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Here are all the current Tips and Tricks for Se phones. If you have one which isn't here please post below in the format:

[what it is]
[what it does] e.g.


+ or - while clock is active

Highlights clock

If you have a question please use the search and check the FAQs, if you still can't find it then post a new topic.

K750 Tips and Tricks:

Standby Screen:
*#0000# - Reset language back to english
>*<<*<* (>= move joystick right, <=vice versa *=press * key) --> Service Menu
Hold # --> Silent mode
* , right key --> Lock keypad
+ or - while clock is active -->Highlight clock
+ or - in standby --> view phone info
Left joystick --> Write message (default)
Up joystick --> Media player (default)
Down Joystick --> Contacts (default)
Right joystick --> create custom shortcut if not already set
Press any no. then # -->Brings up call from SIM list

C --> delete selected item
+ or - --> increase volume if media is playing
Hold back button--> return to stand by
Settings>Calls>Time & cost>Messages counter --> Number of sent messages
Settings>Calls>Time & cost>Data counter --> Sent/Recived Data counter

Menu Shortcuts:
1 --> Play now
2 --> Internet services
3 --> Entertainment*
4 --> Camera
5 --> Messaging*
6 --> Media Player
7 --> File Manager*
8 --> Contacts
9 --> Radio
* --> Calls
0 --> Organizer*
# --> Settings*

1 ---> picture size
4 --> Macro mode
7 --> night mode
* --> light
up or down --> switch video/stills
+ or - --> adjusts brightness
The Light will flash brighter once the picture is taken.
Taking pictures in full res. or with effects may cause it to lag.

Receiving call:
+ or - or # --> mute ringtone
Hold + or - ---> reject call

Media player:
Silent turned on, media still plays with sound
Fullscreen video--> More>Fullscreen
Settings>General>Music Button --> Change Media button function Radio/Media player
> --> next track
< --> previous track
^ --> pause
+/- --> adjust volume
hold + --> previous track
hold - --> next track
hold > or < --> to scroll back forward media
* and then "lock keys" to lock whilst playing (still able to use +/- to navigate).
Pause video>menu>capture frame -->Capture Video Frame (saved in pic folder must be done in media player).
Press down when u are playing a movie in the mediaplayer and it will go in slow motion.

# --> Allows you to type in the radio station instead of scrolling through.

Be sure to format a blank memory card via the phone before use.

Check overall memory--> Filemanager>more>memory status

During Call:
Hold C -->mute/unmute

If you run out of SMS memory --> Remove your sent messages, without needing to delete inbox messages.

Hold + Or - in input text screens --> Highlight text

Creating contact pictures --> Zoom in on the face and save as large. Did not try saving as small or other size, so dont know how it will appear.

Quick Bluetooth --> Assign one of the Navigation key shortcuts to bluetooth "Turn on". This way, whenever you press up for example, bluetooth turns on/off.

Quick Add Number --> Type in number then goto "Other" > Save nr. > New contact.

USB Charger takes longer than Wall Charger. The USB charger also doesn't fully charge the phone.

Find out firmware --> Access service menu (see above) then goto service info>software info and it should be on the top line.

Text Files:
Handling .txt files:

* txt files are saved in web pages\save_pages folder.
* You can create .txt files with a windows Notepad or any word processing file and then send the file via USB to the folder mentioned above.
* I've noticed that if a Nokia sends me a txt file, when its opened the first letter of the message appears only. It appears that the text message body is saved in the filename, therefore, a long filename will not appear. Thus to view the message, after it has been save in the saved pages folder, view it's information, and the message will be seen in full. I have experienced this with one user, I'm not sure if the user deliberately types the message in the filename field or if thats how nokia works.
* Another way of creating text files is by using word and savnig them as a web page(htm). This is useful if you are using foreign characters, as they will sometimes not appear if saved as .txt.

K700 Tips and Tricks:

Standby Screen:
*#0000# - Reset language back to english
>*<<*<* (>= move joystick right, <=vice versa *=press * key) --> Service Menu
Hold # or c --> Toggle silent mode
More --> Quick options
+ Or - --> Phone Status
+ Or - when clock is showing --> Turns on backlight
Pressing # and * --> Brings up screen saver
Pressing 7 and 9 -->brings up 9p
*#06# --> Brings up IMEI No.
More>Shortcuts --> To change joystick shortcuts
+ Or - Then [Number] --> Quick set volume level e.g. +8 to set at 8.

Press letter in address book--> Goto name beggining with that letter.
Hold down number --> Will take you to the contact with that speed dial in address book.
You can use keypad for fast navigation.

1 --> Toggles Picture size
2 --> Toggles Nightmode
3 --> Toggles Special Effects
4 --> Toggles Self Timer (not in vid)
5 --> Toggles Flashlight
Joystick Up Or Down --> Toggles Zoom
-video mode: 176 - 2x zoom - 128 - 2x 4x zoom
-pic mode: 320 - 2x zoom - 160 - 2x 4x zoom
Put phone in silent --> Mutes camera noise (only on some phones)
Hold * and move joystick down --> Lowers brightness
Hold 0 and move joystick up-->Increases brightness
Use binoculars> Get more than 4x Zoom
Press C after photo taken --> Delete w/o the need to browse through the folders.

Media player:
+ Or - during radio and locked --> Changes radio station when phone is locked.
1 --> Shows estimated time left (seconds)
2 --> Turns it back to normal time view (seconds already past).
Hold + Or - --> Next Track
Use folders --> Organise music e.g. rock and/or get rid of ringtones (create music folder).
*>More -->Can lock keys w/o minimizing.

Find out firmware --> Access service menu (see above) then goto service info>software info and it should be on the top line

Supports Animated wallpapers

Joystick can be customised, ALL four directions.

Settings> display> light> automatic --> Turn the screensaver clock on.

Left softkey when playing slide show -->Pauses slide show.

Create New Bookmark >Name: Sms >URL: sms: >Save >Set Bookmark as Homepage --> Set online Key for SMS.

Name: Email >URL: mailto: --> Same as above but for email.

Hold * >get p- used for skipping voice automated phones e.g. instead of phoning 603123456 then pressing 32 to goto thoes options dial 603123456p3p2.

Send txt file to others folder>send via mms -->Can read txt files.

More when viewing picture --> photo editor (only avliable on 160*120 sized pics).

Photo editor> + Or - --> Effects (ripple, emboss etc).

When replying to txt>More > Add Item > Original Message --> Include original message.

When recieveing a call> - Or + --> Will stop both the vibrate and the ringtone but it will not reject the call.

During call press + then - --> Increases volume to max.

Hidden smilies (in sms):
:-x --> Hidden Kiss Smiley.
:-] --> widesmile
:-[ --> widefrown
[:] --> Robot


Thanks to all thoes that submitted tips
T And Z Series Tips and Tricks:

Standby Screen:
*#0000# - Reset language back to english
>*<<*<* (>= move joystick right, <=vice versa *=press * key) --> Service Menu
< --> leads to the first item on shortcut list
Holding down corresponding number on the keypad --> Will lead you to the corresponding name in your address book. ie: holding down #5 will lead to letter "j" on your book.
# --> Brings up screen saver.
More>Post --> Can post notes.
+ Or - --> Phone Status
Press # then no. --> Goes to no.'s contact on sim.
Hold < --> SMS Popup.
Hold C --> Silent mode

Hold back --> Returns to standby screen

Contact edit:
*1 -> cut
*2 -> copy
*3 -> paste

1 --> Toggles Picture Size
2 --> Toggles Nightmode
3 --> Toggles Special Effects
4 --> Self Timer
Up Or Down --> Adjusts Brightness

On the calendar, you can set your phone to switch profiles at a given date and time using the autoswitch option.

Put frequent text recipients as an individual group. ie group:"john" members: john -->Quick SMS Recipients.

P Series Tips and Tricks:

Flip Closed then Jog-Up * Jog-Down Jog-Down * Jog-Down * --> Service menu.

Goto the Control Panel > Connections > Internet Accounts > Other tab >Preferred mode to GSM only --> Increase Battery Life.

File manager> open image> choose the folder that the pics are in> check the pictures you want to hide> click on file> properties> check the hidden box --> Hide Pictures.

If you ever find your icons (apps residing in memory stick) missing out all a sudden, don't reset you phone but simply reload your memory stick.

*#06# --> Shows IMEI No.

Flip Closed then jog dial down * * jog dial down --> Network Lock Menu. Becarfull :Do not mess around in this setting as you could end up permanently locking your phone!

You can have animated gifs for fliped closed wallpaper.

Hold C --> Silent Mode

**61*VoicemailNumber*11*delay#[SEND] --> Diverts unanswered calls to voicemail after a set delay The delay can be anything from 5-30 seconds. Your VoicemailNumber must be your actual voicemail box. Not the short code i.e 121 for example **61*+44123456*11*30# will divert to +44123456 after 30 seconds.

Battery Tap the battery icon in the bottom right and click Settings. Click on the Screen tab and set the Screen saver to None. Click on the Power tab. Set the Light to Auto, Light (car) to Off. Set Power save to either Clock or Blank and Activate after 2-3 minutes. --> Increase Battery Life

View SMS> edit> Show subject --> See more sms in one page.

Flip Closed> Hold Options key --> Go straigt to applications menu.

If you open the flip during a call, the speakerphone function is activated. This lets you continue the conversation while using other functions of the phone.

Change System Fonts

Files that you need:
- SMan 1.3
- True Type Support.
- Font file of your choice. Can be obtained from Control Panel-->Fonts


1- Install Sman 1.3 on your device. ( C: or D:)
2- Install FreeType. ( C: or D:). A "Fonts" folder will be created under the "system" folder.
3- Move the font file to the System/Fonts folder.
4- Open Sman and go to  Fn--->Utilities-->Set system font
5- A list of available fonts will be shown including the one you added. Choose a font and a size.
6- Tick "Anti-Aliasing" for a better font look.
7- Restart your phone and see the changes.
8- If your phone gets stuck during restart, restart again with hard reset (Hold power for 10 seconds). Fonts should be changed.
9- If you wish to revert to the original fonts, go to step 4 and choose "Reset"

Thanks to all thoes that submitted tips
Thanks you very much 2 u sir, this is tehhh trix!

wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
Excellent, now watch as I [censored] my phone. wallbash.gif
thx man u r so great 10.gif u know there r many new things that i'm just learned now rules.gif ... thank u man and i'm waiting for other new tricks wow.gif thumbsup.gif
thanx buddy .
looking forward for more
i havea question, does any of it apply to j300i? or does anybody have any tips for J300i?
Hi and welcome to m9 thumbsup.gif

most tips here work on most new SE phones (including the j300 smile.gif ) so many of the tips should work on your phone, exept the tips for the pxx0 series wink.gif
k750i: Press down when u are playing a movie in the mediaplayer and it will go in slow motion.
nice k700 tips there, thanks!
does anybody have anything on a z520a phone???
QUOTE(streetfighterzgirl @ Jan 2 2006, 12:45 PM)
does anybody have anything on a z520a phone???

See post #2 in this thread: "T and Z Series..."
T & Z series

Contact edit
*1 -> cut
*2 -> copy
*3 -> paste

helps is u r rearranging home, work, mobile etc number

anyone knows any similiar cut, copy, paste shortcuts for k750?
is there any body that tell me K300i tips n tricks... surrender.gif
QUOTE(holy316 @ Apr 12 2006, 07:57 PM)
is there any body that tell me K300i tips n tricks... surrender.gif

most of the tips and tricks here, you can apply to any SE phone

*#06# For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number).

*#0000# Reset language back to English.

> * < < * < * Service Menu - tells you the phone's software version (good for checking your phone's "age" before buying it) Press "Yes" repeatedly to see all the software data & press ">" to see all the texts available in your phone.

< * * < SIM lock - Do not lock your phone if you don't know the unlock code. This is another good check before you buy any phone, especially second hand ones. If phone is SIM locked, you may not be able to switch to other GSM operators.

"Save a Missed Call into your phone directory"

Scroll to "Missed Call", press "Yes" to display the required number. Press any number (i.e. 0 to 9), then press "clear" once to clear that number, then press & hold "<" until you see "Store". Press "Yes"

"Hide your number when calling when you don't
want the other party toknow your number)"

After dialling the required number & before pressing "Yes", press ">" twice to choose "Hide Id?" & then press "Yes". Also works for pre-programmed & last dialled numbers just press "No" & wait for the number to appear on the screen first then follow same procedure

"Check you battery level when phone is off Press "No" quickly one time & wait for the battery meter to show up!

"Save a number into your phone memory (not SIM card)"
Follow normal procedures to store a phone number. When prompted to set a storage position, press "#" once & key in desired location, or press "#" twice for next available position

"Call a phone number from SMS message"

You can call from within a SMS message if the phone number is written in it. Just scroll the message until the phone number appears on the display, then press "Yes" to call
who know the code or menu like p910 for formatting or flash the w800i

do not ask for serials/keygens

*attachment removed, no wares
Thank you so much, great thread 10.gif
I've learned many new things!
W800i Tips & Tricks

1# Music Only Mode ( Enable Camera Function)
In Music Only Mode, Your phone Play longer Music but cannot make calls
For R1L, Locked the phone in Walkman Mode --> then you can
be able to take pictures.

2# Changing Tracks while the Phone is Locked
Press and hold vol - or vol +

3# Enable/Disable Start up Menu,AutoLock
Settings-->General-->Start-Up Menu/AutoLock

4# Enable Walkman while Phone is Locked
Press Twice on the Play Button

5# Walkman Manipulation Via KeyPad
Use 1 or 3 to go back or forward a track. 2 to pause/play, and 4 or 6 can be used to ffwd or rewind.

6# View video clips in FullScreen
Open walkman, Select videos

7# Zoom to picture in File Manager
View in Horizontal-->Press the Vol up and down Key

8# Camera Shortcuts
Vol up and down : zoom
Keypad 1 : picture size
Keypad 4 : macro on/off
Keypad 7: night mode on/off
Keypad *: flash on/off
Press < or > to adjust the exposure.
* Always remember to slide back the camera cover when finish photo session tongue.gif

9# Backup Contacts Easily
Phone Book->Options-->Advanced-->Send All Contacts-->BT/irDa --> send to your PC/other Phone

10# Access Phonebook while making calls

11# Off Camera Shutter Sound
Hold # to On Silent Mode (might not apply to AP set. Some AP firmware does not allow mute Camera Sound due to region Setting)

12# Rename Pictures Taken
Go to Camera Folder -->Select the Picture-->More-->Manage Files-->Move to Folder-->Put at the Pictures Section
Now back to Pictures Folder -->Select the Picture--> More--> Manage Files--> You can Rename The Picture Now

13# Caller Picture
Select Picture from File Manager--->More-->Use as Contact Picture
Alternatively go to Phone book-->Select Contact-->More--> Third tabs--> Pictures

14# Timer and StopWatch
Organizer--> StopWatch is use to count time runs until u press stop
Organizer--> Timer, Set a duration when the Timer reaches 0 , your phone will rings. Kinda useful for Evening naps tongue.gif

15# Text Messaging Shortcuts
Hold * key to On/Off T9 Dictionary
Hold # Key to select input language
Press * to switch to big Caps/small Caps
More--> to Select Symbols
Hold Number key will prompt the Numeric out (instead of press repetively to select 1)

16# Songs in Playlist Sorting
Select Playlist -->Open --> More--> You can sort the songs in the play list
sad.gif you cannot sort Playlist itself.

17# Memory Status
File Manager -> press More -> Memory Status

18# Record Video more than 10 seconds
In Video Recording mode press settings-->Shoot Mode to High Quality. or Press 0 when in video mode

19# Video Playback
To Capture Frame : During Video Playback press pause. Then Select More-->Capture Frame
To Slow Down Movie : Slide the JoyStick down

20# Radio
Pressing # to manual Enter Frequency
In Minimized Mode. Press and Hold vol - for next available station and vol + for previous available station

21# Read Text Files with W800i
Transfer the txt/htm to the Web Pages\Save Pages folder. Later on access via File Manager.

22# Show Note in Stand By
Organizer --> create a new Note -->select the Note --> More-- Set at StandBy

23# Set Mp3 Message Alert Tone
File Manager--> select audio files --> More--> Use--> Set as Message Alert Tone
But it only for 10seconds duration.

24# Install applications/games from W800i
Transfer to W800i Via irDa/BT will automatically prompts the Install options
Alternatively, transfer to the memory stick at the others folder, later on open the .jar at the other folder
it will prompt to install.

25# Open Note when making calls
During calls, Press More--> Menu-->Organizer--> Note

26# Manual Equalizer
In Media Player Menu--> More-->Equalizer-->Manual
Set to your preferences

27# Secret Menus / Codes
Service menu = >*<<*<*
Lock status = <**<
IMEI number = *#06#
Access contacts on sim card = Any nubmer then # (e.g. 9# to go to 9th entry on sim card.)
Phone status = Either volume button

28# Light up clock in standby mode
Press the volume button

29# Mute a phone call without rejecting it
Press the volume button

#30 Hidden Smileys

#31 Don't Drain The Battery
With Lithium batteries there is no advantage to draining the battery. The battery will infact last longer with partial rather than full discharges. There is no battery memory effect with a lithium battery - you can charge the battery whenever you like without fear of reducing its charge capacity, and you do not need to drain a lithium battery completely before recharging it.

Find out more about Lithium batteries here:

In response to lots of questions about the battery, I've explained things in greater detail on page 4 of this thread.

#32 Receiving call
+ or - or # --> mute ringtone
Hold + or - ---> reject call
Hold C to mute/unmute

#33 Highlight Text
Hold + Or - in input text screens --> Highlight text

#34 Create Contact Pictures
Creating contact pictures --> Zoom in on the face and save as large. Did not try saving as small or other size, so dont know how it will appear.

#35 Open Large Size Text File
Rename the .txt to .html. Transfer to your phone and then go to saved pages folder to open it.

#36 Quit application
Press and Hold Return Key

#37 Use Code Memo
1. press code memo
2. new password (******)
3. repeat password
4. checkword - subject
5. exit the program
6. go back program and type password

#38 Remove Sony Ericsson File Manager Icon at Desktop
To make it dissapear (copy the whole command below):
regsvr32 /u /s "C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Mobile\File Manager\fmgrgui.dll"

To make it come back like b4 (copy the whole command below):
regsvr32 /s "C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Mobile\File Manager\fmgrgui.dll"

#39 Record a call Conversation
When receiving call, press the joystick middle then press record

#40 Block a group
Create a new group of contacts, from Contacts | Options | Groups (you could name the group Blacklist or something else). Assign any people / phone numbers to that group.
Set a profile which has the Accepted callers set to that new group.
Now you don't have to bother any unacceptable callers.

#41 Speed Dial
To add speed dial, just go to "Contacts" "options" "speed dial"..
Call using speed dial, press "number",then "Call".
Hold a number to ativiate speed dial not exists in this phone.

#42 Camera in Flight Mode (R1AA) new
To enable this function, first set your autokeypad locked : on
Off and On your phone to the StartupScreen
Wait until the keypad is autolocked.(Either way, u can just manual lock the phone)
Slide the camera shutter. There you have your camera.
(This method only works few times for me)
(R1BC002 does not support this function)

#43 Search File/Folder (R1AA) new
Go to File Manager Other
Press '6' 3 times, O
press '8', T
press '4' 2 times, H
press '3' 2 times E
press '7' 3 times. R
Then u can search for ur file like the way u search for ur contact.
Highlight folder to search folder.

#44 Chinese Horoscope in Calendar new
Change your phone language settings to chinese
Now open your calendar.
You are be able to view the Chinese horoscope in the calendar smile.gif

More.. Soon to be added..

To prevent Repeated and repeated Questions in the thread
See below

W800i FAQ
1. How many Sms can W800i Store?

2.What are the differences between the K750i and the W800i?
External housing,W800 has the Walkman Shortcut instead of K750i 's Activity Menu. Flight Mode, and standard package W800i, Hpm70 earset and 512mb Ms Pro Duo while K750i comes with normal handsfree and 64mb Ms Pro Duo

3.Maximun Storage
W800i supports Memory Stick Duo PRO sticks of up to 2GB.

4.What can I use to save my phone contacts / SMSes to my PC?
Use floAt's Mobile Agent MyPhoneExplorer

5.What video / audio files does the phone support?
Video Support : mpeg-4, 3gpp, h.263, xmf, svgt
Audio Support : midi, midi40, amr, aac, wav, mp3, mp4

6. Does it support Mp3 throught Bluetooth Earset?

7. Is D750i same with W800i?
It is a K750i in W800i housing and diff color. Anyway it is not available here.

8. Why can not copy pictures to the memory stick?
External files are only allowed in Media/pictures section only.
Memorystick->DCIM folders --> only allow DSCxxxxx.jpg format pictures files.

9. How Long do I need to charge the phone for the first time
Approx. 8 hours
More to come..

10. Is it normal the battery meter increasing a little sometimes? new
Yes is it.

11. I buy original set but why the memory stick is SanDisk? new
Most of the units available here is bundled with SanDisk. Anyway, Sandisk and Sony Magicgate is same.

*** Thanks to shinchan^^ from
hi there guys
I want to know how can i install games in k750 sony erricson
when i download the games then extract them it extract so many files....
i dun know how to install them
like Nokia we just have to Run .sis or .jar file
plz tell me i want to Install Games in K750
QUOTE(sabak @ Jul 13 2006, 06:13 PM)
hi there guys
I want to know how can i install games in k750 sony erricson
when i download the games then extract them it extract so many files....
i dun know how to install them
like Nokia we just have to Run .sis or .jar file
plz tell me i want to Install Games in K750

check the FAQs
use the search
post in the correct forum in future dry.gif
^^^ ok ok i was tired by searching ur Faq's
they sucks No Info no thing dude
So i got info from some other Site ...
And installed Games tongue.gif:
no more help needed thnx bye
You were extracting the files from the jar file, you just had to rename it, there are thousands of posts on this, bye to you too. tongue.gif
does w800i  tips work on my w700i ??
please post some tips for k series
Have you tried the K700 and K750 ones?
1. Sony Ericsson Secret Menu: -> * <- <- * <- * (-> means press joystick, arrow keys or jogdial to the right and <- means left.) You'll see phone model, software info, IMEI, configuration info, sim lock status, REAL time clock, total call time and text labels. You can also test your phones services and hardware from this menu (main display, camera, LED/illumination, Flash LED, keyboard, earphone, speaker, microphone, radio and vibrator tests)

2. IMEI Number: *#06# -For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity.

3. Lockstatus: <- * * <- -SIM lock - Do not lock your phone if you don't know the unlock code. This is another good check before you buy any phone, especially second hand ones. If phone is SIM locked, you may not be able to switch to other GSM operators.

4. Shortcut to last dialed numbers: 0#

5. Shortcut to sim numbers: On main menu type a number and press #

6. If you change the language from default to any other language, then it may be difficult to switch to default language. The shortcut is very simple. Just press <0000>. <> stands for right arrow button or joystick.
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