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Full Version: Theme For W800i Ericsson (ayesha Takia)
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Hey this is my Ayesha i really want a theme of phone is a w800i ericsson...the colur can be anything! but i want a theme of her....other people from this site have also requested for a theme of her....but iam the first one to take initiativ and posting her pic aswell....hoping for som good help and a theme aswell....Thanks!

link to pic 1

link to pic 2

link to pic 3
u can download a themecreator from this link:
When u download that software u can make your own theme with those pics cool.gif cool.gif thumbsup.gif
I wanted to do this theme ... But the pics are small ... and I could not manipulate it ... so if you have other larger pics or links to large ones post them .... sorry dhoni for being so demanding sad.gif
i will try for you smile.gif
I just finished it.. well that was no easy one! (next time use pictures of better quality than this, for excample bmp24bit)

I really hope you enjoy this one!

here it is:


what just happend? ohmy.gif tongue.gif
Hi .... Maybe dhoni has gone away for the weekend and not been back to their computer really should give them more time
EDIT ...looked at profile ..dhoni hasnt been online since they posted request

Forum rule No 3..... No flooding, flaming, bad words, insults, etc.
nice work thumbsup.gif
nice job Sazzefraz clap.gif
aah that's sweet wub.gif

thanks smile.gif
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