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Full Version: Convert A Movie Clip On P900
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Does anyone know how to convert a movie clip so I can play it in my P900? Do i need to convert it to a specific file type and if so where can i get this converter. The movie clip plays in Windows media player and only last a few seconds. Anyone got some advice??? grouphug.gif

Thanks in advance
the p900 can play mp4 and 3gp files, so this may be helpful:
there are a couple of programes that can do this, but it depends on what u r converting them from, if u want to rip a DVD then i recomend a program called DVD to mobile from a site called, but u want to convert an avi then youre best bet is a program is called mpegable X4 live. unfortunatley you have to pay for both of them, but they are worth it as i have converted all my films, going to work will never be boring again! clap.gif
Thanks for that guys.

I actually got it from an email that was sent and uses Windows MP to play. Its only ten seconds short and just need to convert it to play as a clip like that annoying SE GOLF and BREAK advert that comes with the phone.

Thank you byebye.gif
Those liks were very helpful. Thanks for directing me there clap.gif
enjoy bro smile.gif
great info
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