> Tutorial For Creating Sony Ericson Themes By Hand, V800 theme example
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TUTORIAL for creating Sony Ericsson Themes by hand.

I have been getting a number of requests recently to make theme tutorials, specifically two kinds. First request: Theme Making for Dummies and the other request Theme making for the V800.
I've decided to do them both in one go, so for experienced themers there is probably little new information.

This tutorial can be applied to any and all models, but I will use the Sony Ericsson V800 as demo model.

Before you start making a theme, you need to make sure you have the correct tools. Minimum requirements are:
* Image Editing Software (whichever you want. In this tutorial I'll be using Photoshop 7)
* An example .xml file (usually you'd get this from a theme that is already on your phone, however for V800 users this does not apply as the predefined themes have one minor coding error in them.
* Some images to work with (either downloaded or created yourself)
* an .xml writer (I use XML Writer)
* a TAR archiver (I use ZipZag)

What you need to know is the size of each image that goes into the theme. Once again, normally you would extract those from an existing theme on your phone and just write them down for future reference.
For V800 I have already done so.
The full screen of the V800 is 176x220 pixels.

The V800 theme supports a maximum of 18 different image components. We'll take a look at each one when making the theme.

I'll be making a MAC OSX 'panther' theme today for somebody.
We will start by creating the wallpaper. As shown in the image above the wallpaper needs to be 176x182 pixels. As it happens our wallpaper is an actual Mac wallpaper and it's size does not correspond with our phone wallpaper requirements at all.
So first I shrink the wallpaper by altering the image sizes (Photoshop: Image - Image Size) to a square. This would not work well with non-abstract images, but on the wallpaper it does not do too much harm in my opinion. So now we have a perfect square image to work from.

We will now use the Marquee Tool to create the image size we need. Click the Rectangular marquee Tool and set your settings to 'Fixed Aspect ratio'. Normally you would use the following dimensions: width 176 and height 182, however today I want both the wallpaper and the softkeys to have this panther background, so I will use 176 x 204 instead.
Hit 'Image - Crop' to crop the image to the selected part. Then click 'Image - Image size' and shrink the image to 176 x 204 pixels.
If necessary use the 'Unsharp Mask' to increase the sharpness of the image. 'Filter - Sharpen - Unsharp Mask'
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