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Let me introduce my thread. I hope you find here something good...
One of my first themes, World Of Warcraft, for T630.
Unfortunatelly, nothing more saved from this time.
user posted image
Next - Red&Black themes pack. I've make them for my wife. Four themes in one style,
they have same red-black colours, and same elements, but they're a little different (i think so smile.gif ).
One of them already uploaded on m9.
Others will be later, probably...

user posted image
I love flight simulators, and my favourite game - IL-2 Sturmovik.
And this - a favourite and big part of my themes smile.gif

IL-2 Sturmovik themes pack. Maked by requests of other russian fans.
It's a simple clones (only standby-desktop-back are different).
But soooo beautiful pics smile.gif

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

And my pride - triggers on softkeys smile.gif

user posted image

One of them uploaded on m9 (I've just remove russian title from picture).
A little more of IL-2 smile.gif
Themes dedicated to IL-2 online servers and virtual squads.
A little lazy to describe, just screens below:
Virtual squad 2GvShAD
user posted image

And online server G1

user posted image

user posted image

I think enough for the first time. Waiting for your opinions notworthy.gif
Great collection... clapping.gif

I love G1-theme... wow.gif
i agree, great collection
nice themes clap.gif but you might be able to theme other things than that flying simulator wink.gif
Really good themes... Well balanced and good colours used
Agree with others that your themes are very nice. thumbsup.gif
High quality themes in here, good work thumbsup.gif
great themes
Great work thumbsup.gif
@mrklan, Patrick_Lippe, thomas_sweden, bj1605, ArthurWill, adonisdemon, shoutout, rikard_sweden
Thanks guys! Glad you like my work. I'll post more my themes tomorrow (that's not the end whistle.gif )

You're certainly right. I have no good purpose for theming, and I did what liked more than others (WOW, DUDE, THESE PLANES SOOO KEWWWWL!!! wow.gif ). I hope, maybe TMC will give me such purpose, who knows? I'll try wink.gif

Thanks to all, one more time byebye.gif
@Davis, your themes packs are fantastic. Glad to see a new russian blood at m9 smile.gif
wow nice themes!!!

can you theme for an F22 raptor? w550i version
Very nice colection davis-art... clap.gif
Great work, mate! thumbsup.gif Looking forward to seeing you in TMC!
nice work dude they are spot on clap.gif
@jasna, @dr_megabyte
Thanks for your attention, your opinion is very important to me notworthy.gif

Thank you so much! notworthy.gif

I'm always glad to meet russians on the foreign sites, especially here clap.gif
Thanks for a good words!

Thank you too. F-22 - kewl plane, i will try to make something smile.gif
BTW, w550's and k750's themes are the same things, isn't?
There is my next publishing smile.gif
DOH! I forgot last time to post preview for Red & Black series wallbash.gif
There is the one

user posted image

And this two themes i'm already upload on m9. But anyway...

Gone In 60 Seconds

user posted image

user posted image

Need For Speed Carbon (surely not best my work yucky.gif )

user posted image

Aaaaaaaand... guess who?.. IL-2 Sturmovik again!

ADW IL-2 Online Server Red & Blue Themes

user posted image

That's all my themes for now... byebye.gif

P.S. Arrrgh! A little bug in last preview, noticed it too late. Magic wand is so dangerous thing smile.gif Have no time now, I will re-upload this preview later...
great themes mate
looks good thumbsup.gif
I just love your style of theming! One thing you could consider is reducing the height of your highlights by a couple of pixels on top and bottom.
Really nice clapping.gif thumbsup.gif work on here 10.gif

- most like the ideas in "online server G1"

- really nice work in the last "Red and Black"

(just be carefull with the sliders there - could be better
if they would be in the same shape...
-mind that pink do not fit with other colours, imo...)
Very good begining. byebye.gif

OMG, my computer was crashed! Fortunatelly, I've rescue all my info notworthy.gif

@vswindtalker, zjurina, dr_megabyte, thomas_sweden, shoutout
Thank you all, i'm happy wow.gif

Yeah, i know about highlights. Just sometimes I'm carried away and simply forgot about that smile.gif

Perhaps you're right about pink. But anyway it was just a probe. I still need more practice, next time will be use colours more wisely (or yet not, who knows smile.gif )
BTW, perhaps i don't completely understand - what do you talking about sliders? It's... ah, nooooo wallbash.gif You're certainly right, i noticed that only for now. Thanks for remark, will be more attentive smile.gif
great work!
I love the red and black series! And the German vs Russian is cleverly presented with the preview. Nice one mate.
Thanks, bj, Patrick, glad you like it smile.gif
I will be a bit busy this week, I drawing a logo for some web project. But have an interesting idea for a theme. If time will be enough, I will make it...
Davis-Art Awesome Collection of Themes, Fantastic and Unique Style u got!!! thumbsup.gif 10.gif
YAP they have the same screen size and pixels

so, how's the F22 raptor theme going?
byebye.gif hy devias high quality theme and nice way of presentation
@MadDog, Mohammed
Thank you guys, glad you like my themes notworthy.gif

Yup, i'm not forgot for F-22. Just have no time for now. Tomorrow is deadline for my project, and I'll return to thememaking stretcher.gif
I've only just glanced at them and I am well impressed.
Very talented work and novel use of subjects.
More! Bring it on. 10.gif
Thank you, pdownes smile.gif
Just wait a few days - i have some problems now, no time for theming...
user posted image
hey congrats for the poduim!!!! clapping.gif clapping.gif
Congrats Davis clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

glad you get your first Pod ! 10.gif
Thanks, El_yemo!

Thank you very much, Zj! I'm very sorry that you did not get on a podium, your theme deserves it, really! Best wishes and good luck next TMC!
Would be nice to see your TMC entries in here, too... they look very good indeed... thumbsup.gif
Of course, Jasna!
Just last week don't have enough time to post themes in this thread. But now...

Well, my TMC 147 entry. Like Doc said, this is not my style, i agree with that smile.gif

user posted image

Aaaaaand... my first "bronze" entry, TMC 148. I like Herby before, but now i like him twice smile.gif

user posted image

user posted image

That's all.
Perhaps I wil not participate in the next TMC, not enough time on this week.
But i have some unfinished themes. When i done, i'll show you.
Hi Davis, congrats for the first podium. In fact your theme was designed how I like a theme to be. I wish you will continue on with TMC and win some silver and gold too. byebye.gif
Thank you so much, Vswindtalker! This is not last TMC entry by me, i promise smile.gif But maybe i will skip this week, too many problems on my work. Or maybe not, time is not over yet wink.gif
Congrats mate!! Great theme....Great themer
Hey Davis, congtrats of your first pod! you doing it in the 2nd time your participate! Great result!
Good luck with your works!
great themes mate hope to see you in tmc next week your theme are a1 can see you put the time in to make them keep them coming
@bj1605 - Thanks, Bj! Good luck and inspiration to you on TMC!

@Lionet - Thank you! Really, I didn't expected this on the second week of participating smile.gif
And my congrats to you, Lionet! I heard, you are WildCat now. Now I see - "russkie ne sdayutsa" weightlift.gif laugh.gif

@Shout - Gee, thanks wow.gif Best wishes to you, Shout, and I necessarily will participate in next TMC, I promise (but now I need some vacation stretcher.gif ) laugh.gif
QUOTE(davis-art @ Jan 19 2007, 01:22 AM)
Now I see - "russkie ne sdayutsa"  weightlift.gif laugh.gif[right][snapback]275661[/snapback][/right]

of course, never smile.gif surrender.gif
Congrats on the podium Davis clap.gif clap.gif
You really deserved it with that theme notworthy.gif
ccongratulations ... for the podium .. and great themes ... hope to see more
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