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Full Version: A W900 Theme
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can anyone make a grey, or metallic grey like a mac theme. but with this sony ericsson logo. or something. thanks in advance. for the w900

the original pic

what i'd like as the wallpaper. sorry i'm not good with photoshop...

with this included in the center of the status bar. hehe. i'm a big sony ericsson fan. i did the blue myself. if it can be done better. please help!!!!
I will give this one a go for you if you want.. thumbsup.gif The imgs aren't very good quality though, do you have any others??
Ive done your theme, hope its o.k.. thumbsup.gif

user posted image
fantastic job ED 10.gif
k750 conversion coming....? blink.gif notworthy.gif
Great theme ed. wow.gif

Sorry i didnt understand about the grey logo in your thread. thumbsup.gif
OMG! 10.gif 10.gif 10.gif
@ Adonis.. Thanks mate notworthy.gif K750 version in next couple of days.. thumbsup.gif

@ Elton thumbsup.gif

@ PB, thanks notworthy.gif notworthy.gif Glad you like it.

Just waitin on the requestee now..
I'm sure the requestee will be 100% satisfied! Well, it sure satisfied me! 10.gif
omg, perfect. thank you so much ed!!!!!

QUOTE(Smokinglala @ Dec 19 2005, 07:03 PM)
omg, perfect. thank you so much ed!!!!!

No problems friend, glad its o.k notworthy.gif byebye.gif
o.k  notworthy.gif 


More wow.gif wow.gif laugh.gif
Grabbed it, looks nice on my black w900. my friend has a white one.... wonder if you can fix the tone for a more whiter background and he'd like that too!! but Thanks a million!!!!!
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