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Full Version: Anyone Has Doraemon Themes For W810i?
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Hi guys... anyone has doraemon themes?

can upload here so i could use it?

Thanks very much


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Hi chuanfeng,

I made one with Doraemon. You didn't put any pic so I made with this one. Please let me know if you like it and I will upload to the gallery. If you don't like it pls, wait for someone else to make it.


user posted image

Standby animation (I know it's not perfect but I'm not good in making animations smile.gif)

user posted image

and key pressed

user posted image
wow.gif fabolous work Sedma wow.gif
Thanks adonis notworthy.gif notworthy.gif ... wait a minute, my heart is beating, you gave me a very positive comment... ok I'm back smile.gif ... just kidding.

Thank you adonis so much user posted image. Do you think it's good enough for uploading it anyway?
Do you think it's good enough for uploading it anyway?

It is not. So, could you please upload it here?

haha.gif This is a very good theme, Sedma. clapping.gif
great work sedma .... thumbsup.gif
@ArthurWill & @storm 016

Thank you guys, so much notworthy.gif . I'm really proud that I made theme for someone's request. I hope that chuanfeng will like it, too.

I uploaded the theme and two screensavers. I will put a link when it will be available for download.

Edit: This was really quick clap.gif . Theme is validated and it's available for download. You can download it here.
you gave me a very positive comment... ok I'm back

i can't be nice all the time tongue.gif
my reputation would take a hit haha.gif

Screensavers are also validated. You can download them from here

Screensaver I
Screensaver II

And the big kiss goes to expert_21 user posted image
Sedma wow.gif looks fab clap.gif clap.gif 10.gif great work grouphug.gif byebye.gif
Thanks oopsie so much notworthy.gif grouphug.gif user posted image
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