promotion is over...


Thanks, for reply. In Croatia we have few networks, and one called VIP, wich is in Vodafone group, but they do not show as much cheaper...
Thanks again... thumbsup.gif
i live in the US i have MetroPCS and i i pay $48 a month for my phone

Hey dude, that whould be round....250 kunas, wich is not to small amount, but is this the price for everything you make, does it depends on how much you speak & send sms, or not? byebye.gif
I have cingular (soon to be AT&T) in the US. I get 450 rollover min a month (i have 1400 build up over the past year) 5000 nights (9pm-6am.) and weekends. $39/month plus 200 messages (text, mms, picture, sound, ect.), unlimited network access ( not sure if it includes 3g network as I don't live in a city with that speed, just EDGE) and some cheap cingular video service all for $20 extra a month. After taxes and fees i end up $63.84 a month. So just over $750 a year.

PS. My min count down if I call or I receive a call. Not like in the UK
mario prst
QUOTE(luisleal @ Feb 10 2007, 04:14 PM)
Well, i remember in Portugal i used to pay for 2 sms 1 euro cent... Yeah, but that was a Vodafone
2 sms for 1 cent.then they are ripping us of in croatia.i use vip (1 member of vodafone grup).1 sms for 4-5 cent

Yes they are I have VIP, T-mobile(Ihate this name, was better CRONET) and 0,44 kunas for one sms!?!? Oh, yea I all most forgot....on VIP they have a option if you are prepaid andadd EXTRA 30 kunas(4,4 euro) by month, you can send sms for 1,3 cent????

Our networks are way to expencive..... surrender.gif
guys local calls 30P/minute = 2/3rd of 1cent/ minute

sms = .5 cent

this is wat i have taken as my mobile plan
i get unlimited everything in my plan by metro pcs unlimited text, pictures, video, internet, local, long distance(usa only) caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, all for one low monthly payment of $50 a month plus taxes
I am on MTN(south Africa i currently pay R 285.00 (EUR 30) per month i get 120 anytime minutes:
extras cost as follows:

Call Rates Peak Off-Peak
MTN to MTN R 1.65 (Eur 0.18) R 0.90(Eur 0.10)
MTN to Telkom R 1.65 (Eur 0.18) R 0.95(Eur 0.11)
MTN to Other R 2.35(Eur 0.25) R 1.15(Eur 0.12)
all above per minute
telkom is our only land line service provider

Video Call rates R2.00 (Eur 0.21)
all above per minute

Messaging Rates
Local SMS R 0.75 (Eur 0.08)
International SMS R 1.60 (Eur 0.17)

GPRS, 3g (HSDPA Etc)
R2.00(Eur 0.21) per Megabyte

in virgin in the uk it is 30p abou 45 cent per MMS. It rules!!!
I live in the U.S. and I'm on a T-Mobile family plan with my mom. we have 700 minutes to share and unlimited in-network, unlimited nights to any network, and unlimited any network weekends. we pay $59.99 a month.
Texts are i think 10 cents each
I use Vodafone here in Greece and I pay 19 Euros per month and I have 1 hour free calls.
SMS 0,11 Euro
Roaming SMS 0,29-0,35 Euro (it depends from Network and Country)
Roaming calls 0,28-7,20 Euro per minute (it depends from Network and Country)
MMS 0,46 Euro
3G calls 0,71 per minute
Roaming 3G calls 2,14 per minute
Aatlantos you have expensive SMS, the best thing I heard is what Skit said, 50 $ + tax and unlimited everything....
QUOTE(ssivic @ May 22 2007, 12:01 PM)
Atlantos you have expensive SMS, the best thing I heard is what Skit said, 50 $ + tax and unlimited everything....

Yep! it's cheaper to make a call than senting SMS laugh.gif I don't use it that often anyway tongue.gif

ps: Atalantos not Atlantos. Not big deal, just mention it thumbsup.gif
Oh, soory...laugh.gif
Here in Germany, in a contract its 9,98 Euro per month and then:

SMS 20 cents

MMS 39 cents

Call to own provider ~ 29-34 cents
Call to other providers ~ 39 - 59 cents

But here you can also add many options like home options, weekend options, SMS options so you can arrange your contract the best for you.

Only Vodafone became ridiculously expensive when you want a good phone to your contract.
Here in aus WOAH so expensive its crazy

SMS: 25c
MMS: 55-75c
Call rates on most $49 Cap plans = 40cents per 30seconds

its quite expensive as you can see, however it all depends on your provider
our country has the lowest rates for mobiles my operator
allows intranetwork calls at 19 p /min and 59 p for other calls its really cheap 10.gif clap.gif
i live in malaysia.. i only use 2 operator celcom and digi and i think its the cheaper in the country..

digi,the sms 1 cent with fren n family but free if u subscribe to powerpack plan and call 15 cent per minute if fnf also and 7 cent per sms within network.. to other operator,sms 15 cent per sms and call its average 30-35 cent per minute coz its will automatically reduce the cost

celcom,the sms r not the same all the time.. from 6am to 5.59pm it cost 10 cent per sms,from 6pm to 11.59pm it cost 20 cent per sms and from 12am to 5.59am it cost 1 cent per sms within network and calling also all the same.. its cost 1 cent per sms and 15 cent per sms if the no is in fnf plan and to other operator,it cost 20 cent per sms all the time and calling 30 cent per minute.. but no to maxis.. its expensive
friends what ever u say but comapre to all communications in india is very economical
operators like reliance,airtel and idea give the most economical rates
it is cheaper than a post card over here to talk on phone
even free for some plans
i am proud to be an INDIA
10.gif for our telecom operators
In my country (Indonesia) there is 2 type operator, CDMA & GSM
I think CDMA operator is the cheapest both for sms or call BUT it's not coverage my large country, example if u use 'ESIA' -> one of CDMA provider u can call a minute for just 0.001 USD (xry if i use USD kurs).... BUT only for same operator, it's ok
ESIA is the biggest CDMA operator in Indonesia

For GSM operator, i think the best is XL, the price was 0,1 IDR or 0,0095 USD/minute BUT that price after 120 s call at same operator (at 2 minute first the price was 0,002 USD / s .. or if u call at 11 pm to 11 am u can call UNLIMITED for just 0.06 USD

Well.. in Indonesia, the Operator price was confusing bcoz lot of 'trap price' in here
In Pakistan call rates are so cheap and SMS are nearly FREEEEEEEE !
So I would be free to say, that Europe is the most expensive. The countries with much bigger market like India, have much more cheaper prices, probably because they have a lot more costumers, and they would loose them if the prices would be higher...
QUOTE(ssivic @ Feb 25 2007, 10:51 AM)
Hey dude, that whould be round....250 kunas, wich is not to small amount, but is this the price for everything you make, does it depends on how much you speak & send sms, or not? byebye.gif

now its $40 US dollars a month. unlimited local and long distance calling, caller id, voicemail, 3 way calling, and unlimited SMS!
I'm with T-Mobile, plan costs me $90 US per month, thats for 2 phones on my plan.
Very cheap here in India--10 paise/sms,50 paise per local call, 1 rupee per std and nominal monthly charges thumbsup.gif smile.gif

I am from the United Kingdom and I am currently on a network called O2.

Texts - £0.10 ( Depending on prive plan.
Phone calls - Depends on what network you are calling and at what time.
Minimum topup - £10
They do various deals like if you topup £10 per month and spend that £10 you got 300 free sms but you have to spend them within that month.

Thank You

i am living in most expensive country.everything is expensive in here mobile,gas,food,car etc. evrything...
its turkey surrender.gif
our network is UFONE which is much expensive.
i know this is a pretty old topic, but thought i'd tell u that in Mumbai, India, the normal rates for sms are Re.1 per SMS (Re. 1 = approx. 2 US cents).
i pay Re.1/min for calls to same network, and Rs.1.69 for calls to other networks. but these prices vary a lot....there are tonnes of service providers each with tonnes of different schemes....

i have heard that India is very cheap compared to the US... unsure.gif
You can freely say compared to Europe...Coz I pay a lot more for sms, and calls...sad.gif
I am in Iran and I have expensive net work with hard filtering wallbash.gif locked.gif wacko.gif dots.gif
Here in Finland regular fee is for calls 0,069€/min and for text messages 0,069/€ and 0,69€/month... these are the lowest prices that basically every service provider has here.
Our Network ZONG is Very Much Economical....

Here, we are deducted PKR.3 for a day and given 500 SMSs for the day....
also we are charged just Rs.15 per HOUR for internet/GPRS....

Isnt it quite economical.....??? clap.gif clap.gif
Seems like you guys have very cheap network, if you compare it to Europe! surrender.gif
i use 3 but i dont know the exact rates.
our network, sometimes it suck.
all networks have its problem. Mine gives me trouble and it costs a lot. But now they god pretty good competition, so they will be forced to make their prices a bit more affordable.
yeah i think so since in my college i am permitted for full access1!!!!!
Ours one is the BEST.....
it all depends on Currency rates in. if it depends on currency rates then the cheapest network in the world will be in afghanistan. if there is a network.
I agree
I use airtel
its cheap but so horribly poor in service tongue.gif
I also use Airtel
it's cheap and best
yea airtel is best even here at West Bengal India
i used three operator from so much operator in my country. so the average of the cost is

for same operator
Call : IDR 700
Text Message : IDR 100

for Different Operator
Call : IDR 1.000
Text Message : IDR 300

And For all
GPRS : IDR 1 for each Kb
walkman.gif serenade.gifnopity.gifwhistle.gif
not that cheap
but is is not very expensive
as a user i d prefer much cheaper...
I also use Airtel
it's cheap and best
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