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Full Version: Problems Connecting To Your Pc?
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NOTE: Please DO NOT delete any stock files in your phone without doing some research first. You can run into BIG problems. If you have researched and you know the proper way to delete stock files, please mak sure that you always back everything up to your PC before deleting. Better safe than sorry...

For Windows user only:

Connection problems are very common and are usually solved quite easily. Please try each of the following before you post about the problem you're having!

1. If you're using MPT, you must close it and disconnect your phone from your PC before you try to use any P2K programs. Then reconnect your phone and open the program you want to use.

2. If you have the option in your phone, make sure that it is defaulted to data/fax mode.

Menu -> Connections -> USB Settings

3. Search google for RSD Lite 2.7 (latest version is 2.8 but many people report bugs). Please do not ask for a link as it is not allowed to be posted here.

Install RSD, then open it and plug in your phone. If it asks for drivers, use these. Once the drivers are installed and the phone is recognized by RSD Lite, open a P2k program WITH RSD LITE STILL OPEN AND CONNECTED. Leave RSD Lite open while you use any P2k programs. You may have to do this all the time - it's very common.

That will take care of the problem 99% of the time.

4. Try a new USB port (NEVER THROUGH A USB HUB). Connect your phone to a different USB port. Windows will ask you for drivers again and use the ones linked above. Once installed, go through step 3 again and it will work.

This little annoyance that Windows has (having to reinstall drivers for each USB port) actually helps us sometimes!

If the 4 suggestions above do not work, please post a new thread with a detailed description of the problems you're having along with the exact wording of any error messages.


EDIT: If all of the above fails, check out this guide by yitz0550 for details on uninstalling and reinstalling your drivers. thumbsup.gif

Sir EchoZulu,

iv tried rsd lite, the one you were suggesting to the other guy. but still cant detect my V3i.

august born posted that v3i phone doesnt need the p2k command and i should search the board. iv been at it for a few hours now. tried everything to no avail.

if you can pls help me. how do i install a skin to my v3i? can you give me a link or some instructions to do.

my problem right is that:

1. it doesnt go to p2k mode, it stays in AT mode
2. rsd couldn't detect my v3i
3. skinmanager couldn't detect my v3i also


- i can connect to MPT.
- what do you mean by assign com ports?
- yes, i've installed the drivers
- im on winXp

hmmm... what else, when i connect my phone to the other com port it says "found new hardware"


changing my usb from memory to data/fax won't help either coz it now doesnt even see my phone

OK, let's start from the beginning. First off, leave your phone in data/fax mode. Even though it appears as though your PC doesn't detect your phone at all, this is the mode that you will need to be in to use P2k programs.

Let's start by opening RSD Lite and connecting the phone. Does XP ask for drivers? If so, please download these drivers and unpack them into a folder on your desktop. Point to that folder when XP asks you for drivers.

If XP does not ask you for drivers, then you've probably already installed them. With your phone still connected to your PC go to Control Panel -> System. Then on the Hardware tab, click on Device Manager. Under Modems you should see an entry there for a Motorola Modem (or something along those lines). Right-click it and select Update Driver. Follow the instructions to choose drivers from a specific location and point to the folder on your desktop with the drivers from earlier in this post. Once it's done, close everything and unplug your phone. Now plug it back in and open RSD Lite.

Let me know you this works out for you.

"There was a problem installingthis hardware:

Motorola USB Modem

This cannot start. (Code 10)"

this the error im getting... this after i point to the desktop where i put the drivers
i cant even see my phone in "my computer" aargh its so frustrating.

so i have to find a way for pc to detect my phone in data/fax mode right?
sir i FINALLY made it work!!! thanks to you

now im exploring the external display, which is now blank! bwahahaha..

what i did was erase the original cl.gif file then i copied my cl.gif (96x80) this is using the p2k command.

what happened?
Ha! smile.gif

Well at least it's working now... thumbsup.gif

Are you positive that your new file is named "cl.gif" (exact name must be used, all lower-case)? Also, are you sure that the dimensions are exact?
u know wat i follow that steps but it still have some error...."Phone not connected"+++
even i already connect and install the RSD lited
can anyone help figure out this things....

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What OS do you have?
What program is giving you that error?

OS? windows XP pro. why?
actually, first i install the motorola modding software...
and then i download the p2k_drivers
after that i connect my handphone to my pc...
then my pc detect new hardware...
but it ask me the driver, so i select the p2k_drivers but i occurs some problem, i dunno why?
then i try to install the p2k program (theme).
but it has some error, like what i said before
...."Phone not connected"+++
so? help me...

mod edit - removed quote, cleaning up topic.
Please clarify this part:

"but it ask me the driver, so i select the p2k_drivers but i occurs some problem, i dunno why?"

What problem is occuring? Are you getting an error message? If so, please type the text here exactly as it appears in the error message. P2k Programs will certainly not work until the drivers are installed properly.

Also (I forgot to ask smile.gif) what phone do you have?
i use motorola V3i..
here the prblm i got...when i try to install the p2k_drivers...
have take a look..

just click on "continue anyway" to install
i already done that..
but this prblm alwaz occur ahen i`m trying to install the p2k program(theme)
...."Phone not connected"+++
even i already connect my hp to pc.

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First close all programs and try downloading this file. Unpack it into a new folder and run the exe. Then open RSD Lite 2.7 and connect your phone.
i select the "free"..
But i can`t download that file...
how come?

finally it work out...
but it still 3 original themes inside my Hp..
even i already install 3 p2k programs (theme)
where are they...
i was so blur rite now...

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can you also tell me what a mma file is and how I know which one is for my phone v635 the dcp or the ucp and what are the drm files
The mma_ucp and mma_dcp are the files that dictate which items are in the menus and what order they appear in.

For info on drm icons, please view the pinned topics in the motorola/siemens themeing forum.

thanks Echzulu will skinman only load the files in thefolder with the ski files as the other files like the mma drm files are in different folders to speak thumbsup.gif
Yes Skins Manager only related to the files directly related to the skin. That would be:

1. ski file - The skin "map" which dictates the positions and colors of skin elements.

2. dat files - The gif images contained within the skin.

3. wallpaper - The background image in standby mode.

System files such as menu files (mma_ucp and mma_dcp) etc are not manageable using SkiMan. Those files should be added using an "explorer" type P2k program such as P2kCommander or P2kTools (after backing up the originals of course!).

thanks Echo Im getting the jist of it Iv installed a few now and alls well so far 10.gif
hi there,

I'm quite new to this kind of thing. I just an L6.
My question is, how can I connect it via the usb cable supplied in the package? what do i need to have in order to do so? i'm planning to install my mp3s into the phone.

plz respond.
For MP3s, all you need is your cable and Motorola Phone tools 4, which should have come with your phone. If it didn't, you'll have to search google.
Hello. I have a problem.
It's simple yet strange.

I have Windows XP and a Motorola V3(black) and, I can guarantee to you, I have seriously tried everithing posted here and in that motoX forum guide, carefully.

After connecting my phone, Windows found new hardware, then I install it, ending with a "Motorola USB Modem" succesfull instalation!

Like said in the "Guide to Un-Install and Re-Install P2K Drivers", after that, "DO NOT UNPLUG THE PHONE YET! The computer will find some more hardware".

The thing is... Never find some more hardware!!!
Just nothing happen...!

But if I mannualy install the hardware? Because I have the drivers! Well, I could mannualy install the "Accessories Interface" for instance, but in the end, instead of "Your hardware is installed and ready to be used", says something like "Your device is not ready" meaning that that hardware is not in existence!

And I can't switch to mode data/fax in my mobile simply because there's no such option (tha mode may be automatic), so all I could have is a modem... well I'm not so sure about that because the Moto modem appears as "abstent"... O_O

Some more info:
The USB cable is borroweb from my mp4 portable (I think that's not it because Wxp detects new hardware, the modem at least)
I'm using the normal rear USB connection in my PC
Hello again, well I could solve my problem:
The thing was that I had SP1, and now I've installed Service Pack 2!
By doing that all worked out!

hi all.i have one srerious problem with my mobile phone (motorazer v3). i removed some files from motorazer v3
The files r :- alert sound file,and three default themes from my cell.
now i am not getting display.i can c battery icon,network icon, screen saver on what i have to do to over come this prob.........
plz help me.................................
If you backed up those files (I hope that you did) then try putting them back in place and restarting your phone.

If not, then you'll probably need to flash with a Monster Pack from Back up all of your pics/ringtones/etc and search motox for info on flashing with an MP. Please read everything very carefully! If you flash with an MP not intended for your phone you'll have big problems!

First of all, I appreciate you talking the time to write this guide, transferring games this way seems waay easier than some of the other guides I've seen

I followed your guide for my V635, installing the drivers you have provided, switching to fax usb connections default, got the rsd and motoman running.

I uploaded a game and restarted, but when I try to open the game it gives me 'application error', while the java mp3 player that was there from the beginning works fine.

Anything I can do to try and fix it?

Oh and one more thing. After I restart using the Manager, WinXP gives me an error for the RSD program after it tries to access the phone coming out of the restart and shuts RSD down. Does that have anything to do with it?

Thanks in advance
I am getting an error message when opening MotoMidMan program as unsupported platform. Im running RSD Lite 3.2 and it is connected .. '
can someone help ?

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HOW i can't connect my Rokr E1, when i use any P2K softwarez show me ( status: disconnect, movil desconectado, no phone, etc)

That app error simply means that the game you installed isn't compatable with your phone.

As for the RSD Lite error, once you see 'diconnected' in the bottom left corner of MotoMidMan, unplug the phone. Then close MotoMidMan and RSD Lite. Once your phone is fully booted, you can plug in again and start the apps.


Try the latest version of MotoMidMan


It sounds like you haven't read this guide. Did you go through post 1 and the rest of the thread and try everything before posting here?
Ok.I've been at this for a good hour now.
I finally have my phone detected by rsd Lite but when I open motomidman I get an error message saying:

"Unsupported platform. Cant continue"

Any suggestions?

Im on Windows XP and my phone is a Razr V3X.
Unfortunately your phone is not supported by motomidman. Try the guide I posted in the topic (in this forum) called "midman error".
Hey all new to the forum but I have been bumming around for a while. Gots to give the site a 10.gif . Anyhoos I am not new to Motorola but new to modding. I have a V3i and I followed all of your instructions to a tee even doubting myself at times if I did the right thing and did it over again in many different ways....Still no luck. I am starting to wonder if the fact that my phone is locked has something to with it. The phone connects when it is plugged in but as soon as the software is opened (or opened before the phone is connected) it just drops off. Could some one help me here please because I have obsessed myself for weeks in getting this to work and I have failed miserably. Thanks in advance.
The fact that the phone is locked shouldn't cause any problems at all. Are you using XP SP2? If so, try uninstalling the drivers and then use the file linked in post 14 to reinstall the drivers. Now open RSD Lite 2.7 and see if you can connect.
Hey I almost gave up this morning but I found another guideline after a search this morning. I am using Xp w/ Sp2. It was out lined that the drivers were not MOTODRIVERS and that was causing the problem. I followed the steps and PRESTO ! It worked. All components installed. I can even use Skin Manager without having to open RSD. Just did my first skin upload and it turned out well. I am going to try changing the picture on my external display now. Looking for the guide lines now. will keep you posted and you all keep up the great work. Kudos for the fast response.
Hey I got it to work after a final search (almost gave up in dismay.). I found that I had to use original MOTODRIVERS. I am using using XP pro SP2. Everthing works now and Skin Manager even works without RSD Lite. I just uploaded my first skin and now I'm going to try to change the external display image. I will keep you posted and kudos for such a timely response.
Great, glad you got it sorted. smile.gif

Mind linking the guide in case other users come across the same problem?
hey bro i need help man i got a RAZR v3 and i got skin manager but it dosen't connect to my phone, i got motorola phone tools and it connects to my phone no problem, but when i open up skin manager my phone gets dissconected.... can you please help me outt

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First, note that you cannot use any P2k apps like Skins Manager while MPT is open (they use different drivers). You will probably need to install RSD Lite. Follow the procedure in post 1 of this guide and you shouldn't have any problems.
QUOTE(EchoZulu @ Nov 25 2006, 04:29 PM)
First, note that you cannot use any P2k apps like Skins Manager while MPT is open (they use different drivers).  You will probably need to install RSD Lite.  Follow the procedure in post 1 of this guide and you shouldn't have any problems.

hey man i figured out the problem, it was acutally my drivers, i used the guide by yitz0550 and after that everything was connected.... thanks man.
Hey I can't find the link for the guide but I did copy it to a MS Word Document. I am going to copy it here but I will put the link in when I get it but her this is in the mean time.

Many people, including myself and some professionals, have had problems with the P2K Drivers. Some never installed them right, and others report sudden problems. So here I will try to explain, in a few very easy steps, how to first Un-Install the drivers, and then Re-Install them correctly.

Things you will need:

A) Driver Tool

cool.gif AlZip

C) RSD Lite 2.5 (or higher). Use Google to search for this one, as links to WAREZ is against forum rules.


Now, for the "tutorial":

1) Download Driver Tool.

2) Unzip the .RAR file using AlZip. (After AlZip is installed, right-click on the file, and choose "Extract to current folder")

3) In the "MOTODRIVERS" folder, run the "Driver Tool" utility. You will get this:

Then this:

This process shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.

4) Open RSD Lite.

5) Plug in the phone.

6) The computer will "chirp" and you will get a notification that windows found a "New Hardware-Motorola Modem".

7) Now here comes the tricky part: Choose option 2 when the computer asks you to install the drivers, and press "Next". Like this:

8) Press "Browse", and look for the file you unzipped earlier named "MOTODRIVERS". Press "Ok". Like this:

The computer will find the drivers and say "Your hardware is installed and ready to be used".
DO NOT UNPLUG THE PHONE YET! The computer will find some more hardware.

9) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the for the following:

"Accessories Interface"
"Data Logging MCU Interface"
"Test Command Interface"

10) Unplug the phone. Leave RSD Lite open.

11) Turn off the phone.

12) Force the phone into Boot-Loader Mode, by pressing * # and "power", simultaneously.

13) Plug the phone into the computer (RSD Lite should still be running).

14) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the "Motorola Flash Interface".

Now you should have all (5) drivers correctly installed!

Note: If you make a mistake somewhere in the middle, just start from the beggining. The process should take no more than 5 minutes.

Hope this helps somebody. Good luck.


Hey I found the link. Here it is:
Great, thanks for the link. Definitely worth a shot if all else fails! Be careful though and do this at your own risk!
i have the big problem with my razr v3i. plz can any one tell me that can i connect my razr v3i in windows 98se. if no then plz tell me the other way. along with this i have rsd lite 2.7 but it doesnt installed in 98se. so plz give me other programme link with work with 98se to connet the phone.

one more thing i have connected my phone using one driver motorola modem. through with i can use one software named "mobiledit". but through this sowftware i can only browse pic, videos, ect which we can browse through memory card so now i want to change themes and skins so plz help me in this matter.
Mobiledit uses competely different drivers. You're going to have to do some serious searching if you want to use P2k apps on 98se. You're better off just using a PC with XP SP2...

I have a problem with yitz0550's tutorial on how to install new drivers.
Its was all pretty easy until i reached point number 9.
I dont really know where i can find the:

"Accessories Interface"
"Data Logging MCU Interface"
"Test Command Interface",
and also the "Motorola Flash Interface",

and therefore i dont really know how to carry on.
I guess its not that big deal but im not used to motorola phones thats all.
I've tried everything else u have written here but none of it really worked out so thats the last chance to get my phone recognized by rsd lite and midman.
btw my phone is the v3i and i have windows XP SP2.

Heres the link to the tutorial:
Driver tutorial
These items should pop up when you connect your phone to your PC with RSD Lite open and no drivers installed. If you've already installed the drivers and you're still having problems, uninstall them or plug your phone into a new USB port.
ok I have an e815 it is unlocked and I have been able to transfer normally until I decided to try to install programs using MMM when I try to log into the program to see programs installed on my phone I get this error log

I am so out of my leauge the phone works fine but I can no longer transfer files either I think I corupted a seam file.

mod edit - log removed, cleaning up topic.
I did try following all the instructions in this forum including running RSD 2.7 and every other post.
I don't think you'll have much luck with the E815. You can try searching on for more info...

If all you want to do is install games, just use a card reader.

1. Insert your MicroSD card (after you formati it on your phone) in an SD adapter and insert that into your card reader.

2. Find a folder on your card entitled "java", "kjava", or similar.

3. Copy the jad/jar files for compatable games/apps from your PC to that folder.

Then try following these steps from Pioneer's guide on motox. Menu options may be worded differently but this works on most motos...

"9. Put It Back Into The Phone.
10. Now Menu>Games & Apps>Middle Soft Key>Switch Storage Device> Change To Card.
11. Then Click "[Install Now]" That Will Bring You To The Screen With The Apps/Games Names.
12.Now Just Slect The One You Want Installed, It Will Say Please Wait For A Sec Or Two.
13. Then It Will Show The Details (Name: Version, Vendor + More Maybe), Just Slect Install.
14. Then Pick Card Or Phone, I Pick Phone, It Might Come Up "Not a signed application. Continue Downloading?, Select Yes.
15. Then It Says Installing, After That Installed."
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