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> WPC FAQs, the most common questions..answered
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1. What is the WPC?
WPC is a weekly wallpaper competition where the participants showcase their image manipulation skills. WPC is also a place where members learn new image manipulation techniques while having fun.

2. Why should i participate in the WPC?
You can read the member testimonials if you don't believe me, but WPC is the place to be. You learn new image manipulation techniques all the time. If you think you know it all, you can have the satisfaction of helping out newbies. It's also a fun place, somewhere you can relax after a hard day at work.

Further, participating in the WPC adds to your AP(achievement points) which a measure of your "greatness" in M9. Plus, if you end up as a podium finisher, you get a cool trophy which is prominently displayed on your homesite, so you can show-off to all your friends. Even if you don't win, you get a "participation certificate" which is also prominently displayed n your homesite.

3. So...HOW do i participate? Do i need to sign up or something? a minimum number of posts? and how do i go about it?
WPC is open to all M9 members. you do not need to sign up for anything, nor do you need any specific achievements in the forums or in the community. but what you do need is an understanding of the WPC Rules, and discipline in the forums.

Participating in the WPC is pretty simple.
1. read the first post of the general thread (titled "Wallpaper Competition Week XXX:<topic name>). that post contains important guidelines for the specific week.
2. make you wallpaper according to the guidelines. you CANNOT lift a wallpaper from somewhere else. and you have to perform more operations than simply cropping or resizing the image
3. ask the members for their opinion on their work. this part is optional. if you don't have the stomach for critical reviews, you are better off skipping this step
4. show the WPC manager the original images OR your layered file. this is to ensure that the work is original. In certain weeks it is not necessary to show the originals/layered files. This will be mentioned in the first post of the general thread
5. upload the image to the gallery. when you upload, make sure that you name it as
<name> WPC Week XXX
where "name" is any name you want to choose for your file, while "XXX" represents the week number of that contest. for example, a WPC entry in Week 100 should be labelled
<myfile> WPC Week 100
6. post in the final entry thread, along with the gallery link. you cannot edit your entry once it has been posted in the final entry thread.

4. But there are so many threads. i am confused....where do i post? and how do i vote?
every WPC week willfeature three threads.
1. General thread
this is the thread titled as "Wallpaper Competition XXX: <topic name>"
where "XXX" represents the week number. you can post your tentative entries here to get other members' opinions. this is the thread to chat in.
2. Final Entry thread
this thread is only for final entries. post here only when you are confident about your entry. once you post here you cannot edit your entry.
3. Voting Booth
this opens at the end of the week, immediately after the final entry thread closes. this is the place where you can vote. note that your votes will be completely anonymous.

5. Fine....but what is a layered file? and why should i show that to you? and how do i go about it?
When you use an advanced image editing software, you will work in layers. and you will save the file in a format native to that software. this file will retain all the layers, unlike the standard JPEG, PNG, etc image formats. for example, if you work on Photoshop you will have a PSD file.

You need to show this file to the WPC manager to prove that you indeed did manipulate an image, and did not simply crop/resize an image. in most cases, however, you will be permitted to show the original images instead.
to ensure that your work is safe, and is not stolen by anyone else, please follow the PSD/PSP uploading guidelines mentioned in the Rules and Regulations thread.

To send the PSD file o the WPC manager, you can do one of two things:
1. upload the file on a file hosting site and send the link to the manager
2. attach it in an e-mail and send it to
boxieblue (at) yahoo (dot) com

6. how do i post a full-sized image in the thread? when i attach it, it becomes very small.
to post an image to a thread, go to an image hosting site like imageshack, tinypic, etc.,upload your image, copy the "link for forums" and paste it in the reply box.

7. oh wow! i have successfully entered. now how do i vote in the voting booth?
every week, you will have to vote for a certain number of participants depending upon the number of entries. the number of participants you have to vote for will be mentioned in the voting booth of that particular week.
now let's suppose it is mentioned that you have to vote for 5 entries.
here's what you must do:
>>go through ALL the entries very carefully
>>select the 5 that not only look good but are technically good as well
>>rate those 5 entries in descending order
here's an example of a valid vote:
1. gladiator
2. stuart little
3. wall-e
4. jill
5. ghost_rider

this was an example in case you have to vote for 5 people. you might have to vote for upto 7 people. and no, you cannot vote for the people mentioned in my example, unless they are the names of participants....

also note that you CANNOT vote for yourself. this will lead to disqualification. also, you CANNOT vote for more than one participant in the same position. for example:
4. Jack and Jill

that is an invalid vote. and if you are a participant, you will be disqualified for such a vote

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