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Hi everybody (especially the pros here surrender.gif )

This theme is hard for me, and my friƩnd really want that one:
The requirements:
A music / clarinet theme. That means that my friend is a fanatic in playing clarinet, which should be the main object of the theme. Of course the can be much more objects if they fit to the theme and music (like notes, a clef or a tuning fork).
Use google ore something for pics or stuff.

I have here pics (not from google) which you can freely use:

thank you,
I am hoping someone is going on this (that would be the perfect challenge-topic)
i will try to help you with some nice pictures if you like. I will start searching for it. tomorrow i can give you some if i found some. In half an hour i have to go to work smile.gif

thinking about it, maybe you can better download brushes for it from photoshop. On that way you can stamp some musicnotes or something on a allready excisting image whitch is a little bit boring..

*starts searching*

ok, i find this brushes:

brushes more brushes

and maybe this picture is for some use, i think it's really nice. click!
Ad now i have to go to work! byebye.gif
Ok, thank you so much notworthy.gif !!!!

But this post still is a theme-requst... I am just not as experienced to make a complicated theme like that (I tried, and belive me, you don't wanna see it).

So (PS: Very nice, these brushes) plzplz someone go on that one, I will really aprechiate that thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif . Would be very very nice!
I will try to make you one, ok? smile.gif

well, i'm not a pro.. and it's really a hard one!

but i made one.. i hope you like it. *uploading now*
Hi, thak you for your work 10.gif
But somehow your upload didn't work I think... maybe you should give it another try.

And if possible, that would be very nice if you add buttons and bars... I think it would make the theme look much cooler.

Anyway, you can send me the theme to my email-adress if the upload doesn't work. To <snip>

Thanks a lot!!

Mod edit: removed email, sorry emails aren't allowed
yes i know now, i first didn't know that was possible. the upload works now but when i find some time i will make it some better smile.gif

(i just finished an adriana lima theme, and it was much work so now i'm a little bored about making themes)
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