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Full Version: Series 60 3rd Ed Faqs, Tips & Tricks
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General information about S60 3rd Edition devices

user posted imageI have problems installing a .sis file on my Nokia device.
The new Symbian OS 9.1 package is known as SISX, which differs from the SIS format. Hence, old SIS packages are not supported. User tools, recognisers, file extension and mainstream documentation, however, will continue to refer to SIS packages.

user posted imageCan I use old Nokia S60 applications with my Nokia device?
No. Your device only supports Series 60, 3rd edition applications.

user posted imageI have problems connecting my Nokia device and my PC.
Please visit: official support page for specific questions on installing and using Nokia PC Suite software.

user posted imageWhat can I do if my phone memory is low?
To free phone memory, transfer data to a memory card in the Office > File mgr view. Mark files to be moved, select Move to folder > Memory card and then a folder.

user posted imageMy phone is requesting a PIN/PIN2/PUK/PUK2 code.
PIN: set by yourself by following the instructions in your user guide.
PIN2: acts as a second layer of protection for certain features of your phone.
PUK: an 8-digit code request only when PIN code is entered incorrectly multiple times.
PUK2: Request when PIN2 code is entered incorrectly multiple times.

Both PUK & PUK2 are provided by your operator or service provider.

user posted imageI got this error message: Installation security error. Unable to install.
Only carry out the following procedures if you can trust the application that you are installing.

Go to Application Manager>select the application that you are trying to install, click on Options>Settings. You will see two options:
1) Software Installation (set this to "All")
2) Online Certificate. (set this to "Off")

Remember to turn these settings back on after installation.

user posted imageCan I use my Nokia device without a SIM card?
Yes. The Offline profile is automatically activated when the device is switched on without a SIM card. This allows you to use your SIM card in another phone.

user posted imageHow do I switch WLAN off, so as to reduce the battery consumption?
You cannot switch it off, you can only specify that your phone does not scan for available networks.

To turn off the background scan:
1. Press the Menu key, and select Tools>Settings>Connection>Wireless LAN.
2. Select Scan for networks>Never.
3. To save your changes, select Back.

You can still use available WLAN networks as usual.
E61 FAQs

user posted imageI have been getting pretty poor battery life.
You've to turn off your phone's need to search for a 3g network. To do this, click on Menu>Tools> Settings>Network>then select GSM.

user posted imageI cannot delte emails out of my inbox. I click delete and it only puts a line through it.
Emails will be deleted once you re-sync with your email account.

user posted imageCan i create themes for my phone?
Yes, you will have to use Theme Studio 3.0 (available for free download here)

user posted imageHow to change the resolution of the theme studio to 320x240 (w/h)?
1. Open a normal (240x320) theme with theme studio.
2. Drag an image (with the size of 320x240) from the browser tab on the right side to the active background rectangle.
3. In the toolbox, click layer effects>layers. This should bring up a box showing your actual layers.
4. Click the tiny arrow right of the mini-preview in that box. A list of layer effects
should appears beneath the mini-preview.
5. Click Apply Graphics>Scaling mode.
6. Select - With aspect ratio
7. Click the save button at the bottom of the active background preview.

user posted imageI get the message: no gateway reply while trying to connect wireless network (wi-Fi).
You could try to change the Wi-Fi setup of your phone from open key to share key.
N80 FAQs

user posted imageHow can i master my phone?
The user guide is the most complete source of information. You could donwload it from here.

user posted imageWhy does my battery drain fast?
You could:
1. Try turning the Bluetooth technology off when you do not need it.
2. Click Connection settings>Packet data conn, change it to >When needed.
3. Close all the applications (which you do not need) that are running in the background. Do this by press and hold the Menu key, then select the application from the list. Lastly, exit the application.

user posted imageWhy is the blue status light of my phone always flashes?
It is an indication that the screen power has been turned off (to save battery life) but the phone is still on and active.

user posted imageCan i turn the blue light off?
You could turn the sleep mode off. Settings>Phone>Display. However, this might reduce the battery life.

user posted imageThere is no autokey lock, what can i do?
You could install either one of the two freewares.
1. Autolock: It locks the keypad after a specified time period.
2. Mlock: Once installed, it will appear on your standby screen. It will lock your keypad with a simple click.

user posted imageMp3 songs that i added to the memory card wouldn't show up (as a playlist) in the music player.
After adding audio tracks to the memory card, go to Music player>Options>Music library>Options (again)> then choose Update. The phone does take a while to find all the audio files tho.

user posted imageI am irritated by Not enough memory error message. (While zooming pictures in gallery from 50% above, or in the Web browser exiting to the iddle screen.)
Please check if you've got the latest firmwareinstalled in your phone (enter *#0000# on the phone while it is in standby). If not, you could either bring your phone to nokia service centre or do it at home (not recommended).

user posted imageWhen transferring larger amounts of data to memory card, the crashes half way through.
Quick fix, is to press the power butten and choose the "remove memory card". Then, insert back the card again. The phone should resume to normal.
N91 FAQs

user posted imageHow do I transfer music from the PC to my phone?
There are three different methods:

1. Treat your phone as external hard drive: Connect your phone to the PC with USB cable or Bluetooth. Then, transfer the files.
2. Synchronize music with Windows Media Player: attach the USB cable and select Media player as the connection method.
3. Use Nokia Audio Manager (available in PC Suite): Attach USB cable, then select PC Suite as the connection method.

user posted imageCan I transfer my Apple iPod music files to my Nokia N91 using iTunes or via DragDrop?
This depends on the music files you want to transfer. You can transfer unprotected files only, (files that imported from your own music CD). Transferring protected music files, (files you have bought from iTunes music store), is not possible.

1. Drag&Drop can be used in both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.
2. iTunes can be used only in Apple Mac with Nokia Music Manager

user posted imageI have sent some mp3 songs to the N91 from the PC. I got the message - saved to Music Libary. But later, i cannot find it there.
This is very common problem. Instead of looking under Music Library, you should try to find it under File Manager> Attachments

user posted imageIs it possible to use downloaded ringing tones or music tracks as message tones?

1. Connect your N91 to your PC using its USB connector and select 'Music transfer'.
2. Open your N91's files on 'My Computer' and select 'attachments', and drag and drop your desired tone here.
3. Disconnect your phone, and go to Menu> tools> file manager> attachments, your file should be in here.
4. Select file options> move to> sound clips> tones
5. Go to settings> profile manager> personalise.
6. Finally, go to the message tone option, and select your new tone.

user posted imageThe built-in browser is rather slow.
You could have a go at OperaMini (specifically designed for N91). Its a lot faster.

user posted imageI can't use any themes downloaded over the internet.
This is a bug (feature). Please make sure you have the current firmware installed. If not, you could update it at Nokia Service Centre.

user posted imageWhy cannot other devices find my phone, even though Bluetooth is on?
Check that My phone's visibility is set to Shown to all. This can be done by selecting Menu> Connect> My phone's visibility> Shown to all.

user posted imageI was asked to provide MAC address when i try to access a WIFI network or Bluetooth compatiable printer.
1. To check the unique Media Access Control (MAC) address that identifies your device, enter *#62209526# in the standby mode. (for WIFI settings)
2. To find the unique address of your device, enter the code *#2820# in the standby mode.

user posted imageCan I hear my N91 with the music on the speakers of my car?
No. This is because N91 does not support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). A2DP, also refer to as AV profile, is designed to transfer a stereo audio stream like music from an MP3 player to a headset or car radio.
N91 Tips & Tricks

user posted imageIf you are in a call and want to close the slide of the N91:
Press and Hold the Left Soft Key then close the slide. The call should continue.

user posted imageTips that will help to improve battery life in long run.
When you get the phone be sure to charge/re-charge the battery at least 3 times, ie use the phone untill the batter goes dead, and keep repeating it.

user posted imageIn order not to take the risk of losing all your files:
Please make sure that you backup all your contacts and what ever else you intend to copy over to the Nokia N91. This is because from time to time, you might need to reformat the harddrive or do a major reset.

user posted imageTips for using RealPlayer.
1. To fast forward and Rewind, press and hold the joystick UP or DOWN then release when you get to the point you want.
2. To pause and resume, press the joystick.
3. To switch between full screen and normal screen, use the "2" key on the numeric keypad.

user posted imageTips on how to speed up song scrolling.
While you are scrolling (all songs or any other views) in music player, release joystick and press it again to the same direction. The speed will be much faster afterwards.

user posted imageTips on speeding up access to Media Gallery.
If you try to access the files (let say pictures that you've taken) via Menu> Media> Gallery> Images then select to open, you are likely to wait for about 30-40 secs.

Hence, to speed up the process, use the File Manager that comes with the phone. You can do this by Menu> Tools> File Manager> Select either the Phones Memory or the Harddrive (depending on where u put your pics).

Or, you could set it as either a softkey or on the active desktop.

user posted imagePlay with the Music Button.
Click once: take you to the Music player, where you could play mp3 songs. Now if you click the button again, the N91 will leave the song playing in the background and go back to the prevous screen.

If you hold the button down for about 5 secs it will take you straight to the radio function (regardless of which screen you are in).
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