If your ringtones were rejected (disappear off your validation queue) they were most likely rejected for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Copyright issues (Big artists like Eminem have rights to their music).
b) If it's in the charts it will be rejected: www.theofficialcharts.com/top40_singles.php
2. Ringtones have to be ringtone length (28 secs or less). A lot of phones do not play longer than 30 seconds anyway. Also, phones don't have unlimited memory, please make sure the ringtones are of reasonable size.
3. Ringtone is already in the gallery
4. Poor quality- this includes how loud they are i.e. very, very, quiet ringtones will be rejected.
5. Title of the upload is very ambiguous. For ex: song, mp3, funny
6. Unsuitable content- mobile9 no longer accepts adult content. Please upload clean files only