hi all, well I will share with my family last discovery on using navifirm 1.7 and phoenix, symbian programs to revive the dead who, we considered paperweights, no more light, and that the store will not repararos either by the end of the warranty or do not take care ..
most of you may have hacked the cel surely, as I finally because unable to sign the application (if I can save but later hehehe loool) ... the fact is that the last week is killed 3 times my last baby, a brand new C7 hacke .... so, I did a molton of things, leave phone memory with 385 MB free, a phenomenon, and clocke the cpu clock to 680 ..... but I happened to try some version of sysap ... .. and stayed there, turn it off (to take effect the changes in C) and when you turn it on, nothing was loading only, but would not turn on, the screen was in black ... a big <swearword snipped>, and more hacked, the warranty is not going to take care (to test, the answer would be not repaired) .... then I download navifirm 1.7 and the phoenix, is that a handful of brothers ( as) habreis installed and used it ... but hey, there are two very good advice, and then killing case podreis done without problem and relive all the times that you please ..... erase all C / telephone by example hahaha ... no problem, revive ....
--- The first tip is that once your firmware downloaded, rename the folder ... rename (usually default will come as the product code name) and put the RM-XXX (in my case RM-675 ... then copy this folder on the pc in program files / nokia / phoenix / product ....
- And the second and most important tip for you always work the revival .... + + + dead phone connect to PC via USB
+ + + Restart the pc
+ + + Check that the nokia pc suite is closed (do not leave it open for God)
+ + + Open the navifirm 1.7 and select and download your firmware (do not try to invent, just select the last of your model) very important to download the firmware to the phone connected to PC, as it is not only the 8 files descarguaran normal firmware, but everything you need your phone (Makin 'Magic)
+ + + Then run the first advice I gave, rename the folder and put it where it belongs ..
+ + + Open the phoenix and dead mode phone do ...

that's all, I hope I have been helpful for a large number of you who have lost your fone unable to remedy