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Full Version: How To Flash Your Sony Ericsson Phone Using Seus
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Ever wanted to flash your phone with the latest firmware and havent known how? Well Im gonna teach ya step by step cool.gif


For example im going to use my phone k750i.


First of all find out which firmware version your phone currently has installed, perform the following on the keypad:


> = right thumb stick
< = left thumbstick


Sony Ericsson Update Service

Firmware updates via the Sony Ericsson Update Service will require the installation of the following software components:

:: Possibly a driver for your cable or sync station
:: Sony Ericsson Update Service software

First you need to chose your phone click the link below and select your handset you want to update the firmware on.


Once your phone is selected, look up to the left menu. Under software menu click Sony ericsson update service. If you recieve a white screen you need to download java from the link below :


Follow the instructions carefully. If you wish to check for updated firmware without reflashing your phone then, during the Download phase, check the "C:/Program Files/Sony Ericsson/Update Service/software-data" directory on your hard disk. The firmware revision is identified as the latter part of the filename.

Cancelling the update during the download plase will not damage the phone. If you recieve an error then your phone cannot be flashed yet wait until an update is avalible.


My K750i will currently install the following firmware revisions for UK phone brands:

Unbranded UK (CDA102338/38) - R1N035
Orange UK (CDA102338/12) - R1N035
O2 UK (CDA102338/16) - R1L002
Vodafone UK (CDA102338/68) - R1L002
T-Mobile UK (?) - R1J002?

Unbranded phones from all regions should update to R1N035 through SEUS.


Enjoy, sticky this if you wish smile.gif
O2 UK: R1N035 is the latest firmware (as of 6 November 2005)
Anyway you can trick the updater service to thinking a data cable is a sync station?
I am having problems updating. I hold c and plug it in the exlamation mark shows up for the flash device but then disappears???? but i checked my firmware and its r1l002. how do i fix this problem??? and when i use the seus it just stays at that screen where you remove the phone and plug back and it stays at 0% and i left it for a half hour!! HEEEEEEEEEELLLLPPP!!
@canesrule: when u shut it off.. remove everything.. the cable from the phone and from your pc
then wait for 20 sec. as it says... then plug the cable in your cellphone, hold c and then plug the cable in the computer. if you then see "estimated time:..." then it should have started to update and you only need to wait.. that worked for me so i hope it does the same for you.
if i use own k750i cable flash my firmware can ger ah?
i'm having problems with Seus...I download it, and then open it, it extracts, and that's it...Nothing happens...Doesn't say where it's extracting to either...Could someone help please?
make sure you have the java envorinment installed first.
What's that? I'll google it...
Installed java, still got the same problem..
if you follow the instructions, it should all work.
the java environment link is in the first post.
Nope. Seus_setup119 Is what I downloaded, it just extracts and when it finishes, nothing else happens. You wouldn't know where it extracts to would you?
where to download seus n download seus already izit can use original cable to update the firmware coz i need chinese in hp....
i have updated my w800i...

i stopped @ 53% and says "error communication with the device"

my fone is still working... but my camera doesnt work error message is incorrect camera version...

please help... what should i do???

would you recommend me to update using recovery??

how u flash the version u download software or goto mobile shop pay n flash 4 u wor?
yeah, just finish update my phone firmware
prgCXC 125954_CHINA_CL R 1AA008

Camera SW version 4.5

ITP SW version CXC 125 932 R1E

CDA102337/101 RSA cxc 125953 R 1AA008 APAC_1

content version PR19
Great guide mate, finally updated my k750 after computer probs. I did have R1N002 or something similar, now I haveR1AA008. Not noticed much difference yet but the joystick is more responsive, and the camera is slower to save the picture. What other improvements should I have then?
ppl, is it safe to update my firmware??? or should i go to the official service stores for SE???
i ask this, cause i dont want to lose any of my files that my phone currently has...

Should i go for it???
Hi guys wondring if you could help me. I had a vodaphone branded phone and had it unbranded and unlocked. The firmware version is R1N005 I tried to do an update but the update reports that I already have the latest version of the firmware? is this so? I'm not sure if I really do have the updated firmware version.

Your assistance is appreciated in advance
oops forgot to mention the customization is CDA102338/38 pretty odd i think by reading previous posts
is it possible to have a v600i and upgrade it with the firmware from a k600i ?
because i installed everything the soft ware just works fine and i plugged in the usb cabkl in the upllerleft sid eof my v600i but how do i get the k600i software onto it ?
ive been trying to update my k750i for so long now, im on original firmware, yes it crashes every 5 minutes .... help!

im trying this new method, only ive got it downloaded but when i try to run it, i get an error saying
"Could not locate Java Virtual Machine"

now the thing is... i updated my java to latest like 10 mins before hand so its on my pc somewhere!

if some one can tell me whats wrong and how top fix this wud be most appreiciated

Could not locate Java Virtual Machine

i get the same error, no solution so far... surrender.gif
excuse me....izzit can tell me wat is firm the handphone.....cause i am using the sony ericsson P900 now...izzit i firm the hanphone then i can use the memory stick pro duo oledi..???cause my handset now jus can support memory stick duo a bit memory for me only...damn s***~~!!!izzit can teach me....thanks...
updating the firmware won't let you use pro duo cards on your P900.
read up on firmware by going through the threads.
I desperately need help! My PC is on XP and it simply refuses to acknowledge my phone. It always starts the 'found new hardware' dialog box but it always ends in error when 'it fails to locate the software'. ive already dloaded the usb update driver from the SE website. I cant flash my phone, i need the usb to work.
You need to be using Seus 2,not seus 1. smile.gif
Bottom of first post......

QUOTE(elton @ Jan 15 2006, 05:46 PM)
You need to be using Seus 2,not seus 1. smile.gif
Bottom of first post......

hi elton, thank you for the tip. I actually installed ONLY the disc2phone software from the cd, as the cd sleeve says i do not need PC Suite just to make my phone work as a flash drive. but then i realised disc2phone wont work cuz the pc wont recognise the usb connection.

WHat followed was: dloaded the usb update from SE website, connected the phone via the usb cable and then switched it on. XP immediately detected the phone, and i installed the dloaded driver to make the usb flash drive work. all well and nice then.

out of nowhere, XP then pulls a stunner on me by going back to saying new hardware detected and results in error.

I will follow seus2, but i hope im not the only one with a horrible pc-phone usb relationship, LOL.

Thanks, everyone.appreciate the help.
Is it plugged into the same usb port?

Mine does that all the time anyway,dodgy connection between phone and cable i reckon.
Uhmm i don't know!! rules.gif
hey guys i have a problem!

i began to flash my mobile at 15% it stopped and it said that there is a error and began at ones..

than i wanted to start it again and it says that the newest update is on it..

but i can´t switch my phone on yet

what shall i do??

sorry for my bad english
Sorry pplz but question, i need firmwere for a K300i and i cant seem to find it ! can i use Infrared to update ?
QUOTE(stupid_reality @ Feb 17 2006, 01:17 PM)
Sorry pplz but question, i need firmwere for a K300i and i cant seem to find it ! can i use Infrared to update ?

You cannot use infrared for update.
I need to update k300i. I downloaded UpdateService_Inst_2.2.13.7b.exe from their support service and run the app (BTW i have RS 236 cable) and it shows that only DSS-25 & DCU-60 are supported.
As you may know DCU-60 is not supported by K300i and DSS-25 is not available in India, but here DCU-11 is available.

So, my question is, can i use DCU-11 for update.

I asked the same question at SE support but got no reply.

Please help.
Guys,what does this flash things do? Does it make the phone better or what? I want to buy W550,does it need flashing too? And what's the effect if i'm doing it wrong? Does it gonna crash and i need to buy new phone?

Thanks for the help. . ..
flashing is not needed unless your phone is messed up and there is a conisderably better firmware for your phone.
the w550 is a new phone so i don't think you need to update.
thank you man

i want to ask you some thing

i have K750I

i have updated my phone via SESU

but some languages have gone !!!!

i Had : Arabic , English , Frensh , Russain

but after update the (Arabic) Land Gone !!!

so .. is there a way to get the lang Back ??

i can use english ..... but i want the arabic ....

can you help me ???

the software info now is :

R 1BC002



CXC 125 932 R1A038

PLZ Help Me
QUOTE(Filo91 @ Jan 29 2006, 07:59 PM)
hey guys i have a problem!

i began to flash my mobile at 15% it stopped and it said that there is a error and began at ones..

than i wanted to start it again and it says that the newest update is on it..

but i can´t switch my phone on yet

what shall i do??

sorry for my bad english

Same thing happened to me. You will NOT be able to startup the phone now. The firmware got screwed up. You will have to bring it to the shop so they can reload the firmware for you.
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