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Full Version: Trance Ring Tones
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Hi Everyone,
I uploaded my first Trance mp3 ring tone.
it's "Yahel - For The People"
77 people download it already in the first 48 hours
wow that is cool clap.gif
thanks guys notworthy.gif
I hope you like it.
But no one rate it or anything unsure.gif
i would really apprciate giveme comment, rate it or put it in your fav.
and rate it is very important to me really to know what people like and what they dislike
any rate 1.gif 10.gif anything LOL
(any rate would be highly appreciated)
I will upload new one today soon wink.gif weightlift.gif

Thanks to all of you grouphug.gif

Hi dangerfox, welcome to mobile9. thumbs_up.gif

A link to the ringtone would be great. thumbsup.gif
Hey Anthomeyer,
thanks for tyour comment man.
i dont know which link should i post.

To download this file directly to your mobile phone from WAP, enter 72960 @

here is the two links i found and i think one of them is the correct one.

Hey dangerfox_1,

First of all Welcome to the Mobile9 Website, there's really interesting tings to see around the website.
Glad to know that you're uploading some ringtones and i hope you keep on with the good work...
Dont be amazed with the number of the downloads you got in 48 hours... when you less expect you'll have thousands if the ringtone is really good...So far seems really good.
If you need some help just let me know and i'll help you if i can.


Welcome to mobile 9 smile.gif

Tone's good, looking forward to seeing some more smile.gif.
Thank you guys so much
I just uploaded my 2nd ring tone this orning.
I hope admins will post it.
if i need any i will contact you.
thanks again

Guys Help me please.
I got four ring tones rejeected by admins and just one approved so far.
can anyone tell me why?
it's size or long or what?
Possible Reasons thumbsup.gif

As you make them yourself probably either over 28 seconds or too big with file size?

If you think they fall within it post a link to one of the rejected ones here (should find links here) and i'll have a look
okay bro thanks
i will look and check them first then i will get back to you
thanks again a lot
my 2nd ringtone is there.
i made this one new.
Hope you uplode manymany more ringtones there is newer too muts trance ringtones

Maybe i should`n advertise my own ringtone but i do it anyway because most of them is trance as well.
My ringtones
QUOTE (vinnieza @ Jan 25 2007, 09:00 AM) *
Welcome to mobile 9 smile.gif

Tone's good, looking forward to seeing some more smile.gif.

Hi smile.gif
how are you? i hope everything is going fine with you.

I need your help please.
I had this account on 2007 but for some reasons i lost my log-in details.
I just found a note which my log-in details was included, So i logged in.
But i have a question... the ring tones which i have uploaded them before, are they still here or was deleted ?
there are some changes in the site, so i can't find the option where i can search for them or to open my uploads...

Can you help me please?

are they still here or not? and if they are still here where can i find them.

Thank you so much

Dangerfox smile.gif
There are 3 tunes in ur account to see them just click Here

And u can also see them if u scrolled Down on ur Homesite

Hope that this is what u r looking for smile.gif
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