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Full Version: Bishop Bacon's Se Sins
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Psst... Yes, I transgressed again and did a SE theme. user posted image
Whew, 128x160 is *so* small. I don't know if I will "sin" more often in the near future, but I thought this theme would be misplaced in my Nok thread and so I opened this one. The theme is a request and shows a korean boy group named "Dong Ban Shin Ki" ("Rising Gods of the East" if I understood that correctly). Actually I hadn't ever heard about those boys before but it was great fun theming them.

user posted image
wow nice theme mate dry.gif get back to nokia thread now tongue.gif
Wow. Can't believe it is the first time you theme SE. Very professional. Hope you will get more orders from SE clients.
Hi shoutout, thanks, I promise, I'll jump back right now wink.gif

Hello, hungnc, nice to see you stopping by :-)
Glad, you like this one. Actually, this is not the first time I themed SE. From time, to time, I experiment with different SE layouts but I'm still not satisfied enough with them and only could convince myself to upload two SE themes till now. Usually, I do Nokia themes, so I already had some theming experience in the back I could incorporate in this SE draft.
Nokia or SE themes, you are the great themer, BB... notworthy.gif
come over to the light side of themeing, SE! look at the bad people who lives in the nokia thread: shoutout for example laugh.gif theme looks fab clap.gif
umm think i should move thomas post to the bin tongue.gif you se themers dont need any more themers well not or nokia themers anyway Thomas back away from the Bishop rifle.gif back away now
Nice work, Bishop, I like it wow.gif
You are really all round themer clapping.gif. You can theme for SE small or big screen, Nokia... what is next?. You can theme in technic style, romantic, elegant. Fantastic. It's really a hard work to make good looking theme with so small screen. You did a fantastic job notworthy.gif, you made theme which looks fab and beside that is functional too notworthy.gif
First SE theme?!!! But watch out for Shoutout, he may think you are a traitor to nokia... I have heard tha Irishmen and Scotsmen are brutal fighters when it comes to traitory. UH oh!
clapping.gif nice to see your SE works in this thread, and yes this is not your first theme... but I agree with shoutout, nokia doesn't have the amount of themers that SE has, so it's good to have you theming on both smile.gif I've tried nokia but lol a lot different from SE tongue.gif

Keep on theming girl you're always doing nice themes thumbsup.gif
Hello M9ers, I hope you're all fine smile.gif

bj1605, shoutout and thomas_sweden:
user posted image Thanks for commenting in my thread and not least bringing the fun in here. (In the end, "it's not religions, it's just manufacturers" as I always say.) user posted image

davis_art ,jasnasto and el_yemo:
Thank you very much, much appreciated. smile.gif

Let me think... uhm... there are still some Nok models which have a 352x416 screen resolution, but somehow, I'm scared of them... user posted image wink.gif I'm really happy that you like my hitherto work. Then again, talking about small screens, I'm always anew surprised what you're squeezing out of the loveable small K300. user posted image
smile.gif very fine details on that small screen ... thumbsup.gif
I agree, I don't think it matters what you theme, it will always look great! Very neatly sinned! thumbsup.gif
Great sin BB clap.gif clap.gif
I believe that you're one of the best themers and a very talented person so I hope to see more often SE sins from you notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
So this is what happens when you're a Nokia themer and eat to much "Daim": you get intoxicated by the sugar in it, pass out and when you wake up the next day you notice that you've created an SE theme in your delirium. Oh, the shame!

Nevertheless, enjoy: Download.
I used some self-made Photoshop sketching templates to create it which I refined afterwards to share them with you: Info and Download.
Have a good day! smile.gif

congrats BB for opening ur own Se thread clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif and ur theme looks amazing thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
Ok where is Bishop Bacon and what have you done with Her tongue.gif .........Congrats on your own SE thread, and what a fantastic theme, hope to see many more from you, clap.gif clapping.gif
Pssst... in fact, this thread is ancient, I just dedusted it. wink.gif
findgirl: Big thanks smile.gif
anuj: Heehee, I'm still here, the sugar-shock is over now. Thank you. smile.gif
What a great surprise, awesome theme BB, i really like it wub.gif
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