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Full Version: Spawn Pls Anwer/ Others Are Welcomed Too!
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Why reply?
Spawn, one thing i am certain of that i am sure you haven't answered for this question. So you wont be writing same old answer for the same old question that is bein asked again and again.

I agree to your fact that mp4(mpeg4 ISO) is better that 3gpp (H263).

I know motorola fones (E398) has mp4 player but with concernin audio it dont support the official mp4 audio format AAC. Where as it only supports AMR (Yes you said that).
I will express my views on 2 good threads that posted on mp4 or 3gpp Video conversions.

1) mpegable X4 live- It maybe good for fones that support mp4 + AAC but it can't do a mp4 + AMR.
Lets not talk about 3gpp + AMR as its not my conern.
Since a conversion of mp4 play back unable to play in the fone because there is no audio sync.
Video Conversion of 3gpp + AMR video is sloppy especially in movies of faster frame rate.
Many said mpegable can do a job for E398.
yes it can, only in 3gpp but priority of quality is bad.

2) mp4 conversion using freewares- Besides the video/ audio cutting editing croping, and the end of the process you still get
a) A .avi video
cool.gif A .AAC (mp4) Audio
mp4 tool box- Adds them both, but it can't add a avi with AMR.
Converted a .avi (divx) / size (QCIF 176x144)->to mp4 video using mp4 tool box.
Play back in E398 video is smooth with good resolution yet no sound because no AAC in this fone.
* The video buffers meaning a slower transaction within frames that are high pitched then again you don't see a video quality reduction like 3gpp.

The video buffer is high when playing a 3gpp clip on E398 than playing a mp4 video clip. Please don't say its bacause the mp4 clip that i am playing don't have an audio so that the bit rate compromises more on video resulting a good video play back than 3gpp which has an AMR Audio. Bacause maximun AMR Audio takes 12kpbs so the rest of bit rate applies to Video. But E398 can play a media that supports up to 128 kpbs. So can i conclude that mp4 play back usses a balanced processing power than 3gpp?

What i need:
Simple, a software of any configuration method that can convert or add mp4 + AMR.
How about mp4 + mp3? how about playing a media that has mp4 Video 64kpbs and mp3 Audio 64kpbs? Sounds good!!!
One more i also need to lower down mp4 video frame/sec rate such to compromise with sound and no buffer of media in play back.

Hope you get what i am trying to say, thanks for readin if anyone else have a good solution, Thats what i been waiting for 8 months.

Where can i get the documentation of maxium mp4 player parameters set by motorola for E398?

Thank you
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Please try and post in the correct forum
what is mpeg5 iso?
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