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Opening my little place to share my theme creations for Sony Ericsson Phones, T610, mostly for K700
(and probably starting with K750...)

For the start I wish to share with you my very 1st theme creations made for T610 (4 themes)

... with those I started to theme making:

1. Dead Pirate

user posted image

2. Magic Curves

user posted image

3. Blue Magic

user posted image

4. XP SE T610

user posted image

Dead Pirate & Magic Curves are later made also for K700

I'll try to share here my new ideas, themes... and show some of my favority themes that I made.

gathering.gif You are welcome to comment naturaly smile.gif
Wow, these themes look very clean! I like the Vibrant colors too, makes them stand out. Look forward to more! happy.gif
clap.gif byebye.gif Welcome to the grouphug.gif

now, remains the first hundred ... tongue.gif smile.gif
Looking good jdjMadDog. thumbsup.gif
@Xandruan - that was start in early days smile.gif
Yes there r more allready...

@zjurina, tnx 4 a visite byebye.gif yes the 1st 100 ha ha

@elton - tnx-!!! happy to here that u like them evenfor a very 1st starts
Good to see you've build your own little den in here! Your work really deserves a thread of their own. Great looking themes! Love the gradient on blue magic and the bars on xp. Looking forward to seeing more from you!
@dr_MB - tnx 4 stop-ping by at my place... notworthy.gif

... yeah, I love those themes, create just for fun, and to see what can I do with colors... and combining pictures
When waiting for voting to open, had a rush weightlift.gif of inspiration by one animated gif, and a fresh new theme is born, Yeah-!!! smile.gif Beach Star Theme

... here is the preview:

user posted image

... StandBy Animation:

user posted image

maybe need to correct text colors ? (my thinking is on the Popup Screen) unsure.gif

any suggestions, please smile.gif

What say you-?

p.s. Animation is looking good & OK on the K700 screen thumbsup.gif
(and didn't want to upload the png file cause the pic is to big - 400KB)

all theme is just 263KB smile.gif
My theme for this Week 96 - Theme An M9-member:

zjurina a mobile9 Themer

user posted image

and StandBy Animation:

user posted image
Great themes! You are very talented! 10.gif
Agree with NevilleX byebye.gif
Both zjurina & Beach Star theme looks really nice clap.gif
NevilleX & jasnasto... Oh-!!! tnx for those lovely comments smile.gif I'm just trying to do my best, he he...

Probably the Beach Star will do also for K750.
That will be my 1st for that phone unsure.gif

Just can't myself to do it wow.gif

Bye for now byebye.gif ... and tnx again-!
byebye.gif when working on little corrections at BeachStar and compacting a new Coffe Theme for TMC... weightlift.gif

... here is my 5 favority themes I made for K700:

Dead Pirate Theme:

user posted image

Mystic Theme:

user posted image

Space Theme:

user posted image

Spheres Theme:

user posted image

Sunset Theme:

user posted image

... in that time i had some inspiration smile.gif
Great Themes jdjMadDog I Love "Beach Star Theme" and the Standby Animation is so Cute he he, well done fantastic work my friend keep it up 10.gif clap.gif byebye.gif
Some good work in here!!!!
@Oopsession - glad you liked the "Beach Star" smile.gif ... that theme was just inspired with that little animated star... then step by step, picture by picture... theme is born smile.gif he he, Thanks...

@Patrick_Lippe - if You say so... notworthy.gif tnx-!

here's a StandBy animation from Woody the Bear Theme...

user posted image

... at that time (when theme was created - 25.02.2005.) that was my one of best animation StandBy smile.gif
yeah, ... a long time elaps from there...

now u could make another skin for it... byebye.gif
uh-!!! this week very much for work to do... I finished a task for my work (finaly-!) so I had some time to do the corrections on my Coffe Theme for this Week TMC:

99% Final Entry:

user posted image

Standby Animation is like was before:

user posted image

... now I can continue the Beach Star smile.gif to shine it, he he

... byebye.gif

... sleeping.gif
Nice Improvement. I see that you liked my idea.

Just one thing (nah, two): What happened to the sliders on the preview? Are they on holidays?

and: It´s "coffee" with 2 "e"s, but that´s just the headline, so you don´t need to change it.
@CrystalEYE - sliders, he he... they are invisible smile.gif

Coffe unsure.gif Coffee - that just 1 "e" blink.gif

anyway tnx for that smile.gif
Well I continued to work on my Beach Star Theme

Changes r:

... font colors on the Standby Screen
(Operator Name & Time)

... font color on the highlights

... and the Popup is changed so the text is now more readable

Posting as thumbs old theme & the new modified one

old one:
user posted image

new modified:
user posted image

Standby Animation stays the same...
user posted image
clap.gif Love "Beach Star Theme" jdjMadDog, Well Done notworthy.gif , Coffee theme Very nice Also clap.gif good work, and Coffee with 1 "e" or 2 "ee" Doesn't Matter Really it's still Coffee to me tongue.gif laugh.gif thumbsup.gif byebye.gif
@Oopsession - glad u like the Beach Star Theme smile.gif tnx

... yeah and coffe is coffee black and sweet smile.gif

bye byebye.gif
smile.gif he he... I found out when I created those older themes shown on the page before...

18.01.2005. Dead Pirate.thm
22.01.2005. Magic ©urves.thm
20.02.2005. Mystic.thm
21.02.2005. Blue Dawn.thm
22.02.2005. Space.thm
22.02.2005. Spheres.thm
25.02.2005. Woody the Bear.thm
03.03.2005. BB-SR-71.thm
09.03.2005. Sunset.thm
06.04.2005. GIRL.thm

Wow - !!! was quit busy thap period wow.gif

That was some inspiration time... he he smile.gif
4 Points at 97's TMC - Wow

Thanks again to the voters smile.gif byebye.gif thumbsup.gif

Did not expect to gain that - !!!

So Happy - !!! Wooooo clap.gif

Working more harder on next themes now

weightlift.gif weightlift.gif weightlift.gif
Why not? it is a good theme with some nice special effects (invisible sliders *g*)
My comments on your TMC-Entry so far:
I like it very much, nice choice of colors. It´s always nice IMO if you don´t use more than 3 main colors.
+ I see you already changed the highlight. Its better to read now. clap.gif
+ Very nice button on the tab_selected!
+ Frames and gradients are very cool. That blurry effect they have adds much to a relaxing atmosphere. cool done.

Well, the popup is missing, so I won´t comment on that tongue.gif but:
- that white part on the tab_selected looks like the radioactive-sign, that´s not very relaxing... blink.gif
- The highlight on the double title is "invisible" again *evilgrin*
- The theme overall is in this very stylish-cool cyan-blue color except the standby, that is in warm yellow-brown. Maybe you can filter the image? just a suggestion...

...that´s just my opinion, just change what YOU think should be changed...
@CrystalEye - glad u did like the preview smile.gif

... yes I saw the Tab select later ... hehehe, but that was only a working progress, ha ha

... tnx 4 so many comment (nice from u)

Like I said in the TMC... was very late at work, so I did finished the theme very late... and going to rest at Sunday smile.gif

... so here is my entry 4 this TMC Week:

Paradise 4 Relax By jdjMadDog:

user posted image

comments - ?
... and as it can be seen, I changed my sig smile.gif

... comments wellcome also if u have it smile.gif

You are improving with every theme of yours - nice theme jdj MadDog... clap.gif
tnx jas... very happy wow.gif after this comment - !!! smile.gif

If You sayInow it's true, hehe notworthy.gif
I agree with Jas!
the sig rockon.gif cheers.gif clapping.gif thumbsup.gif
... tnx People smile.gif notworthy.gif

... if u say so - it must be true, hehe

found out stats of my new Themes - Wow - !!!

listed By entries:
(no. of downloads on the left side)

- 454 - (TMC 95) Love Hurts - !!!
- 139 - (TMC 96) zjurina
- 051 - (TMC 97) Coffee Time
- 200 - (Free) Beach Star - !!! - allready

- very nice start wow.gif
Here r the previews of my 2 most downloaded themes:

Girl Theme:
(2025 DL)

user posted image

Blue Dawn Theme:
(1780 DL)

user posted image

New from jdjMadDog thumbsup.gif


Ancient Theme By jdjMadDog

user posted image

... and a little StandBy animation

user posted image

(didn't find anything 4 popup)

... but "jdjMadDog" - sig text is hidden behind the Popup Title... smile.gif
New themers these days,are definately better than new themers in my day. thumbsup.gif
QUOTE(elton @ Oct 30 2005, 11:41 PM)
New themers these days,are definately better than new themers in my day. thumbsup.gif

@elton - Wow - !!! - Thanks on that - notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
I agree with elton, very good work.

This is definately the best I've seen from you so far clap.gif clap.gif
@Patrick - thank u for that - thumbsup.gif ... just trying to do my best smile.gif

@jasna - tnx 4 comment like that - notworthy.gif notworthy.gif

... I'm also very happy with that what I did on Ancient clap.gif
... when I have good material, and today when I saw it,
I knew that some great theme could be born from that and I was right... clapping.gif

... Just learning from the Masters - wow.gif

weightlift.gif weightlift.gif weightlift.gif
I think your themes are fantastic and your beach star looks great on my phone, but this weeks theme you made got me really excited cant wait to get my hands on it 10.gif 10.gif clap.gif
gud themes ~!!
I should also get started to make some my own themes, hiahia~~
This is great! The ancient is your best by far if you ask me. Good to see the progress. Keep this up, mate! thumbsup.gif
Great work on the ancient theme MD clap.gif

@Oops - Glad u like latest themes smile.gif - happy 4 that - !!!

@Dr.MB & vic - tnx 4 those comments - If they r from masters like u, it's only a great confirmation 4 a good Theme smile.gif tnx notworthy.gif
Wish u All Happy Halloween

user posted image
Hey jd! your ancient theme looks really great! Well done. thumbsup.gif

I like how you've worked the border to incorporate the status & softkey. And the tones in the highlights
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