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Virus!!!... This word allways c0me on our mind when our m0bile react n0t familear. There n0t such a virus in s40 , why let me explane. Many s40 users waste there m0ney at sh0ps only bec0use of there m0bile react n0t g0od, and many users waste there time at net for searching of anti virus, my friends there is n0t such a virus at s40 ph0ne, I dont blame the members whoask for antivirus for s40, coz there was a time when I myself searching for an antivirus on the net in my very early days... .........So what is a virus?.... Mobile viruses are small programs/applications/softwares specially programmed to do harmful activities in your phone or in the file system... Those viruses are written in sis, sisx or exe format and need an operating system to run. Suppose we have made an application which is programmed to delete all image files inside file system...Now when this application runs, it automatically searches for image files and starts to delete them... This isa kind of virus/malware... Its a small example and there are many kinds of such harmful viruses which even effects the phones operating system.......... So the main point is, to run those viruses(programs), it needs an OS (operating system) which supports sis, sisx or exe files... And without such OS, virus files cannot do their job for which they are made for... Nokia have implemented two operating systems(so far andpopular) for their mobiles... One is symbian(s60) and other is java(s40)... Java s40phone platform is officially known as NOKIA OPERATING SYSTEM...But technically we cannot consider it as an OS because it runs in java platform.......... Unlike Nokia s60, Nokia s40 phones can only run java applications... sis, sisx or exefiles(in which language viruses are written) will show'unsupported file type' in s40... So even if ur phone geta virus transmited from a pc it wont work and will be inactive and or if ur phone gets a virus from another S60 phone the virus wont mess ur phone and as it cannot run in those java phones....... So, lets forget about those sis, sisx or exe viruses... Now the question is, is there any other virus which can effect s40?.... The ans is simply no... Let me explain-....The only application supported by s40 is java and even if we make a java virus, it cannot do anyharm... Why?... Coz JAVA is limited/restricted from accessing native operating system or hardware by the highly encripted Java environment.. No file execution or installation can happen without user permission due to closed source operating system of s40 phones... Nevertheless, I have to mention and clear one thing that, s40 can get some faulty java software which can do some harmful activities in your phone... We cannot call them a virus... For example, ajava software can be programmed to send unlimitedmessages to a particular number until ur credit finishes... it is not possible if the application is untrusted/unsigned or u haven't set the java permission to always allowed... So if you are too much concerned about those java files, please dont use any untrusted application........... As there is no virus for s40, there is no antivirus for it to... Now note one thing that there are several antivirus applicationsavailable on the net.. If your phone is reacting/showing such abnormal activities, then the first possibility is a firmware problem/fault or a hardware damage... In case of a memorycard, it could be a technical error which can be overcomed by formatting it..... Thats all for now, my boring lecture has finished...lol.... Everyone is welcome to post your questions or views on this topic... And please bump this topic whenever any new member asks for antivirus forhis s40.........................

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