Q : I just bought an iPhone, Can I make My phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot?
A : There is a such feature on iphone , this feature named "Personal Hotspot" by using this feature you can make your iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot everytime you want

As the above question mentioned,in many cases, there are a lot of new iphone users are confused with this feature, So I will make it clearly to you who just use a iphone.
You do not need any third party apps to enabled this feature, all you need is an iphone that has iOS 4.3 or Higher.

First, Goto Setting

Once you opened setting you will found "Personal Hotspot", Tap it!!

after you tapped it,you also will found some information about your personal hotspot, such as password information and the availability of your personal hotspot

if your personal status is ''off'' then turn it on.

after you enabled the personal hotspot, you device will ask you such picture bellow

USB : You can only share your network Via USB Cable with one device (Personal Computer)
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth : You can share your network with multiple devices

look at the bellow pict,your network has found by other device!!! Your network is ready!!! Have Fun clap.gif

  • If you didn't found personal hotspot at your phone setting , you can try this : "Tap Settings > General > Cellular > Tap Personal Hotspot and turn it on > After configuring Personal Hotspot, you can directly access the settings from Settings > Personal Hotspot. "

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