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Hi! byebye.gif

This is my theme for SE W850/K790/K800


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

This is a tribute to ~ca-pris link cause the hole theme was made with her brushes and textures notworthy.gif



user posted image

user posted image

it contains Ring signal

Yours comment and suggestion is more then wellcome! clap.gif
user posted image Welcome!

The FairyLand theme of yours is very nice indeed. Keep this up! thumbsup.gif
QUOTE(ArthurWill @ Jan 29 2007, 11:05 AM)
user posted image  Welcome!

The FairyLand theme of yours is very nice indeed. Keep this up! thumbsup.gif

clap.gif Thank you!
Hey Dina, All is allready said by me in the TMC smile.gif
... only I can add that u r Promissing very much, as I can say smile.gif
Well show talent is Visible! Keep it Up like That, and more will be Comming...
QUOTE(jdjMadDog @ Jan 29 2007, 11:09 AM)
Hey Dina, All is allready said by me in the TMC smile.gif
... only I can add that u r Promissing very much, as I can say smile.gif
Well show talent is Visible! Keep it Up like That, and more will be Comming...

Hi! you make me blush wub.gif !

You are very talented, dina... very nice work on both themes... keep it up... thumbsup.gif
Great work on both your themes clap.gif clap.gif byebye.gif
very promissing!

@All Tnx everyone for welcoming and comments ! That makes me very happy clap.gif !

Joker its made for Week 131 topic: " Movie Villain " but I wasn't satisfied so I didn't enter, and this week I make some changes... it contents voice over of Jack Nicholson as Joker in movie Batman:"Tell me something, my friend... Ya ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" as ring signal.
looks great clap.gif the only thing I can find is that the purple text on the softs in joker is a bit irritating IMO... but other then that, great thumbsup.gif
great themer talent in here ... just go for it wink.gif
@thomas_sweden tnx, I'm glad that you like my theme,and your suggestion is most appreciated byebye.gif

@storm016 tnx, It means a lot to me, hearing it from you! notworthy.gif
sorry to not pass by yet dina!

can only repeat the others...

But I can add...
Yours themes shows a very high quality work 10.gif thumbsup.gif

ps. by the way, fantastic result for a First TMC Entry !
Congrats !
@zjurina anytime you pass you are more than wellcome notworthy.gif
Thank you very much for kind words! cheers.gif
good start dian keep it up smile.gif
Nice work indeed! thumbsup.gif
You will do very well in TMC if you keep this up!

thank you so much!

Sorry for the late reply byebye.gif

Sorry for late come, you will find out that I'm always late sad.gif.

I like your both themes, Joker more smile.gif. I agree with ts about highs color text. If you change that light gray on highs with some darker, you can put color you used for titles and it would be perfect.

You are very talented themer, I know that there will be lots of great stuff thumbsup.gif clap.gif
@Sedma notworthy.gif

Tnx for the help, I believe when I have some time, I will make Joker volume2! thumbsup.gif
Great themes you got here Dina clap.gif
You're very talented and a very promissing themer, indeed!
Keep it up! smile.gif

thank you notworthy.gif
Thank you very much
My entry for Week 152 – Valentine :

Ring signal, " All You Need Is Love" by Lynden David Hall from movie Love Actually.

user posted image

user posted image user posted image
Very nice and creative, dina... thumbsup.gif ... few things tho... highlighted text seems to be too strong, and menu text to weak IMO... also the drawing in the input 2 looks great, but it might interefe with the text in certain situations, at least it's like that on my k750... byebye.gif
Dina, this one is fantastic thumbsup.gif. You really did a great job. But you made a same mistake as I did with my Hallowen theme. I also did everything in red color sad.gif. I really like everything in your theme, backgrounds, bars, details, but if you put some other color for text, it would be perfect.
I told you, this thread will be full of wonderful themes clap.gif
Tnx girls! Is this looks better?Sorry for the crappy preview but I'm at work sad.gif

user posted image
Thanks for your visit in my thread... you have italian nickname... smile.gif
Highlighted text looks much better now, dina... thumbsup.gif... but maybe you can match it up with title and softkeys colour, too... As for the menu text, I was actually thinking that you should have brightened up the first version... surrender.gif
Improving... thats the Principal ! thumbsup.gif

You ve made already some very good themes... keeep it up ! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
I loved your valentine theme ... great work thumbsup.gif
You worked very well on your theme Dina but the outcome isn't the best imo. What I mean ? there is no contrast at all and you tried to do it with your text.
There were two ways to make that theme look perfect. Either you leave your backs as they are and you make your bars black/dark grey or you make your wall dark grey (so the black lines of bricks are visible) and leave your bars as they are. After that you would play much better with your text that could be other colours than red too smile.gif
Still it's a very nice theme smile.gif Keep it on you can be a great themer thumbsup.gif
Really nice themes dina great effort notworthy.gif ... ahh nice comments by Jasna, Sedma and Tina smile.gif read them, these ladies are the best wink.gif
Sorry for the late replay, I have some problems whit my computer ( attack of the deadly virus mad.gif ) tnx for taking time and helping me to improve my theme, much wub.gif

@RTP I will try your suggestion,thumbsup.gif

@storm016 thank you! I know that I'm far, far away from rest of you guys, but hey I'm trying showoff.gif

@el_yemo tnx for kind words, you make me very happy! cheers.gif

@zjurina be careful, you playing with my heart wink.gif

@farfallinanera I have great opinion of Italy. Last summer I been at the wedding of my friend in Bologna, and next day instead getting back in Croatia we just head of for Rome! Came at 7pm and stay till midnight. Its inserting that Rome is live in the middle of the night like its day. Wonderful experience, no sleep and we drive all day to get back home (I work next day) but its worth it! thumbsup.gif
What can I say
nice themes dina_ look foreword to see your next in tmc
nice fairyland theme... keep up the good work..

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gr8 work dina! clap.gif clap.gif
more themes plz 10.gif 10.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
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