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Full Version: Memory Card Reader Problem
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i am using a Integral memory 8in1 memory card reader, (the one the sell in vodafone shops).
it seems thatevery time i try to drag and drop a file from my PC to the memory card it starts to transfer the file, then part of the way through it comes up with the error message,

"cannot copy ... cannot find the specified file make sure you specify the correct path and file name"

ive tried it with many diffent files, all the files under 1mb seem to transfer, but any thing over that wont go through. have formatted the memory card many times as well, just to make sure that the card is not full.

i am using a 32mb memory stick duo with adapter

all help would be appreciated

thnx dan
bob majic
Take it back., It's a defective card. Also if you try to transfer a file and get error message (write protected), it's a defective card...been there w/trans flash card.. surrender.gif
clap.gif ftried on a different username and it works, apparently some one had been messing withg the registry crybaby.gif
if its builtin then reset n restart ur phone ....
i have same problem....some year befor...i fix it by fresh install of windows xp(its a virus)....and reinstall the card reader driver software....but u can do it by just reistall card reader driver....
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