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Just staritin out on the themes guys n lovin every minute of them this is one of my first one what do you think. Any tips from the pros.
Sorry i forgot to say they are for the sony ericsson k800i
cheers heres some more my xbox 360 theme.
and my england theme i know you might think its borin but i think its usable and simple.
try to concentrate more on functionality, some of the screens have visibility issues.

good effort still!
nice start smile.gif i agree with adonisdemon, keep it up buddy thumbsup.gif
thanks guys heres my new theme called alien factory, i think it is more functional what do you think
user posted image]
@gregers_uk: I like the alien theme best. Improved since the previous themes thumbsup.gif
not easy to theme those pics, you did it well
Alien theme is much more functional thumbsup.gif
Alien theme looks Great clap.gif only one might want to add a few pixels more to your Softkeys in hight, they look a bit too thin.. that way they will look better and the text in the black area of the Softkeys would show up better... just a suggestion smile.gif grouphug.gif byebye.gif
Thanks for the tip i will try my next buttons wider.
heres a new one i call
user posted image

softkey animation
user posted image
Just adding my soft key animation for alien factory

user posted image

softkey animation
user posted image
how do i get my preview to show large in the post please help

you need to host it on an image host server i.e. and use the [img] tags to insert picture.
i love the Softkeys pressed effect in the alien theme gregers..very nice clap.gif 10.gif byebye.gif
Thanks oops hope this works, heres a preview of my current work in progress i call it ice demon, any tips would be greatly heeded. I placed it on an animation so you can see the working theme. Sorry but i hae only completed these screens so far.

user posted image

The image is alot better quality than on these screens i think its the way the gif was saved
what do you think of the theme?
interessant work - keep it up byebye.gif
Amazing softkey animations, but the rest. Frankly when I see those animations I was expecting perfect themes. But I think you only concentrated on some part of the themes. As they say "the devil lies in the details". Dont try to make too many, do as much as you can but dont miss the details. Alien theme is really good, keep it up, you will become a vey good themer. byebye.gif
Thanks for the input vswindtalker. What do you think i can do to make the perfect themes, im having a bit of a mental block at the minute
QUOTE(gregers_uk @ Aug 15 2006, 05:07 PM)
Thanks for the input vswindtalker. What do you think i can do to make the perfect themes, im having a bit of a mental block at the minute

Lol hmm no one should be helping you in that way bud , simply open your imagination think of what things you like eg : fave car , fave women , fave pc , fave football team etc etc .... and then set about how you want that to look on your phone , you must understand themeing is not really a simple exercise matey , alot of work goes into the design and thought process to create the themes themselves.

me i spend a few hours sometimes days thinking exactly how the theme will look , and act on the phone, the colours to use , what style it will be , what are the best img stocks to use , or will i draw it all myself etc....

Fear not your not alone but bud , many artists get mental block , best thing for that is to go off do something else for a bit , and then come back when feeling up to it ..... do not force your creative process , as it simply will not work ....

imagination and creativity are both free spirits and must remain so in order to work right for you.

Anyhow best of luck , and if all else fails go browse the web for a while see if anything inspires you at all , i do this myself some times.

Ok I think it is finally complete, I am just in the evaluation stage, what do you think this has taken about 6 or 7 hours to complete. I like it its called ice princess and has an animated front screen wih glowing eyes. hope you like it, let me know.

user posted image

heres the animation

user posted image
Just added the ice princess to my phone it looks great!!!!!
I have to say "WOW" you have a speedy learning curve. I can really see much progression and you are certainly flowing with ideas. Try not to use to many in one theme, I was always doing that, all because you have a plain piece of paper, doesnt mean you have to fill it. Busy theme - standard highlights, subtle theme - decorated highlights but hey you theme what you feel. Looking good!
I can see great improvement on your last work clap.gif
Keep it up!
Heres a new floral design

user posted image

softkey animation
user posted image
@gregers_uk: you're quite creative with the softkeys thumbsup.gif
yeah i love em

heres my fave theme so far its called the tiger.

user posted image

softkey animation

user posted image
gregers...really nice themes clap.gif clap.gif ice princess is my fav clap.gif i love the colours.. keep up the good work hun grouphug.gif byebye.gif
hi there gregers, good to see somone new
Me? blink.gif i'm just a nobody with a little skill in themeing tongue.gif

nice theme there, keep it up clap.gif clap.gif
hope to see more
Well, greg... , I will be the honnest one...

and what a hell, why I have to be the bad guy over here ?

everybody s talkin nicelly, "oohhh, that s great", "fine buttons"...

even when you make a trashy theme with good softs, the tendence is that
everybody told you only:
-"ooohhh, I like your sofkeys"

and not:
-"ooohhh, I like your sofkeys, but the rest is garbagge"

look, I like beauty very much, and admire the great and beautifull theme,
and do not the ugly ones...

your "icy princess" find not ugly, but it is far away from greateness...
-you are just starting, and are a begginner, but if everybody tell you only
the positive things, and nobody points you on the rest, you ll progress
never or very hardly.

if it was on my hard, or on my phone, I just delete it, for makin more space,
(not as - ugly, then told you - it s a crap and trash)

you have good ideas and intensions, and a hard work to do, because the
K800 has a big screen, and tendence is that the theme looks "empty" in

what to do my young promising "rookie" ?

-try to not blurring your screens,
instead, rather overput upon the same image a glassy or a transparent
here is just a suggestion, you have not to make the same, especially put the
frames if you dont like... (I m a "Frameman" overhere...)

something like this...
user posted image

-dont input the transparent softkeys over a coloured rec, rather do it over
the main picture, and then cut out.

you ll get somethinlike this...
these ones are not the ideal, as I used yours pictures, and looks badly
but its here just to show you how input the softs, avoiding the ugly blue
rectangle as is in your animation...

user posted image

-now, your navigation screen...
- the TAB, try to make an window perhaps, it s just a suggestion, could be
only some other kind thing... a separator, that s up to you.
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

-the input...same thing as for the other pictures, try upload over the image
a transparent gradient, istead the blurring...

-make your background text different than on the highlights, something
like light blue, but matching the picture, maybe A8D3FF, but you can try
an anotherone, which you like it more.

so... heres only some of suggestions you can try, the work is up to you...

dont pick it up on these I have upload...

- it is only my vision...

play with that, enjoy your work, take your time and dont hurry to present,
and you ll see your theme will look even more better...

note: the pic I ve uploaded are from yours previews and are of bad quality,
so as I ve worked with them, it s the same thing...


and finnally good luck in your further work byebye.gif
ZJ in a bad mood? laugh.gif tongue.gif

@gregers i really do like you're work clap.gif i agree with ZJ...about room for improvement tongue.gif but we all know you have just started theming clap.gif you should look at some of my first themes laugh.gif i certainly don't think your themes are all that bad...and you will get better with time and listening and watching other themers clap.gif clap.gif you have a very hard but great teacher in master yoda ..ZJ grouphug.gif byebye.gif
Thanks guy ZJ i really do appreciate the constructive criticism it always helps to receive some now and again, i have just upgraded my software so hopefully i will be able to put m ideas into practice as i would like to see them now,
thanks ZJ and Oops
Heres my attempt at a superman theme weightlift.gif

user posted image

softkey animation
user posted image
Hey gregers, I like your bar work on the superman theme, although, the softs could do with being made bigger, they don't look the most functional and the S logo on the status looks a touch out of place on some screens.Barring that, nice work mate, i like the idea with the inputs.... clap.gif
could comment, weightlift.gif

but Oopsie will ask again if I m in the bad mood thumbsup.gif
Looks to me like no matter what i do ZJ you aint gonna like em. I mean come on I have only been theme makin for 5 days!!! sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
cannot like when yoou present something like this...

user posted image

starting with a left border of your presentation pic...
(see the two arrows...)

-at least if anything else, you could present some clean

** told you yet - take your time... sloweeeeerr...

but that s ok...

gonna still tell you some... things

**try to avoid to make rounded softkeys on their
border size.

you wont got some parts I ve put in the round

**dont get exactly what are you do to not see the
bad cutting beside the logo
(in a triangle marker)

**and the "More list"...

see that ?

if this green square is intentionnal, that s ok...

but if not:

to get cutting the "More List" start on
the Navigation screen
at the coordinates : 7x48 and go to 168x145

you copy-paste, and save (png, of course)
"Morelist... something"

the good ones:

the Statusbar is well done.

and your Highlight Small and the MainHighlight
are very good imo,
even the borders/frames are in the same colour
as the borders of the titles.

byebye.gif go on...

take your time, dont hurry
the Theme TMC Entry shows a great progress.

thats good thumbsup.gif

still, a little help for the next time...

make more carefully your presentations!

user posted image

still the same desease... take it easy...

thats a product of the hurry...
if it s a product of the negligence, then argue.gif thumbdown.gif bash.gif chair.gif

what to do ?

I see that you ve made a cut of your screens with
a sort of "Magic Wand" if it is not just it...(PSP)

select your tolerance to zero in the Tool Options-MagicWand

when cutting - it will cut clearly wink.gif

user posted image

bye byebye.gif
nice TMC entry gregers_uk, you are improving fast..keep it up bud clapping.gif thumbsup.gif
QUOTE(gregers_uk @ Aug 18 2006, 10:40 PM)
Looks to me like no matter what i do ZJ you aint gonna like em. I mean come on I have only been theme makin for 5 days!!! sad.gif  sad.gif  sad.gif
With that said, may I say that I'm quite impressed! Z already pointed out some stuff for you to work on. And he's right, don't rush it! Try to make every theme as good as you can and be very careful with details. It takes longer but it pays off! Keep it up, mate! thumbsup.gif
Following the advice of all my fellow themers I have modified my superman them not once but twice and here it is the final SUPERMAN RETURNS v.3 hope you like it

user posted image
and a screensaver to match
user posted image

my TMC floral entry

user posted image
Any invitations out there people I want to jon a group please, I am feeling left out and want to belong notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif grouphug.gif
"...what d you suggest to fix this mate cheers! ..."

you overput your transparent screen over the part

for the Popup, and then cut it and save...

of course if its fully transparent no need, just cut...


then done, should try the result on the phone byebye.gif
Being a great themer is parallel to being perfectionist... Every pixel counts, positioning, color combination, image quality, functionality... These are some of the major aspects of creating a quality theme. I could see that you are very lucky that some real great respectable themers are patient enough to guide you through... I really could see the big improvement in your themes and that Superman theme is one example... Big big difference between the first version and the second. Glad you have the eagerness to learn. smile.gif That is one GREAT quality you have. Not all of us are as willing and obedient... smile.gif I should know cause I'm very stubborn... tongue.gif wacko.gif

Keep it up and you're on your way... Just be more patient and take your time in learning and absorbing all their points. thumbsup.gif
Hi i am currently working on a new dogs theme for my daughter this is what i have so far what do you think, Im not so sure at the moment i think it needs something else.

user posted image
Gregers, sorry bud but you should be thankful to ZJ. I wish he could do the same for me at the begining. He is showing you all the critical points of making a good theme very patiently. If I were you I will read what Sedma wrote, several times.
You have the talent but you are spoiling it by rushing your themes. Take it easy and slowly. Try your themes on the phone before posting them. Use it for a while. Let other people admire your work. And the key is as I told you before "details".
You show a incredible improvement with the TMC entry, do the same on your own with every theme you make. You have very good ideas, let them come neatly and slowly. Take care. grouphug.gif byebye.gif
Okay i have redesigned my softkeys for the dogs theme and have also designed a screensaver cant decide whether to use the screensaver as the standby screen though , think i will probably just use as a screensaver, what do you think.
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
looks thumbsup.gif
I can see an improvement in your last themes... follow all these great advices and just keep on theming... grouphug.gif
Much more better Gregers. Keep on!
Here it is at last my completed dog princess theme, hope you like it thumbsup.gif
user posted image
user posted image
animated screensaver
user posted image
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