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Full Version: [w800i] Bambi
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Hello, I was just wondering if somebody can make me a bambi theme for my Sony Ericson w800i.

These are the links to the pictures... <I'd like that pic for the front of my phone.

If somebody could make me this theme, I'd be very happy. clap.gif

P.s. You don't have to use all of the pic's, I just put as many as I could find on. Thanks again.
Anybody? sad.gif

This link doesn't work for me, I don't know why unsure.gif

You can check my themes here or in my thread and if you like my style, I can make you a theme. But give me a couple of days.
This is that picture that wouldn't work for you.

I'll be more than happy if you made it for me, take as long as you want.

Thankyou so much!!!! :D
Hi I started one a couple of days ago to match my Thumper theme that i did....theres not too much left to do....I could easily change main screen to include pic you want
Yeah, that would be good.

Thanks. :D
Preview of the Bambi theme with matching Thumper theme....

user posted image

Its in my validation queue hopefully will be in the gallery soon....Enjoy
Thanks so much. 10.gif
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